Aries Compatibility: The Best and Worst Zodiac Matches

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Aries are fierce, fun-loving and always the life of the party. More than any other sign, Aries knows how to love hard. Despite this though, a major misconception about our sweet rams is that they’re too freedom-oriented to find success in relationships. Yes, Aries are impatient, but that doesn’t mean they’re afraid of commitment! Aries are the zodiac’s ultimate cheerleaders and being in a relationship with one is like having a hype guy on call 24/7, ready to pump you up. Falling in love with an Aries is to realize that their signature hotheadedness translates to unparalleled passion. So who is best suited to keep up with that delightful Aries joie de vivre? Here’s our definitive Aries compatibility ranking.

12. Aries

Some might call Aries headstrong, but overall, the sweet rams are quite easy going. In many ways, every sign is a good match for Aries when it comes to romance with the one exception being: another Aries! Yes, the Aries-Aries love combo is notoriously tricky. Though two Aries make dynamic business partners and inseparable BFF’s, when it comes to romance, these two tend to connect in a wave of passion that burns out very quickly. The celeb couple with this combo who seem to pull it off somehow are Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. But remember: these two also work together which probably helps spread out some of the brasher, more argumentative energy.

11. Capricorn

We’ve shared before that Aries and Capricorn together make complicated coworkers. But what about romantic relationships? Well, in many ways, things are just as complicated—mostly because these two end up being all work and no play. Mars—planet of action and endurance—feels empowered in both of these signs, resulting in this being a connection that’s more about gaining momentum, and less about savoring sweetness. This might play out as a very flirtatious, almost aggressive beginning to the relationship, but at some point, every date might become a business meeting. A famous example of this pairing is Jeff Bezos (Capricorn) and Mackenzie Scott (Aries). Yes, those two made a literal fortune together, but see where that led?

10. Cancer

Aries and Cancer are both cardinal signs, meaning that they’re always the first to the party. Both love to initiate. That’s why this relationship has no problem getting started, but can it last? Cancer brings out Aries’ softer side while Aries pushes Cancer to take more risks. In general, Cancer is extremely sensitive and, without meaning to, Aries find they’re often hurting Cancer’s feelings. These two overall have a very lovely, almost innocent, connection when things are going well. But as they have very different approaches to conflict, it might be hard to come back from arguments once they move past the Honeymoon phase.

9. Scorpio

Aries and Scorpio are the two zodiac signs ruled by Mars—planet of action and aggression—so things are certain to be spicy in this match. Though these signs share a ruler and thus bring a similar energy to life, their values don’t automatically align. These two hit it off quickly and often make it work as friends with benefits or hookup buddies. But things get more complicated when someone—usually Scorpio—catches real feelings and wants to define the relationship. Scorpio is all about emotional accountability and though Aries is often honest-to-a-fault, their blunt approach to life can easily bruise Scorpio’s ego. Aries values momentum while Scorpio values consistency and over time, this difference grates on both.

8. Aquarius

Aries-Aquarius is a very interesting combination of fire and air. As both signs are known for their independence, Aries and Aquarius first and foremost love themselves. Both are confident, and likely have secure attachment styles. Though these two can have so much fun together while also respecting boundaries, there’s a certain warmth missing from this connection. Aquarius is cool and calculated, while Aries might be tactless. Together, unless these two are really willing to commit, things may never move beyond the surface level. As friends though, these two are the life of the party, planning brunches for the whole group and keeping everyone laughing in the group chat.

7. Taurus

Aries are trailblazers who prefer to hit the ground running, refusing to stop until they reach the finish line (whether that’s a professional goal or just their target mileage for an afternoon run). Taurus, on the other hand, prefers the scenic route. When these two come together—and it’s rarely that they do—Taurus might feel like they’re always losing the competition. As a Mars-ruled sign, Aries is super competitive and finds Taurus’ relaxed behavior to be a turn off. These two can sometimes fall into an opposites attract relationship where both can grow through really paying attention to the other’s needs. But because both are almost radical in their stubbornness, it’s rare that either is truly willing to put in the effort to keep things going long term.

