The 4 Most Codependent Zodiac Signs

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Codependency is defined as “a relationship dynamic where one person assumes the role of ‘the giver,’ sacrificing their own needs and well-being for the sake of the other, ‘the taker.’” And while we all struggle in striking a balance in all our relationships—romantic or otherwise—there are those among us who are just more prone to find themselves in codependent relationships. This proclivity may have something to do with the stars, so check out the four most co-dependent zodiac signs below.

 1. Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

Nurturing and caring, Cancer practically wrote the handbook on codependency. In romantic relationships and in friendships, there is nothing these water signs wouldn’t give just to keep their relationships afloat. Known as the Mother of the Zodiac, Cancers tend to be a bit clingy simply because they think—no, they know—they can fix any and every problem you have. Think of the crab signs as Joan, from Girlfriends. Need a place to crash? She’ll offer her house. Need clothes for an interview? She’ll give up the blazer on her back. Need a ride to the airport? She’ll cancel her first date in months to take you there. All because she’s afraid of being called an unsupportive, absentee friend.

 2. Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

Renowned for their indecisive nature, it’s very easy to for the twin signs to find themselves in codependent relationships with firm decision-makers—i.e., Capricorns or Tauruses. And though that seems like a balanced dynamic Geminis may end up appearing a bit desperate or inauthentic because they can’t make firm choices for themselves. They’ll want to talk through every single decision big or small simply because they can’t contain the chatter in their heads. Not only that, but because these air signs are vivacious and supremely sociable, they’ll want you to keep them company wherever they go—whether that’s to a wedding, the laundromat or even the bathroom, Geminis are just those signs who need to have someone around all the time and will monkey bar from one relationship to another to make sure they’re not alone.

3. Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

All Pisces has to do is sense that there’s an issue in the midst and they immediately go into over-compensation mode. These highly intuitive and empathetic water signs have a reputation of being loners, but this is exactly why they may have codependency tendencies. Pisces are not like Aries, Libras or Sagittarians. It’s very rare that you catch them heralding a crowd or outrightly seeking attention. For the most part, they prefer playing the back, which is why when they find people who allow them to let their guard down and freely express themselves, they’ll do anything to hang on to that relationship. Because Pisces are so picky about the company they keep, making it into their inner circle means they’ll work tooth and nail to keep you there. They’ll check in consistently, they’ll go to the party you want to go to even though they absolutely hate it, and they’ll enable whatever bad habit you have if that means you’ll stay around just a little bit longer.

 4. Libra (September 23 to October 21)

Symbolized by the scales, there simply isn’t any other sign that’s hellbent on keeping things on a steady slope quite like Libras. And if that means dimming a little bit of that fiery light these fire signs are so beloved for, then so be it. While it won’t last long, because Libras are in fact free spirits at heart and don’t like being in stifling environments, they don’t mind putting aside their needs if that means making you happy…in the moment. These people-pleasing signs will totally marathon Housewives with you, babysit your 5-year-old niece and come to a Sunday dinner or two with your family if that means temporarily keeping the peace.

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