This Is the Single Most Optimistic Sign in the Zodiac (Hint: It’s Definitely Not Cancer)

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You’re gearing up for your first virtual job interview. And between selecting a Zoom background and throwing on something that isn’t a sweatshirt, you can’t help but envision all of the things that might go wrong. You could lose WiFi and morph into a pixelated zombie. You could completely blank on your greatest creative achievement. Or—an outcome you hadn’t considered—the conversation might run smoothly. If, like us, you struggle to see the best-case scenario, you could learn a thing or two from the zodiac’s resident optimists: Sagittarians. Here’s why these fire signs are so hopeful and how we can all adopt Sag’s sunny outlook.

(Psst: Your astrological profile incorporates twelve celestial bodies, not just your sun sign. You can learn more about how Sagittarius influences you by checking out your birth chart.)

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1. They Go with the Flow

The zodiac signs that fall between two seasons, what astrologers call the “mutable signs,” embody the changeable energy of nature’s transitions. As Sagittarius straddles the final days of fall and the first chill of winter, they’re flexible, easygoing and open-minded. Backpacking across the country, adopting a new political ideology or forging a new career path are all Sag thrills. Rather than mapping out their every move, the fire signs are fluid, preferring to act on a whim.

Instead of clinging to plans and high expectations, we too can follow in Sag’s carefree footsteps. Say you’re auditioning for a role in your community theater’s next production. After delivering your monologue in front of the creative team, you mentally replay your performance all day, dissecting your every word and facial expression. To take notes from Sagittarius, we should learn to distinguish between what we can and can’t control. Since you can’t see into the minds of the directors and make their decision to cast you, there’s no use in agonizing over their choice. When we relinquish our illusion of control, like Sagittarians, we’re free.

2. They Find Humor in Hardship

You’re hosting a small gathering at your place, but when Sag kicks down the door, you’ve got a party. Inappropriate jokes, thrilling tales and (strong!) cocktails are Sagittarian trademarks. As a fire sign, think of Sag as smoke wandering across the sky, changing shape along its journey. They don’t dwell in life’s disappointments. Instead, they float above them with an irreverence that is uniquely Sag. If you’re going through a breakup, your fiery friends will poke fun at your ex-partner and distract you with an impromptu outing.

Future plans and goals are important, but it helps to accept that our path is never linear. As the zodiac’s philosophical thinkers, Sagittarius inspires us to embrace the absurdity of life: to laugh at insults, dye our hair purple or plunge into a freezing lake. (Nothing seems serious when you realize you’re on a rock speeding around a ball of fire.)

3. They Break Mental Barriers

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the astrological symbol of faith, luck and limitlessness. Nicknamed the “Gas Giant,” Jupiter is all about expansion (it has 79 moons, people). Jupiter is the knowledge we seek when learning a new language, the self-belief we summon when leading a workout class and the spiritual growth we aspire to when meditating. Breaking free from constraints, rules or expectations, Sagittarius is boundless. A budding curiosity about plants becomes a lifelong mission to protect forests. An exciting weekend trip extends into a five-year stint in South Africa. Sag’s optimism is born from their idea that everything is within reach. 

If, like Sag, we want to believe we are capable of any achievement, we need to work on building our confidence. When dealing with self-doubt, take time to acknowledge your best qualities and why you deserve to go after your dreams. Are you an attentive listener? Did you pay for a co-worker’s coffee? Pen a love letter to yourself as though you’re writing it to a friend and read it when insecurities creep in. And in true Sag fashion, celebrate all of your wins with Champagne. 

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