Bring on the Eye Rolls: These Are the 3 Most Dramatic Signs in the Zodiac

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, we all have our dramatic moments. Vowing to never step outside again after a DIY haircut, marching up the stairs mid-argument, squealing with delight when our favorite song pops up on shuffle. And when astrologers study our birth charts, there are a few indicators of living low-key and others that say, “Why whisper when you can shout through a megaphone?” Here, the most dramatic zodiac signs and how we can relate to their all-caps antics.

(Psst: Your astrological profile incorporates twelve celestial bodies, not just your sun sign. To learn more about how you communicate or express anger, check out the Mercury and Mars placements in your birth chart.)

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 1. Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Leo’s ruling planet is the sun, which, let’s face it, is the beacon of natural drama. Its golden rays are all around us, dancing across our faces, spilling through windows and wrapping us in its eternal warmth. We can’t look away from Leo sunbeams (and as creatives, they’re fueled by our recognition). With their booming laugher, daring fashion choices and passionate monologues, Leo’s life is a stage. And as one of the four fixed signs in astrology, they like to plan out every act to ensure it’s a successful show. When their high expectations are not met or when their strong views are challenged, expressive Leo is not afraid to make a scene statement. Lovers of a last word and a satisfying door slam, Leo is hardwired to win. (So just let them pick the movie tonight, OK?)

2. Cancer (Jun 21- Jul 22)

While Leo brings drama via their bold outward expression, Cancer’s inner emotional realm is even more intense. Cancers are governed by the glowing silver moon, which is an astrological symbol of safety, nourishment, dreams and memories. They hold onto feelings—like fears about a new job or resentment toward a family member—and allow small grievances to build over time. Cancers are consumed by self-protection, which can trick the water signs into believing everyone is out to get them. So while other signs might laugh and shake off an insult, the celestial crabs bury it into their victim narrative. When their emotional floodgates inevitably burst open, i.e. angry crying after you got their bagel order wrong, Cancer’s explosive behavior (which has nothing to do with bagels and everything to do with you neglecting them for six months) is alarming to others. Not everyone is as intuitive as these moonchildren, so what’s glaring to Cancer can go completely unnoticed to the rest of us.

3. Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

As the first sign in the zodiac, think of Aries as astrological kids sliding headfirst into life. Between their craving for instant gratification and their tiny tantrums, kids guarantee drama (and fiery Aries does, too). Ruled by Mars, the planet of willpower, aggression and animal instinct, Aries is unfiltered and unafraid. While Cancer could do with a more direct approach, Aries would benefit from thinking before they leap into to action. The fire signs operate on sheer impulse, whether they’re swerving past a car on the highway or fervently rearranging their furniture at 3 a.m. As cardinal signs, Aries are determined to race toward their personal goals (there’s no time to work out the details or consider everyone’s opinions). So when the rams are stifled, like when they show up to the book store two minutes after closing time, they’re going to scream in the parking lot. (And TBH, we should all be such avid readers.)

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