Your Monthly Horoscopes: June 2023

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June is for worldbuilding. Not a fantasy realm, but your ideal and attainable reality. 2023 may have started off slow in January and February, but we began a new chapter in March, faced sudden changes in April, and made some dynamic choices in May. Now we’re here! June is when we finally get to chart where we are on the map. We begin the month still in curious Gemini season, examining the details and asking questions about our options. The full moon in Sagittarius on the 3rd makes the path toward our next adventure practical and clear.

Desire bonfires blaze on the 5th when Venus joins action planet Mars in passionate Leo. Due to an upcoming retrograde, Venus remains in Leo through October 8th giving us an extended period to glam up and get what we want. Mercury enters inquisitive Gemini on the 11th increasing our powers of articulation.

Meanwhile, Pluto reverses into Capricorn on the 11th, pausing the glimpse into the future that we’ve been privy to since the power planet went into Aquarius on March 23rd. Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces on the 17th kicking off cosmic summer vacation. So much has changed this year and with this shift, it’s time to review and reflect on what’s transpired. The new moon in Gemini on the 18th is for setting intentions via journaling, curating a summer reading list and gossiping with friends.

The lush, sentimental landscapes of Cancer season touch down on the 21st. Happy solar return to our nurturing, creative and nostalgic babes like Ariana Grande, Mindy Kaling and Lana Del Rey. Some think Cancers are simply “mother types,” but the word for them is really: matriarch. Communication planet Mercury—now moving very quickly in the sky—joins the sun in Cancer on the 26th giving us words to match our creative ideas.

The month ends on a dreamy note as Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on the 30th. This is a sign to pause and imagine. Lean into pure imagination.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign may provide further insight.)

My Daughter's a a Double Gemini. Should I Be Scared?

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(March 21 - April 19)

June 2023 Overview

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius (6/3): All that studying pays off!
  • New Moon in Gemini (6/18): Cute catch up with a hometown bestie
  • Other Key Dates: 6/21, 6/26

It’s necessary to focus on what’s going on behind the scenes this month, Aries. It’s certainly not glamorous but it’s what’s going to sustain you far into the future. Time to empty out the storage unit and get rid of those books from college and furniture from your first apartment. You’re never going back to that previous life. Spending so much time letting go is hard, existential even. But that doesn’t mean there’s no time for joy. Creativity is what sustains you so sing while you file paperwork, dance while you clean the kitchen, and paint while you meditate.

Love Horoscope

Though you’re going to be somewhat off the grid this month, there’s definitely time for romance. In fact, if you’re not careful you might get hyper-focused on someone unattainable. Cultivate your crushes, but only the ones that come easy. This isn’t the time for any kind of chase.

Money Horoscope

Money has been so fickle for a while, but now you finally get to enjoy some true stability and gains. Opportunities to earn, move up at work or cash in on an investment come quickly on the 1st. If you’re tempted to celebrate and splurge, go for something high quality that you can enjoy for years to come.

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(April 20 - May 20)

June 2023 Overview

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius (6/3): Cathartic (and expensive) acupuncture appointment
  • New Moon in Gemini (6/18): Invoices are paid
  • Other Key Dates: 6/2, 6/5, 6/8, 6/11, 6/17

Back in December 2020, you set some very ambitious goals for your career and public image, and this month, you’re finally seeing success look back at you in the mirror. This victory probably looks different than how you imagined it would back then, but some unexpected twists and turns have brought you somewhere deeply satisfying. With your confidence growing and your support system solidifying, it’s important to turn some attention back to your private life. Throughout the summer, you’ll be expanding your definition of home and family. How can you make your foundation feel as glamorous as your achievements?

Love Horoscope

Venus chases Mars in Leo for most of this month but the two planets of passion never quite meet up. This is your love life in a nutshell: running toward something but coming just short of a fulfilling connection. Something seeded now will likely solidify early next year, but for now, just be patient and have fun.

Money Horoscope Both the full moon on the 3rd and the new moon on the 2nd fall in your money houses, making June a key time to focus on finances and pay off debts. A huge expense early in the month feels more manageable when you take the time to lay out your budget.

