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When Sherlock Holmes is about to crack a case, he withdraws into his thought-realm to dissect every tiny detail he’s tracked: a grass stain on a suit jacket, a hairline crack on a cell phone screen, a single hair from a West Highland terrier. Using his supernatural deduction, the detective reaches the solution in a clear flash. This is Virgo’s ultimate superpower (and their biggest detriment): They experience the world through a giant magnifying glass. They notice the crumbs on your floor. They notice how you smile when you’re in love. And they just want to help make their magnified reality a little better.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22, sun sign: Virgo) is an earth element, and that energy grounds us in the present moment, transmuting passing thoughts into concrete plans (and actually following through on them). Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn—all earth signs—embody the reliability, structure and pragmatism of the earth element. So call them up if you’re looking for an honest opinion about your career switch or need help filing a tax return.

With a mutable modality, Virgo joins Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces as the signs who occupy the transition point between two seasons and are the adaptable forces of the zodiac. Mutable signs are your open-minded pals, eager to understand your opinion on the latest indie film or join you on an impromptu hiking trip. And just as they roll with changes in their environment, they’re open to changes within themselves, too. Think of the friend who used her pandemic unemployment money to move to France for a year, and returned with a new wardrobe, a French accent and a fresh baguette in tow. (She’s a Sagittarius, isn’t she?).

Virgo has traditionally been linked with the Maiden or Virgin figure, which symbolizes the sign’s pure intentions and independence. The sign is ruled by Mercury (aka “the messenger”), the speediest planet to orbit the sun, and represents communication and the intellect. It’s how we learn new concepts, exchange information and flex our mental agility. So, it’s no surprise that the brainy signs under Mercury rulership—Gemini and Virgo—are a printing press of novel ideas, conversation starters and little-known facts. Mercury is the only planet that doesn’t exist within binaries in astrology (hot/cold, masculine/feminine, day sect/night sect) and thus can adapt to any situation.

Intrigued? Grab your chicest trench coat and learn more about the Virgo personality here.

What Are Virgo’s Best Traits?

Virgos are guided by altruism. They can envision a better world (whether that’s a country with fewer carbon emissions or a bedroom with more natural light) and use their earthy diligence to make it a reality. All of Virgo’s suggestions—while they might feel intrusive—are offered because they truly want the best for others. So don’t be surprised if they boil you up a pot of chamomile tea for your bloated tummy or offer to watch your kids (and dust your light fixtures) while you embark on a weekend getaway. When a Virgo loves you, they will move a mountain for you, and when you try to thank them, they’ll quip, “oh that? That was nothing.”

What Are Virgo’s Worst Traits?

Virgo is the red editor’s pen hovering over a universe that’s fundamentally flawed. The idea that Virgo simply cannot fix everything will leave them easily—and frequently—disappointed. At their worst, Virgos point this disappointment toward themselves; the earth signs hold themselves to impossible standards and can suffer from imposter syndrome. Try as they might to maintain order (see: ironed sheets), Virgo needs to learn that life is messy. And that’s kind of what makes it interesting.

Who Is a Virgo Compatible With?

When it comes to love, Virgos will find themselves well matched with Taurus, Capricorn and Scorpio.

According to Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac, because Taurus is also an earth sign, this relationship will be anchored in understanding and practicality. “They appreciate the finer things in life but also value stability and commitment,” Rodriguez shares. “Taurus can help Virgo relax and appreciate the moment, while Virgo brings a meticulous touch to Taurus' big dreams.”

Capricorn makes an ideal partner because, like Virgo, this sign has a practical bent. Both need and seek stability with a focus on long-term goals. Rodriguez notes that other commonalities include a solid work ethic and career ambitions—that, and the need for order and predictability.

Meanwhile, Scorpio might be a more surprising pairing, but Rodriguez says that this sign has the necessary emotional intensity to complement the logical Virgo mind. “Scorpio appreciates Virgo's loyalty and attention to detail, while Virgo finds the emotional depth of Scorpio intriguing,” she explains. “Together, they balance each other out, satisfying both Scorpio's emotional needs and Virgo's need for order.”

Who Is a Virgo Incompatible With?

Virgos will want to steer clear of Gemini. Though this sign’s ruling planet is also Mercury, Gemini’s freedom-loving, free-spirited ways will clash spectacularly with Virgo’s need for order and security, Rodriguez says. Another no-go is Sagittarius, whose outgoing and adventurous personality tends to mesh poorly with Virgo, who is obsessively detail oriented. “Sagittarius may feel confined by Virgo's need for routine, while Virgo might find Sagittarius reckless and irresponsible,” Rodriguez explains. “Their different life philosophies often mean that they have conflicting views on everything from money to love to adventure.”

