Everything You Need to Know About the Pisces Personality

Dreamy. Glamourous. Otherworldly.

Collage of Pisces celebrities including Drew Barrymore, Rumor Willis and Rihanna.
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A Pisces (February 18 to March 20, sun sign: Pisces) is basically a mermaid in a bathtub drinking a glass of red wine. (That way, they keep both their halves wet.) They are dreamy, glamorous and otherworldly, as proven by their modality, which is mutable. Mutability is the principle of mediation between phases. It’s change itself, and the signs under this modality fall at the end of a season, preparing for the change. All mutable signs are dual in nature, as their power is to interpret, translate and carry meaning between other parties.

This sign, depicted as a fish, is ruled by Jupiter, though some modern astrologers associate Pisces with Neptune. However, delegating our mutable water sign to a planet that’s not only invisible to the naked eye but also associated with confusion, delusion and haze is a disservice. It gives the impression that Pisces is beyond our comprehension when everything you need to know about Pisces can actually be revealed by Jupiter—planet of opportunity, abundance and relief. Pisces might seem out of this world, but they’re just normal people who believe we can all love and be loved, no matter your sign.

Pisces is a water sign. As water is the element of our emotions, signs in this family tend to be unusually perceptive when it comes to the unspoken. Water signs are often deep, complex individuals with high levels of emotional intelligence. While they can be dramatic and volatile, they are also some of the most nurturing, warm and creative signs in the zodiac…at least once you’re in their good graces.

As the last sign of the zodiac, they represent the culmination of every other sign’s karmic evolution, and thus they are the hardest to define. Pisces energy is all about breaking down the barriers between people, reality and dreams, so they resist definition. But that doesn’t mean we won’t try to break down the basics below.

What Are Pisces’ Best Traits?

Pisces aren’t just brilliant—they are emotionally brilliant, and their imaginative powers are unparalleled in the zodiac. With their mantra being “solid” and key phrase as “I believe,” their creativity can literally change the world and inspire others to unlock their own potential. Unlike Aquarians, who know they are right and are waiting for you to realize it too, Pisces are adept at persuading the heart alongside the mind. They are the ultimate influencers and never need to posture to win admiration. Their magic is 100 percent real and cannot be replicated no matter how hard others try.

What Are Pisces’ Worst Traits?

Because the nature of Pisces is to dissolve boundaries, it can be difficult for them to assert their own. Their capacity for empathy is so large that they absorb the feelings and priorities of others like a sponge (empath much?). But by the time they realize they haven’t asked for what they need, it’s too late, and their mood can turn on a dime. At their worst, they can give in to extremes, and having the imaginations that they do, it’s easy for them to escalate a small misunderstanding into an epic struggle. Because they are prone to deceiving themselves, they can easily lie to others too.

Who Is Pisces Compatible With?

When it comes to love, Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus typically make great matches with Pisces. Cancers are great with empathy, being a sign that “feels the feels” explains Charlotte Kirsten, an astrologer and founder of spiritual wellness brand Typically Topical. Because it’s ruled by the moon, that also means Cancers are “deeply in tune with their divine feminine, the aspect of ourselves that connects with motherly, caring instincts. Pairing Cancer with Pisces is the quickest way to turn the tides on a bad experience.”

As for Scorpio and Taurus, the signs are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to feelings and how each connects with Pisces. Water sign Scorpio is, like Cancer, ready to dive into the emotional depths. “The emotional intensity between Pisces and Scorpio can be undoubtedly electric,” Kirsten shares. “This connection can be incredibly passionate and transformative.” Meanwhile, Taurus, an earth sign, offers Pisces stability and grounding.

Who Is Pisces Incompatible With?

While Gemini is known for being charming, quirky and fun-loving, Kirsten says they can also be flighty. “They’re constantly chasing the next shiny thing that catches their attention. Unless Pisces can keep them entertained, they’re in for a rough break-up,” she notes. Read: not a good recipe for the sign that needs deep emotional connections.

Additionally, pairings with Sagittarius and Aries can also lead to heartbreak (or, at the very least, breakup). Ambitious, fiery Sagittarius is prone to wanderlust and tends to put their own needs first. And Aries can be out of touch with their emotions and out of tune with their partners, leading to a hot-and-cold game.  