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(May 21 - June 20)

June 2023 Overview

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius (6/3): The situationship is made official
  • New Moon in Gemini (6/18): New moon, new you
  • Other Key Dates: 6/4, 6/9, 6/11, 6/15, 6/17, 6/21, 6/25, 6/26, 6/30

When you decided to take the road less traveled back in December 2020, you never would’ve imagined your path would lead you here. As your responsibilities grow, you’re coming into your own as a leader and gaining respect. Still, you can’t help but feel a bit disconnected from your personal experience. Last month’s Mercury retrograde left you feeling like you were on another planet, and this month’s goal is simple: get back into your body. Meditation mode finally ends on the 11th when Mercury moves into your sign, and the new moon on the 18th is for getting back to center.

Love Horoscope

The full moon on the 3rd reveals exactly where you stand when it comes to the closest relationships in your life. This is a commit or break up kind of lunation, no room for anything wishy-washy or in-between. Though this might burst your dream bubble, you’re learning that reality is even better.

Money Horoscope

June is for taking things back into your own hands, including your cash flow! Splurges are possible at the beginning of the month when things get busy around the full moon. Go ahead and treat yourself but make sure you plug all of it into your budget spreadsheet.

680x400 Cancer@2x


(June 21 - July 22)

June 2023 Overview

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius (6/3): Impressive showing at the charity 5K Race
  • New Moon in Gemini (6/18): Unbothered and moisturized with your phone on “Do Not Disturb”
  • Other Key Dates: 6/21, 6/26

You convinced yourself that in order to get what you want, you’d have to choose one thing or another. It was either art or a stable job, a thriving social life or a happy family, a life in the city or a big backyard. As your long-term goals take form, you’re realizing that some of the sacrifices you made along the way were only temporary. All that hard work you’ve put toward gaining expertise and expanding your mind is opening up your world for the better. June is for finding more of a work/life balance. When you allow yourself to be exhausted, you can actually rest.

Love Horoscope

You’re so in your element right now, feeling confident and satisfied. Love is one of the farthest things from your mind which means this is probably the month that it finds you. Keep doing your thing and you’ll attract someone amazing.

Money Horoscope

Pay close attention to your spending for the first part of the month as the sun travels through your unconscious sector making you prone to mindless splurges. You get back on track once your season begins on the 21st.

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(July 23 - Aug 22)

June 2023 Overview

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius (6/3): One drink first date
  • New Moon in Gemini (6/18): First rooftop party of the summer!
  • Other Key Dates: 6/21, 6/28

You’re learning that boundaries aren’t built in a day. Most require a lot of time and patience and many hard conversations. Asserting your own needs feels painful and awkward in the moment, but it’s always worth it in the end. Everyone better get ready because you’re about to enter your villain era! You can’t make everyone like you, and you definitely can’t recruit everyone for your team. Remember though: every negotiation allows you to take up more space. Once Cancer season begins on the 21st, you’re ready to cocoon. Put yourself out there early so that later you can sit back and admire your process.

Love Horoscope

The full moon on the 3rd lights up your romance sector and though this lunation usually brings some cute, sexy times; this year, it brings you the clarity you need to cut off a connection that’s wasting your time. Choose your own peace.

Money Horoscope

Last month’s Mercury retrograde found you footing many bills for both personal and professional endeavors. You get one final surprise invoice to pay on the 4th, and after that it’s time to course correct and be a bit more frugal. If you’re looking for extra work, a friend brings you a great opportunity around the 26th.

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(August 23 - September 23)

June 2023 Overview

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius (6/3): Boundaries enforced at the family pool party
  • New Moon in Gemini (6/18): Update your LinkedIn
  • Other Key Dates: 6/4, 6/9, 6/11, 6/15, 6/17, 6/21, 6/25, 6/26, 6/30

Back in December 2020, you set some clear intentions around service and self-care. No longer satisfied being benched in the game of life, you’ve adopted a vigorous kind of discipline and tbh, it’s given you life! This month, the things you’ve put so much effort into are becoming visible not only to you but to all the most important people in your support system. It’s time to start sharing more of your vision. Why keep it all to yourself? Apply for that leadership role! Speak up at book club! Your words make a difference.

