Everything You Need to Know About the Aries Personality

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Aries are the superheroes of the zodiac. They are bold, fast and independent, taking problems and head-butting them into the ether. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries coincides with spring. They are the season of life after death, the loud alarm that wakes you up in the morning, the Technicolor of Oz after black-and-white Kansas. Aries is the life force that says, “Not today, Satan!” and charges into battle. The ego on these rams can be hard to roll with sometimes, but they are as quick to make up as they are to fight. You’ve got to love them!

What’s Aries’ Sun Sign?


What’s Aries’ Element?

Fire. The fire signs—Aries, Leo and Sagittarius—are creative and physically active. Fire is the principle of the will at work, the life force that inspires us to get up and keep going in spite of any resistance. People born under this element tend to be action-oriented, decisive and optimistic. Working on a project? You want a fire sign in your corner. 

What’s Aries’ Modality?

Cardinal. The party starters of the zodiac, the cardinal signs—Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn—are active and physical, tending to work through challenges or process information in a kinesthetic way. They are natural doers and leaders, and they make things happen.

What’s Aries’ Ruling Planet?

Mars. Mars is the planet of war, desire, aggression and competition. Sounds scary, but think of him as the mitochondria among the organelles of our solar system. Mars is our hot blood when it’s go time. Mars is go time. He inspires the kind of work that fulfills our deepest passions. Mars is our mission.

What’s Aries’ Symbol?

The ram. The ram’s horns symbolize virility and aggression, as well as the “head-on” approach that Aries take to problem solving.

Aries’ Key Phrase

“I am.”

Aries’ One-Word Mantra

Aries Celebs

Aries are often written off as impulsive or impatient which is why it might surprise you that intense method actors Heath Ledger and Gary Oldman are Aries, as well as rigorous auteurs Francis Ford Coppola and Quentin Tarantino. This is just the tip of the iceberg because let’s be real, Aries are iconic! This can be seen most obviously in the broad spectrum of Aries divas and crooners like Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Elton John, Al Green, Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Pharrell Williams and Susan Boyle; Sex and the City’s own Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon are both Aries (and so is SJP’s hubby Matthew Broderick!); there’s also ‘90s golden girls Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mandy Moore and Amanda Bynes; timeless sweethearts Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Chastain and Kristen Stewart; and the bitingly hilarious Eddie Murphy, Alec Baldwin and Christopher Walken. Aries are known for their speed but that doesn’t mean they aren’t in it for the long haul.

What Are Aries’ Best Traits?

Aries are entrepreneurial, independent and creative. They have the nerve to get things started and can be inspiring leaders. Their crackling energy is infectious, and they are children at heart, buzzing with the force of life itself. If you’re stuck at the corner of “I’m too scared” and “I didn’t go to school for this,” it’s Aries energy that breaks you out of indecision paralysis.

What Are Aries’ Worst Traits?

The negative sides of Aries can translate into selfishness, impatience and a quick temper. While they are talented at ideation and making decisions, they can become easily frustrated or bored, leading them to abandon things just as quickly. They require a lot of independence and can become irritable if others try to control them. They like to be their own boss—but that doesn’t mean they always hold themselves accountable. 

What Are the Best Careers for Aries?

Aries are natural leaders and tend to be the entrepreneurs of the zodiac. They excel in business, innovation, deal-making, entertainment, sports and medicine. One caveat: They are better at starting new projects than sustaining existing ones, so they need a lot of freedom at work to apply their creativity to new areas.

How Is Aries as a Friend?

Aries friends come amped to support your endeavors. They can be quite competitive with others, but they are all about celebrating their friends—they just expect the same in return, of course. In conflict, they are direct, which can be hard to take, but they move on from an argument super quickly. You can have it out with an Aries and be back to your old texting rhythms in no time at all.

How Is Aries as a Parent?

Aries are children at heart, so they tend to understand better than others exactly where their kids are coming from. Aries parents have boundless energy to play, and they may end up as exhausted at the end of the day as their kids are. These are not hands-off types, and they get very involved with homework and extracurriculars, even if they had no interest in those activities when they were young. Though their patience is easily tested, their whole head and heart are in the game.

How Is Aries as a Partner?

A ram in love is a ram inspired to collaborate. It’s a must to share at least a few interests and hobbies, and the partnership always has to be moving toward something for them to stay engaged and motivated. They fall hard and fast, and their sudden infatuations can burn out quickly. Aries are incredibly physical signs, and their relationships are usually characterized by white-hot sexual chemistry. 

What Are Aries’ Hidden Traits?

The stereotype of an Aries is a headstrong, independent, type-A personality, but they are actually among the mushiest, most romantic signs in the zodiac. Aries will fall in love so ardently and be completely unashamed of how much their beloved means to them. Expect grand gestures and thoughtful little notes—and of course lots of travel, sex and adventure.

Aries at a Glance in 2023

Aries are absolutely the main characters of 2023.The year begins with Jupiter—planet of luck, joy, and relief—transiting their sign. Listen, Aries are always confident (sometimes to their own detriment, tbh), but this transit makes them shine even brighter. A solar eclipse in Aries on April 20 increases their powers even more. But all of this attention could also leave our excitable rams feeling worn out or overwhelmed. It’s important for them to use this energy to focus on their health as much as their image before they burn out like a supernova.

While their sense of self grows this year, Aries might find that they’re less concerned about making other people happy. Saturn enters their unconscious sector on March 7th ushering in a three year period that will help them learn to let go; decluttering their mind, body and spirit in the process. This is also a year for decisions when it comes to relationships. There’s no more being wishy-washy (especially in romance), it’s time to get serious or break up. For single Aries, this summer’s Venus Retrograde in Leo (July 27-September 3) is a chance to review casual dating dynamics and reinvigorate their sex lives. The last time we had this transit was the Summer of 2015 so rams may want to look back to that time period to see what’s on the romantic horizon.

Finance-wise, Jupiter enters Aries’ money sector on May 17th bringing plenty of increase to their bank balance. The last couple years have been full of ebbs and flows when it comes to money, and this influence brings some much needed steadiness and relief. 



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