The 2 Zodiac Signs Who Are People Pleasers (& One Who’s Not Governed by Others’ Feelings)

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Do you often find yourself cancelling your plans just to placate friends? Do you brush your feelings to the side just to maintain peace and harmony? Are you the one friend everyone calls on for last minute favors because they know you’ll say yes? Well, you may be a people pleaser. While it’s great to want to make sure everyone around you is taken care of, it becomes a problem when you start putting other people’s needs before yours. Find out the two zodiac signs who are people pleasers below (because your penchant for appeasing may be written in the stars), plus one sign that’s decidedly not. 

The Two Signs That Are People Pleasers

 1. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The mother of the zodiac, Cancer practically wrote the handbook on people pleasing. There isn’t a measure Cancer won’t take to make sure everyone (and their dog, cat, iguana etc.) is taken care of. You can find these water signs walking around the party offering seconds to anyone who will take them, or topping up drinks even if no one’s asked. Cancers take their nurturing duties so seriously they’ll put their own needs to the side. Need a babysitter in the next hour? Your Cancer friend is there, no questions asked. Forgot to pick up the cake for your parents’ anniversary party? Don’t worry, Cancer will drop whatever they’re doing and come to your rescue. Cancers will do anything for their loved ones, often to their own detriment.

 2. Libra (September 23 – October 21) 

Happy-go-lucky Libra is not one for conflict, so they’ll set aside their own personal feelings to avoid stirring the pot. These air signs always look for a well-balanced, happy medium—their symbol is the scales after all—so if their personal agenda doesn’t match what the group wants, they’re more than happy to accommodate. Libras also have a proclivity for conflict resolution, so expect to see them constantly act as the middleman and make everyone feel validated during an argument. Libras love having a good time, especially when they know everyone around them is also having a blast. 

The One Sign That’s Not Governed by Others’ Feelings  

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

It’s not to say that Aquarians don’t care about the people around them, it’s just that these eccentrics often think so far out of the box, it takes a minute for everyone to catch up, and Aquarians don’t want to hold back on living their best lives just because no one quite understands them. While everyone is following the latest trends—which these stylish ladies can take on just as well—you can find these innovative air signs putting a small twist to make their choices that much more unique. Expect Aquarians to parent a sphynx cat, find joy in going on a ghost/vampire tour or simply dance in the streets without a care in the world. Their idiosyncrasies may catch you off guard at first, but their certainty makes their quirks seem right as rain. These water bearers of the zodiac are also about flowing and not forcing, so if their ideas don’t gel with the rest of the squad, they’re more than happy to go their own way and do their thing solo.

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