The Most Complicated Zodiac Pairings & How to Work Through Them

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As a professional astrologer, many clients come to me wanting to know about relationships, not just romantic ones but also those with family, friends and coworkers. Compatibility is complicated. Not everyone naturally gets along, but astrology can help us find common ground even with those who feel like oil to our water. Here’s some of the most complicated zodiac pairings and how to work through them.

1. Complicated Lovers: Gemini & Taurus

Gemini is a social, mutable air sign while Taurus is a more reserved, fixed, earth sign. Taurus is the lush green field and Gemini is the breeze that passes through on its way elsewhere. These two are always initially attracted to each other through a shared joie de vivre (both are optimistic signs of the spring after all). But the loyal Taurus gets easily upset by Gemini’s flaky tendencies and inability to settle down (like that time Gemini was late to an important date because he was scrolling through an Instagram meme page, leaving Taurus furious). These two are complicated because Taurus craves consistency that Gemini fails to provide, and Gemini wants levity that just isn’t part of Taurus’ nature. 

Pro Tip: This might seem obvious, but these two should focus on having fun together. Though the partnership styles of Gemini and Taurus could not be more different, both know how to enjoy the finer things in life and have immaculate taste. Gemini might not want to commit to a relationship right away, but she’ll commit to a bougie dinner, no questions asked.

2. Complicated Coworkers: Capricorn & Aries

Capricorn and Aries are both signs where Mars, planet of action, separation and war, has major dignity. This makes both signs rather competitive when it comes to getting what they want in their career. Though Capricorn believes in the long game and climbing the ladder rung by rung, Aries wants to rush to their success. These two butt heads when trying to work on a project together because neither works well when someone else is the boss. And both are cardinal signs who inspire everyone around them, but when forced to go head to head, things get complicated. 

Pro Tip: Though both are always angling to be the boss, when it comes to the daily grind, both take a flexible approach and appreciate a fluid schedule. As far as the rest of the office is concerned, Capricorn and Aries are extremely detail-oriented and fun to chat with on Slack. What if they tried sharing the responsibility instead of arguing over it?

3. Complicated Siblings: Cancer & Sagittarius

Cancer is notorious for loving family more than anything. No matter how complicated the relationship, Cancer will move mountains for their nearest and dearest. Sagittarius, on the other hand, takes a more reserved approach to family, especially when it comes to siblings. Sagittarians have rigid boundaries when it comes to what family does and doesn’t know about them. Cancer is flexible with family communication and can accept Sagittarius’ needs to a point, but can also get controlling, believing their way is best. It hurts Cancer when she finds out Sagittarius’ friends and coworkers learned of major life events before she did. Neither is wrong but it doesn’t make the relationship any easier.

Pro Tip: Cancer and Sagittarius have very different communication styles but both love to keep things organized when it comes to family parties. This is a great combo for pulling off a fantastic White Elephant holiday gift exchange or planning a blowout 40th wedding anniversary for the parents. These two don’t need to get each other to get stuff done.

4. Complicated Friends: Leo & Scorpio 

Scorpios show their love through their intensity while Leos show their love through their attention. But when it comes to friendship, these two are a difficult pair. Scorpios are best in one-on-one intimate relationships and are almost too willing to make anyone and everyone their BFF. Meanwhile Leos are more concerned with the scene, the group chat and the larger community, preferring to keep their one-on-one dates to a selective (and often eccentric) few. Scorpio gets offended when Leo doesn’t want to have a heart to heart 24/7 and Leo gets exhausted when Scorpio bemoans the group hang.

Pro Tip: You can find common ground in a Leo-Scorpio friendship pairing through a shared love of art, movies or theater. This duo also does great work as each other’s wing woman on a night at the bar. Think: Leo Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones on Sex and the City. Note to Scorpio: a friendship doesn’t have to be Emergency Contact status for it to be worthwhile, and to Leo: It’s OK to let your guard down sometimes.




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