The 4 Most Persuasive Zodiac Signs Who Can Coax You Into Anything

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When it comes to being persuasive, there are some among us who can charm their way through any scenario—whether that’s through flirting, keen observation or laying out convincing arguments. These influential superpowers may have something to do with the stars, so check out the four most persuasive zodiac signs below.

 1. Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

Top of the list are these naturally loquacious air signs who will get their way simply because they’ve badgered you into agreeing with them. Think of Geminis as that 5-year-old cousin who simply cannot take no for an answer. For every refusal they get, they come up with a thousand reasons for you to get onboard their agenda. Ultimately, they’ll wear you out with their persistence and before you know it, you’re all-in on whatever they want you to do. Sure, Geminis may be indecisive and a bit childish, but they’re also known to have two faces, so don’t let their playful nature fool you into thinking they’re dimwitted. It may just be a ruse to rope you into their little web of chaos.

2. Libra (September 23 to October 22)

If there is one zodiac sign that could sell ice in Iceland and make a killing, it would be the super-friendly, super-charming Libra. Not unlike their fellow air signs above, Libras know just what to say to get you to do their bidding no matter how much you try to resist. They’re symbolized by scales, which means they’re consistently trying to create balance and harmony within their circles. So even if you’re a relentless grudge holder (looking at you Scorpio and Pisces), a Libra will get you to soften up. You can catch these charmers successfully convincing squabbling friends to make amends or diffusing an argument before it even starts. They’re the ultimate peacemakers. In romantic relationships, Libras are the partners you simply cannot stay mad at—no matter how hard you try or how much they upset you. These Venus-ruled signs will channel all that sweet romance and woo you all over again.

 3. Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

Unlike Libras, who will flirt and hit you with the puppy dog eyes to get their way, highly analytical and practical Virgos are all about fact-based rationale. Apprehensive to ask for a pay raise at work? You can rely on these earth signs to push you to advocate for yourself by pulling out Glassdoor and LinkedIn statistics on how much people in your same field are making. Not sure whether or not to move? Don’t worry, your trusted Virgo friend has a pros and cons list on why the apartment three blocks from her is a good fit for you. Their aim is to make you see things objectively—and by objectively, we mean the way Virgos see things. Instead of guilt-tripping or flattering you, these earth signs understand that sometimes trying to appeal to your emotions is finicky business—and frankly, because they’re more intellectual creatures (due to being ruled by Mercury), appealing to emotions isn’t necessarily their strong suit, so serving up the cold hard facts is much more natural.

4. Scorpio (October 22 to November 21)

Occasionally sneaky and calculating, Scorpios have a way of convincing you that their sometimes diabolical plans are actually your idea. Or, at the very least, they’ll rope you in so that you’re equally invested. These water signs are keen observers who like to move in the shadows, so before they try to persuade you to do anything, they’ll first forge a connection. They would never show their cards outright because staying under the radar is their jam. But if, for example, they want you to do some digging on a friend’s new beau who’s rubbing them the wrong way, they’ll say coy statements like, “Does he seem a little too smooth to you?” or “We should see if he really does volunteer at the animal shelter every Saturday, don’t you think?” And just like that, you’re hooked. That’s a Scorpio for ya.

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