Pisces Celebs

Pisces might be known for being space cadets, but their daydreams are usually strokes of genius. In fact, did you know that Albert Einstein was a Pisces? Like other mutable signs, Pisces contain multitudes and live many lives. There’s child star turned national treasure Drew Barrymore; shapeshifting pop star moguls Rihanna and Grimes; iconic rockers Jon Bon Jovi, Kurt Cobain, Billy Corgan and Lou Reed, as well as Benji and Joel Madden; regal icons Glenn Close, Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor; angel-voiced crooners Justin Bieber, Johnny Cash, Josh Groban, Chris Martin, James Blunt and Nat King Cole; sweetheart actresses Dakota Fanning, Millie Bobby Brown, Jessica Biel and Emily Blunt; wildchild pop princesses Kesha and Olivia Rodrigo; as well as the hilarious Billy Crystal and Chelsea Handler.

What Are the Best Careers for Pisces?

As the visionaries of the zodiac, Pisces tend to do well in artistic or humanitarian fields. They are often visual artists, musicians, fashion designers, nonprofit organizers, politicians or even religious leaders. Because they believe so strongly in whatever they do, they inspire others as well, and they can inspire loyalty from followers or fans throughout generations.

How Is Pisces as a Friend?

Pisces friends are natural healers, and there is no better shoulder to cry on when you just need to unload. They give the best advice, even if they don’t have direct experience with the problem in front of them. Their wisdom, imagination and empathy combine to make them absolute experts, and their perspective is highly sought after. Not only that, but they are also the ultimate cool-without-trying-to-be, and they somehow always know the best music, plays and TV shows before they become ubiquitous. Still, Pisces are never snobs; they are happy to share their prescient good taste with anyone in their inner circle.

How Is Pisces as a Parent?

Pisces parents are Ph.D.s in moody temperaments, and they tend to intuitively understand how to manage them (because they are often the moodiest people they know). That insight makes them particularly equipped to raise children through those difficult middle years. They will impose high standards, because Pisces can be perfectionists, but they will always have their kids’ backs—and their kids will know it too.

How Is Pisces as a Partner?

Pisces are devoted partners, and they tend to easily fall into caretaking roles. While they can be introverted and slow to warm up to large groups of people, they love staying up all night talking to their mates. As the sign of glamour, they can be infinitely alluring, even after decades of being together. Pisces are deep and complex, and to their partners, it may feel like they are always on the cusp of knowing them completely. It doesn’t matter that they’ll never get there, because the fun is in the trying.

What Are Pisces’ Hidden Traits?

The archetype of Pisces is dreamy and fluid, so it’s often shocking when they come at you with hard analysis. But don’t sleep on the sharpness of a Piscean mind; they are visionaries, remember, which means they see things no one else can. You may never see their feedback coming, but you’ll realize later it was spot-on.

Pisces at a Glance in 2023

As the last zodiac in the lineup, Pisces carries the highs and lows of the 11 preceding signs. “This unique trait makes them sympathetic powerhouses, capable of immense kindness and compassion,” Kirsten explains. “Pisces' natural compassion and empathy can be a source of strength and connection with others. They may find fulfilment in helping and supporting those in need or building deeper connections in their relationships.”

As a sign with a reputation for creativity, 2023 is the year for Pisces individuals to unleash their artistic side, whether it be through art, music, writing or other means of self-expression. Whatever the medium, Pisces will make it deep and meaningful. As pursuing art usually requires a leap of faith, Kirsten says that Pisces should lean into their intuition this year. “Trusting their gut feelings and inner guidance can lead to making important decisions and navigating challenges successfully.”

Because compassionate Pisces can be emotionally sensitive, Kirsten notes that this is the year they continue to address the issues of escapism and boundaries. “In 2023, it may be important for Pisces to continue working on emotional boundaries and self-care to maintain emotional balance.” That also means working on healthy coping mechanisms to deal with challenges and establishing clear boundaries, Kirsten says.

“Learning to say “no” when necessary and protecting personal space and time can be a challenge but is crucial for personal well-being.”



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