Love Horoscope

This month is a key time to get on the same page about “the future” with loved ones. It doesn’t matter if this is a first date or a long term partner, don’t be shy about sharing what it is you really want.

Money Horoscope

Money planet Venus enters your unconscious sector on the 5th for an unusual four month stay. This is not the time to treat your Apple Pay like you’re using someone else’s money. It’s very easy to overspend under this influence. If necessary, take some of your bills off auto pay and make sure every transaction is a considered choice.

680x400 Libra@2x


(September 23 - October 21)

June 2023 Overview

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius (6/3): Ignore those texts from your frenemy
  • New Moon in Gemini (6/18): Get a library card!
  • Other Key Dates: 6/2, 6/5, 6/8, 6/11, 6/17

It’s been an uphill battle to create the life you want from the ground up, and this month, you see that your efforts are paying off. The catch? You have to keep going. If you’re looking to fundraise, freelance or clear some debts, this is the month to work toward that goal so you can have more freedom. The other important piece of this puzzle is surrounding yourself with a solid community. Venus enters your community sector on the 5th for a four month stay. Throughout the summer, you’ll be reconnecting with some friends while you let others go. It’s not easy to distance yourself, but you deserve peace.

Love Horoscope

Venus spends the whole month chasing Mars in your social sector making this a great month to put yourself out there and flirt. Worry less about what makes sense long term and more about how you’re feeling in the moment. Date to have fun for now and figure out the rest as it comes.

Money Horoscope

After lots of financial ups and downs over the last several months, things finally start to stabilize this month. New gigs and job offers arrive through friends or you get a bonus for working on a major project. An unexpected check arrives on the 26th allowing you to pay off another chunk of debt.

680x400 Scorpio@2x


(October 22 - November 21)

June 2023 Overview

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius (6/3): Go to the fancy restaurant, but get the prix fixe
  • New Moon in Gemini (6/18): First appointment with a new therapist
  • Other Key Dates: 6/21, 6/26

So much about your life has changed on a foundational level over the last couple of years. It’s been a trying process for someone who hates this kind of instability, but this month, the results of all those growing pains become visible. The seed has become a sprout. Not only are you creating something that lasts, you’re finding so much joy and meaning in the relationships that come with it. The hard part this month is that you still need to make some adjustments in your professional life. Whether you’re leaving a job, taking a different position or delegating responsibilities, now’s the time to pivot with purpose.

Love Horoscope

You and your partner are both very focused on your career and public image this month. You’re out on the town and acting as a power couple, but less of your attention is going to the relationship itself. This may be a temporary thing for you but for them, this job transition is a longer process. Stay patient while they figure it all out.

Money Horoscope

Both the full moon on the 3rd and the new moon on the 18th fall in your money sectors making finances a key focus for the month. Take some time early in to lay out a financial plan so that after the new moon, you can focus on investments.

Cheeky illustration of a Black woman with purple hair on an orange background. She's in a wearing jean jacket, with a quiver strapped across her back and arrows sticking out.


(November 22 - December 21)

June 2023 Overview

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius (6/3): A day for the sauna
  • New Moon in Gemini (6/18): First date vibes!
  • Other Key Dates: 6/1, 6/11, 6/19

You’re hurrying into this month with a packed schedule and seamless plan to change your life. You’re getting back into hot yoga, taking on yet another mentee at work, and volunteering at the local animal shelter in your spare time. This month’s dilemma boils down to: what’s more important buying more toys for your foster cat or investing in a Theragun? But hold on. Before you fall into a pit of exhaustion, take a breath. Are you building this all on a solid foundation or is it just a house of cards? Test the structure before continuing on to the next level.

