3 Zodiac Signs That Need to Learn to Ask for Help (& the One Who Calls at 2 a.m. in a Panic)

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We all have those friends who would do anything for us but who never seem to ask for anything in return. It’s not that they live drama-free lives and require absolutely zero support, it’s that they’re too proud, too ashamed or maybe too sensitive to ask for help. So what does astrology have to say about which zodiac signs are most likely to be their own emergency contact? Here’s our take on why the three signs that rarely ever make the call—and of course, the one sign that’s always getting your attention.

Who Never Asks for Help

1. Virgo

When you’re in trouble, your Virgo friend is always there. On the job hunt? She’s pinging you all day with industry contacts. Searching for an apartment? She’s sending you an Excel spreadsheet of her top picks from StreetEasy and Trulia—organized by both price and school districts—in the middle of the night. Feeling lonely? She’s scheming to set you up with her hot—but shy!—former coworker who just moved back to town. 

When you need help, a Virgo will move a mountain to get to you and then insist “oh, that was nothing!” But when the practical, hard-working earth sign herself is in need of assistance? Radio silence. It’s not that Virgos don’t appreciate your offer, it’s just that they prefer to do it their own way. So the next time you see your Virgo friend struggling, ask for her to explain the game plan and give you a role in the solution.

2. Pisces

Pisces are the emotional sponges of the zodiac. Extremely sensitive and intuitive, they can’t help but make everyone else’s problems their own. And while Virgos show support through forcing their own agenda, Pisces follow everyone else’s lead. And though their kindness is taken advantage of time and time again, they show up as an empathetic hero every time. 

When a Pisces needs help, they tend to wait until things have gotten totally out of control—like a floundering fish swimming the wrong way upstream—to speak up. Pisces’ inability to reach out can lead to unnecessary disaster-level drama and ultimately leaves the sweet fish feeling abandoned. Next time you unload all of your anxieties, fears and woes on your Pisces friend, pause and ask them how they’re doing. Pisces literally forget about themselves sometimes so remind them that they’re allowed to have a tough day.

3. Aquarius

No one seems as cool and collected as an Aquarius. Though they’re always happy to be invited to a party, this air sign prefers to hang on the sidelines and observe rather than participate in the drama. And though you’ve probably gotten some of the best advice of your life from a loyal Aquarius friend, when Aquarians are in trouble, they disappear rather than reach out. Though it might seem like they’re being aloof or just have too much pride, Aquarians are actually super sensitive. When they’re going through it, they are going through it and only the select few are allowed to see them in such a vulnerable state. If your Aquarius friend or coworker has gone quiet recently, send a message to see if she’s OK. Even if she leaves you on read for the next three weeks, she might eventually get the message that you’re someone she can trust.

The One Who Is Never Afraid to Call


Leos love to be in the spotlight through the good times and...the not so good times. You would think that your Leo friend—who is always looking glam!—wouldn’t want to be seen as less than perfect. But the truth is she’s not worried about anyone seeing her runny mascara and she’s certainly never shy about asking for help! If your Leo BFF is feeling anxious and she can’t get in touch with you, her boyfriend or her mom, she’ll process with the guy who’s checking her out at the grocery store instead. And don’t worry, once you’re available, she’ll talk it out with you too. No one likes having a wounded paw but Leos own their pain and shout their needs from the rooftops! It’s important to be real with your Leo friend about what constitutes an actual emergency and what is just the momentary discomfort of a  bruised ego. Otherwise, you might be spending all your time assuring her that she’s the best. And she is! But that’s besides the point.

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