Here Are 3 Magic Phrases Every Aries Needs to Hear (and Spit it Out, They Don't Have All Day)

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If Pisces season soothed us into a late winter daydream, Aries jolts us awake with spring’s dramatic entrance. Birds croon at our windowsill, crocuses pop open and Aries is already on their third coffee. These action-oriented signs have no time to waste; they’re off to influence the masses with their strong opinions and embark on (another) creative project. So why not make it your goal to get to know them better? Below, three phrases that will support, encourage and enlighten your fiery friends. (Just don’t sugarcoat anything, OK?)

 1. “I’ve never met anyone like you.”

As the first sign to race out of the cosmic gates, Aries are driven to distinguish themselves from the competition. In a room filled with people who agree on a topic, Aries aren't afraid to shoot their hand in the air and tell us why we’re wrong. As gifted leaders, Aries are confident and outspoken. To support the rams is to appreciate their authenticity, from their splashy ensembles and wild humor to their commitment to changing the world. Like a dazzling bonfire, Aries energy is magnetic, drawing us closer to witness its dance. So why not fan their flames with a heartfelt compliment? Aries dreams of being number one—and your number one.

 2. “Sure, let’s do it!”

Ruled by Mars, our intrepid planetary warrior Aries, craves a thrill—and maybe a little chaos. Dubbed the kids of the zodiac, their bright eyes widen at the mention of a motorcycle ride, an impromptu road trip or a rooftop party. While acting on impulse isn’t always wise, we shouldn't shoot down all of Aries’s zany ideas. When the fire signs feel stifled, their excitement can turn to frustration and build within. (And you don't want to be around during one of their eruptions.) So if you’re up for it, join them for that 6 A.M. dance workout or help them re-paint their bedroom. We’d never stand in the way of a charging ram. And who knows, we might learn to enjoy a little risk-taking.

3. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Aries are builders. They don’t loaf around the house, hoping to stumble upon new opportunities. Instead, the cardinal signs have tunnel vision when it comes to achieving their goals. Head down and horns raised, they take off to that big city, start that online business or pursue that romantic interest (with some spicy text messages). Endlessly motivated (and even more impatient), Aries thrives on instant gratification. So when their efforts take longer to pick up speed, like those first tricky guitar lessons, the fire signs are inevitably agitated. Since they hold such high standards for themselves, remind Aries that they haven’t failed. Reignite their firepower. With enough Aries ambition, they’ll be making (very loud) music soon enough.

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