6. Leo

An apt title for the Aries and Leo pairing is the title of a long running Off-Broadway show: Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. There’s no other signs in the zodiac who have egos as healthy as Aries and Leo, so when these two come together, the confidence level can truly be blinding. Though their presence might be annoying to those around them, these two simply cannot get enough of each other and the chemistry is overwhelmingly good. When they finally make it out of the bedroom, this pair loves getting dressed up and hitting the town. Between them, there is never enough flashiness. The concern, which is present with any fire for fire pairing, is that the spark eventually dies out. But until it does, these two should just enjoy the passionate ride.

5. Pisces

Aries-Pisces is a very underrated match! Though these two might seem like they have very little in common, with Pisces being known as the emotional space cadet, and Aries being known as the trailblazing adventurer, they tend to bring out each other’s best sides. Pisces love to take care of their lovers and no one is more “I’m baby!” than an Aries. The one area where these two run into a problem is their communication. Aries prefers to keep conversations light, simple and to the point whereas Pisces tends to wax poetic, taking hours to get to the heart of a feeling. Somehow though, between Pisces’ endless patience and Aries’ restlessness, this pair somehow meets in the middle and keeps things flowing.

4. Libra

With Libra and Aries, the question is: do opposites attract? Aries and Libra are opposite signs, meaning that they have similar goals, but they go about achieving them in completely different ways. Libras want to connect and as cardinal signs, they lead through amplifying others. Often keeping their own opinions to themselves, unless they feel it’s necessary to share. Aries, on the other hand, lead through asserting their own will. It’s not that they’re totally full of themselves, it’s that they don’t understand why others wouldn’t want to hear what’s on their mind. Though these two don’t see eye to eye, they have so much to learn from each other. Libra softens Aries up and Aries gives Libra permission to be more selfish. Plus, the chemistry between opposites is usually quite hot. Sure, this pair is not the most obvious match, but when they give each other a chance, the relationship helps both people grow.

3. Gemini

Though outsiders might find these two a bit rambunctious, Aries and Gemini are the ultimate power couple. No one can make Aries laugh like a Gemini—and what Aries doesn’t have the most amazing laugh?—while no one motivates Gemini like an Aries. Though both are spring babies who occasionally get caught up in youthful games, they also know how to respect each other’s boundaries. Both are fearless and encourage each other to explore their kinkier side in the bedroom. The only problem with this relationship is that it can sometimes feel like Peter Pan hanging out with the lost boys. Neither wants the buzzkill of being the adult in the room. But eventually, even “adulting” becomes a playful competition for this charming pair, making them successful at both business and pleasure.

2. Virgo

Yes, Virgo and Aries seem like an unlikely pair. But hear us out: these two actually have much more in common than the usual stereotypes about each sign lead us to believe. Virgo is mutable earth: practical, adaptable and dedicated to service. Aries, on the other hand, is cardinal fire: self-starting, excitable, and committed to achieving goals. When you put them together, they don’t sound so different do they? Aries run up mountains while Virgos move those mountains for the people they love. This pair knows how to get things done. Romantically, these two excel at both acts of service and quality time. Both are also great communicators in the bedroom so things start and stay hot. Oh, also, since the 2000’s are undoubtedly back: Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams were an Aries-Virgo dream team. Sure their union was brief, but it also seemed like the love of a lifetime. Just in case you needed any more convincing.

1. Sagittarius

Aries and Sagittarius are both fire signs, making this match too hot to handle. Aries is a firebrand and Sagittarius is a wandering sage. Together, these two make utopian visions into a reality. As a Mars-ruled sign, Aries doesn’t have a problem with the chase, but what they love about Sagittarius is that there’s never a question about what the other person is thinking. These two have an almost psychic connection, borne from their shared desires, especially when it comes to sex and just having fun together. There’s also something just so low-key about these two. Case in point: our favorite celeb couple with this combo is Leighton Meester (Aries) and Adam Brody (Sagittarius). Despite being every Millennial’s dream It Couple, the pair keeps things relaxed, casual, and out of the spotlight. Who needs attention when you have everything you need in the privacy of your own home?

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. For more astrological musings, you can subscribe to her newsletter.

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