Love Horoscope

The new moon in Gemini on the 18th marks a fresh start for your closest relationships. If you’re single, it’s time to make that list of your ideal partner’s traits so you can manifest them! If you’re partnered, it’s time to check in and get back on the same page. Who always reflects something important back to you?

Money Horoscope

Money remains steady this month but after Cancer season kicks off on the 21st, you get very focused on making investments for the future: paying off debts, applying for mortgages or finally starting a 401k. Why not have a backup plan for the backup plan?

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(December 22 - January 19)

June 2023 Overview

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius (6/3): Joshua Tree meditation retreat vibes
  • New Moon in Gemini (6/18): A day to wander aimlessly in the grocery store
  • Other Key Dates: 6/15, 6/19, 6/28, 6/30

Taking care of yourself and knowing your worth has been an ongoing project for the past several years. Part of that has been chasing the elusive fountain of youth, but this month, you’re finally feeling confident about aging. You look pretty sexy with those gray streaks! Own that! All the work you’ve done on yourself is showing up more and more in the joy you feel in your day to day. Don’t let those moments of creative bliss and festivity go unappreciated. Take every lazy afternoon stroll with intention. You earned the right to relax for once.

Love Horoscope

Gemini season is all about work for you, but once the sun shifts into Cancer on the 21st, your focus shifts to relationships. You’re going to spend most of the summer exploring the power dynamics in your most intimate connections. Who do you want to take along for that ride?

Money Horoscope This is going to be the summer of doing less while earning more. Venus enters your shared resources sector on the 5th bringing calm negotiations and easy upgrades. What’s worth the extra spend?

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(January 20 - February 18)

June 2023 Overview

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius (6/3): Stick to your curfew on an otherwise wild night
  • New Moon in Gemini (6/18): Lovely day for a lowkey picnic with besties or a date
  • Other Key Dates: 6/15, 6/19, 6/28, 6/30

Back in December 2020, you set ambitious goals around your image. Rather than taking your usual observational role, you wanted to become a more active participant in the community. This month, you get to see the visible results of those efforts. How have you solidified your values while expanding your footprint and sense of home? Money might be tight but you’re ready to play so be sure you get out to all the cheap (and free!) events that you can. Work and leisure are both necessary in building your sustainable, balanced life.

Love Horoscope

Venus enters Leo and your relationship sector on the 5th and due to an upcoming retrograde, the love planet will remain there until October! The last time you had this much tender focus on your love life was the summer of 2015. Think back to what romantic stories were developing then, how can you embrace that same attitude, so it results in even more joy?

Money Horoscope

The story of this year is that money is tight, but as Saturn stations retrograde on the 17th, it might be the tightest it’s been all year. Think of this more as a temporary roadblock rather than an omen of what’s to come. Paying attention to your long term financial goals propels you through this moment.

Cheeky illustration of a gender-fluid white person with short-cropped orange hair. They're wearing a light blue halter top as two bright pink koi fish circle their head.


(February 19 - March 20)

June 2023 Overview

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius (6/3): Showered with compliments
  • New Moon in Gemini (6/18): Treat yourself to a cleaning service
  • Other Key Dates: 6/15, 6/19, 6/28, 6/30

Your little corner of the world is expanding rapidly at the beginning of the month. It’s a bit overwhelming after you spent most of the last several years in hermit mode, but on some level, it’s such a relief to have a packed schedule again. You’re such a compassionate person who sees infinite possibilities in every person and situation, but this month, you’re able to see your impact on a smaller, more tangible scale. The full moon on the 3rd brings an exciting moment for your career or public image that sets the tone for the rest of the summer. Don’t be afraid to make a splash.

Love Horoscope

While listlessly swiping on Hinge on the 4th, you come across someone who’s so not your type but intrigues you nonetheless. The communication is a little wonky at first, but don’t rush into feeling rejected because by the 25th, you might be feeling like love is in the air.

Money Horoscope

You’re working overtime to bring in extra cash this month which is great for now but not sustainable long term. With Venus entering your daily grind sector on the 5th for a four month stay, your primary assignment is to figure out how to add more ease to your day. How can you work less and still feel secure?

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