A Virgo-Aquarius pairing is also one destined for an unhappy ending. “Virgo's emphasis on tradition and routine is a tough pill to swallow for innovative Aquarius,” Rodriguez shares. “While Aquarius loves to challenge the status quo, Virgo finds comfort in it. This creates tension, as each struggles to understand the other's viewpoint. Aquarius may find Virgo too conservative, while Virgo may see Aquarius as too radical.”

Virgo Celebrities

Though Mother Theresa, a literal saint, was in fact a Virgo, there are plenty of sex symbol Virgos as well, all quirky with a certain je ne sais quoi: Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz, Jeremy Irons, Richard Gere, Macaulay Culkin, Peter Falk, Salma Hayek and Colin Firth; there’s also the rebellious Amy Winehouse, Freddie Mercury, and Prince Harry; peerless Beyoncé; intrepid creators like Tim Burton and Stephen King; the enigmatic and adaptable Bill Murray; the hilarious Melissa McCarthy and John Mulaney;  as well as America’s Sweethearts Alexis Bledel, Blake Lively and Keke Palmer.

What Are the Best Careers for Virgo?

Since they’re not crazy about the spotlight (unless, of course, they’re Beyoncé, but even she likes to keep to herself), you’ll find Virgos working tirelessly behind the scenes, taking on new projects and offering to help with yours. If Virgo does anything, it must be done the right way (even if doing so cuts into their sleeping hours). A career with a higher purpose makes it all worth it. Scientific research, journalism, nutrition, editing, social work and teaching all appeal to Virgo’s meticulous eye and their drive to serve others. If you spot a hard-working Virgo at the office, let them know it’s OK to ask for help. (And then tell them again since it won’t register the first time.)

How Is Virgo as a Friend?

You won’t find any showy, superficial friendships in Virgo’s orbit. Sure, Virgo will drop a pithy remark under your Instagram selfie, but they’ll call to ask how your interview went right after. Helpers at heart, the best friends of the zodiac will stop at nothing to make you feel deeply cherished. Virgo is Chief Party Planner of your birthday soirée, has your burrito order committed to memory and isn’t afraid to dish out some real advice (especially when it’s not what you want to hear).

How Is Virgo as a Partner?

If Virgos had a love language, it would be remembering that they crave 72 percent dark chocolate with salted almonds, adore Nikko blue hydrangeas and listen to Alanis Morissette on rainy days. Small details are the way into Virgo’s heart. And they’ll have no problem charming their way into yours. Once Virgos open up, they’re known for their acerbic wit, luring you into playful debates and imaginative “what ifs.” But behind all the banter is a thoughtful partner who is incredibly sensitive to your needs. If you're able to tick all of Virgo's (highly specific) boxes, you’ll gain a loyal companion who brings out the best in you.

How Is Virgo as a Parent?

Virgo parents are perpetually ten steps ahead of us. Tucked inside their jumbo tote bag is a remedy for every minor crisis—scraped knees, sunburns, snack cravings. Self-sacrificing Virgos will drop everything for their family. And they expect to raise children who are equally as caring. This means kids who put their laundry away, finish their homework on time and mean it when they apologize. If that all sounds a bit unrealistic, therein lies the Virgo’s greatest lesson: to accept their kids’ failures and (*gasp*) let them mess up. They just might learn something along the way.

What Are Virgo’s Hidden Traits

While Virgo has famously high standards, they’re also (wrongly) labeled as being high maintenance. Instead, the earth signs crave simplicity and have a deep connection to the natural world. Virgos are resourceful. You can catch them building a bookshelf by hand, making medicine from lavender sprigs and knitting their kid a winter hat. The store-bought stuff is overrated, anyway.

Virgo at a Glance in 2023

Virgos are spending 2023 breaking curses, charting new paths and getting their bag. Growth planet Jupiter spends the first few months of the year in Aries, and their shared resources sector making this a great time for our meticulous friends to apply for grants and loans, clean up back taxes and resolve credit card debt. It’s a time when they’ll be receiving a lot more than they’re giving, which is a welcome relief for the ones who are the first responders in everyone else’s crisis. The solar eclipse on April 20th could bring an unexpected cash windfall or job opportunity that greatly improves their quality of life.

Virgos should also spend time exploring this year, especially after lucky Jupiter moves into Taurus and their travel sector on May 17th. The second half of the year brings spiritual breakthroughs, learning opportunities and overall “Eat, Pray, Love Vibes.”

Virgos may be questioning whether they want to include their partner on these adventures or if they’re better off alone. Restriction planet Saturn has just begun a three-year tour (through 2026) of Pisces and their partnership sector—a transit where they’ll either commit harder or break up. Single or partnered, there’s no room for superficial connections and fair-weather friends under these skies.

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