4 Zodiac Signs That Love Dating (& 2 That Want to Skip Straight to the Comfy Relationship Phase)

The air is getting crisp, the fuzzy sweaters are out of storage and that perfect cashmere lounge set is laid out for Netflix and chill. Cuffing season is here! This time of year—when everyone just can’t wait to get boo’d up—corresponds with the sun’s shift into Libra, the zodiac sign primarily associated with relationships. Libra is all about balance, compromise and connection. But to find that perfect Instagram BF for next month’s pumpkin picking trip, you first need to go on some dates. Does that truth make you gag, or does it send an excited chill down your spine? Here’s our take on the four zodiac signs who love the thrill of dating (as well as the two who’d take an arranged marriage over ever opening another app or bringing a wing woman to another bar).

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4 Signs That Love Dating

1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the ultimate flirt of the zodiac. Ruled by Jupiter, Sags want dates to be memorable, raucous and TBH, expensive. Sagittarians get off on being everyone’s Sugar Momma, and love to treat their dates to luxurious (and often ridiculous) meals. Their seventh house of relationships is Gemini, meaning they also love variety in their one-on-one connections. Sags are always on a quest until they find someone who’s worth dropping their anchor and staying put. That being said, they’re never too anxious about settling down so if you’re on a date with a Sag, keep your expectations at a good time, not a long time.

2. Gemini

Like their opposite sign Sagittarius, Geminis thrive when they’re making the rounds. With their innate intellect and charisma, they can charm anyone and never run out of gossip, opinions or theories to discuss. Even if their date can’t hold a conversation, Gemini will take the lead and keep everyone laughing late into the night. Gemini’s seventh house of relationships is Sagittarius, meaning they’re searching for one-on-one relationships which help them grow and expand their knowledge. Geminis are happy to spend time in many worlds until they find their ultimate adventure partner.

3. Libra

Libras often get stereotyped as having a crush on everyone. And though Libra’s high taste level needs to be taken into account before making such a reductive statement, the thing about stereotypes is that…they’re usually true. Though everyone thinks of Libras as balanced, they’re actually seeking balance, which means they’re in constant need of connection. This unfortunately means that when it comes to dating, Libras will go out with anyone. Any warm body will do. Like Geminis, Libras are also inherently witty and charming. So even though they might get flaky after a first date, experiences with them are never boring.

4. Aries

Aries are the first sign of the zodiac and often radiate big “I’m baby” energy. Aries’s joie de vivre gives them a leg up in the dating game because, more than any other sign, they have the patience and curiosity for it. Aries are deeply inquisitive. They’re not shy about asking questions and can disarm even the most introverted person enough to get their life story. Aries’s seventh house of relationships is Libra though, meaning that they are ultimately seeking a partner who balances their energy and calms them down.

2 Signs That Want to Skip Straight to the Comfy Relationship Phase

1. Taurus

Dating is not for Taurus, which is probably the most relationship-focused sign of the zodiac. These stubborn, loyal bulls fall fast and hard, often falling for people who don’t even deserve it. So eager are these lovable earth signs to get into a relationship that they’ll happily agree to exclusivity with someone who hasn’t yet proven their worth. Taurus’s seventh house of relationships is Scorpio, so in one-on-one connections, their top priority is intimacy, even if it comes at their own peril.

2. Cancer

Obviously sweet moonchild Cancer also makes the list as one of the signs who’d like to skip from the first date to the wedding vows. Cancers value comfort, consistency and familiarity above all else. This is why crabs tend to dig into the archives for love, rather than putting themselves out there with new people. Cancer’s seventh house of relationships is Capricorn, making their one-on-one partnerships all about stability, structure and commitment. Once you enter the crab’s shell, it’s hard to escape without a fight.



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