62 Summer Date Ideas That Are Anything but Boring, from Stargazing to Oyster Shucking

Snow is great and foliage is swell, but everyone knows that summer is the best time of year. The days are longer, layers of clothing have dwindled down to tank tops and flip flops and there are so many tasty summer beverages just waiting to cool you down. And when it comes to you and your one-and-only, summertime means a plethora of options for having fun together. Check out these 62 ideas for summer dates that’ll keep the spark alive and your bond strong.

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1. Plan a Picnic Dinner

Now you finally have an excuse to break out the picnic basket. Not sure what to make? We’ve got you covered with 40 picnic side dishes that are easy and portable. If it rains, take the fun indoors—there’s something equally nice about throwing a blanket on the floor and mixing things up from your usual setting.

summer dates beach

2. Spend a Beach (or Resort) Day Together

Go ahead: Fake a mini honeymoon. Just don’t forget to bring the sunscreen, snag a cozy beach chair and lounge in your favorite swimsuit. (Psst: If you’re not near a beach—or not one for sand and seaweed—you could also book a day pass at a nearby resort to enjoy its pool and amenities using Resortpass.)

summer dates wine tasting
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3. Take a Wine Tasting Class

Nothing like a nice assortment of wines and fine cheeses to get a pair of lovers giggling and feeling good. You can head over to your nearest winery or vineyard or make it an at-home date by getting it delivered to your door.

summer dates play hooky
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4. Play Hooky

We’re all about a summer staycation on a Tuesday. Order some food, relax in your backyard and just enjoy being in each other’s company.

summer date night idea 8

5. Take a Road Trip

Windows down, tunes up. Rent a beach house for the week, relax and unwind at an all-inclusive resort or channel your inner cowgirl at a dude ranch.

summer dates backyard
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6. Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Grab a bottle of wine, hang all the twinkly lights (bonus points if they’re mosquito repellent, which yes, is now a thing) and lounge in your backyard for the night.

summer dates fishing
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7. Try Fishing

We know, this is a bit rustic, but a day spent on the water makes for a great bonding experience. If you’re lucky, you’ll be making a nice branzino for dinner.

summer date night idea 17

8. Cook a Faaahncy Dinner Together

From pasta pomodoro with chicken and goat cheese to pan-roasted trout with walnut green sauce, these dinners for two will hit the spot. Set a fancy table alfresco and remember that there’s no such thing as too many candles.

summer dates oyster shucking
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9. Take an Oyster-Shucking Class

You can search for one near you or even take a virtual class, where Maine oysters, gloves and a shucking knife are sent to your door.

summer dates dancing
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10. Go Dancing

At a nearby class, bar or right in your living room. Get all dressed up and cue up some of your favorite love tunes.

summer dates park

11. Spend an Afternoon at the Park

Lounge, read, set up a picnic and spend the day just reconnecting and maybe even having some serious talks about the relationship.

summer dates sunset watch
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12. Wake Up Early and Watch the Sunrise

Romantic, nostalgic and a perfect way to make sure you and your boo are centered before the chaos of the day ensues.

summer dates movie theater
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13. Go to a Matinee Movie

Ahhh, nothing like the sweet relief of central air conditioning and a thrilling summer blockbuster to pass the time. Here’s a look at some of our top flicks to see in 2023.

summer dates icecream

14. Go Out for Ice Cream

Share a cone, gaze into each other’s eyes and stroll hand in hand like teenagers.

summer dates fireworks
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15. Catch Some Fireworks

Between summer holidays and local events, there’s bound to be some in your area. Here are the best places to check out fireworks in every state.

summer dates outdoor workout
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16. Try a Workout Class

Couples’ cardio is, indeed, a thing. Nothing like a nice sweat sesh to get the blood flowing.

summer dates berry picking
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17. Pick Fruit—Then Whip Up Dessert Together

Psst: Blueberries and strawberries are in their prime during the warmer weather days. (We’ve got recipe ideas for both, BTW: here you go, strawberry lovers. Blueberry fans, this list’s for you.)

summer dates sangria
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18. Make Sangria

(With those aforementioned berries.) Here are 25 recipes that are as boozy as they are muy delicioso.

summer dates scenic drive
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19. Take a Scenic Drive

Nothing like two lovers going down a winding road and reminiscing about their best memories. Cue up that summer playlist, roll down the windows and sing your hearts out.

summer dates surfing

20. Take a Surfing Lesson

Still hot. Even if you wipe out.

summer dates happy hour
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21. Pick a Happy Hour Spot with a View

Date night hits differently when it comes after a long workday. Pick a nice rooftop bar, get the drinks flowing and completely unwind with your person.

summer dates bowling
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22. Go Bowling

Save this one for an extra scorching day and remember to keep the Lysol and sanitizer wipes on deck.

summer date night idea 13

23. Have a Culture Date

A trip to the museum is a summer staple.

summer dates drive in movie

24. Go to a Drive-in Movie

Paging 1955. Here are the best drive-in movie theaters in the country. (Oh, and for NYC dwellers, movies in the park are back in full swing, baby!)

summer dates fair

25. Attend a State Fair

Yeah, funnel cake is mandatory and so are turkey legs, fried Oreos and caramel apples.

summer dates volunteering
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26. Volunteer Together

There’s nothing better than a feel-good activity to bring you and your person closer together whilst helping out the community. You can do something small, like picking up the trash in your neighborhood or dedicate the day to spend some QT with animals at a shelter.

summer dates popsicles
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27. Test Out a Summer Recipe

Boozy popsicles? Right this way. We’re talking watermelon margarita poptails, bloody Mary popsicles and piña colada ice pops.

summer dates pool day

28. Plan a Pool Day

No pool nearby? No problem. Bring the fun to you with this inflatable pool that's perfect for the whole family. You can even treat yourself to an ice-cold summer cocktail.

summer dates bonfire
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29. Make a Bonfire

Nothing says I love you quite like coming home with s’mores fixings.

summer dates biking

30. Take a Long Bike Ride

No real destination needed. It’s all about the ride. You can bike a trail or simply ride around your neighborhood or city.

summer dates amusement park
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31. Visit an Amusement Park

Do it for the cotton candy and the bumper cars. You can even get the kiddos in on this one, but really, you’re never too old for some amusement park thrills.

summer dates swimming hole
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32. Find a Local Swimming Hole

The harder to find, the better. Here are seven near NYC to inspire you.

summer dates game

33. Go to a Night Game

Many big stadiums and arenas are fully operational this summer so why not take bae out for an action-packed evening? How about those Yankees or Dodgers or...Texas Rangers?

summer dates botanical gardens
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34. Visit Your Local Botanical Garden

Flowers are always a good idea.

summer dates camping

35. Plan an Overnight Camping Trip

Nature, the best place to unplug and reconnect. Here’s what to bring, here’s where to go and here’s what to cook.

summer dates stargazing
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36. Stargaze

You can never go wrong with a date night that’s seemingly written by Nicholas Sparks himself. You can plan for a night trip or head to one of these famed places to go stargazing in the U.S.

summer date night idea 14

37. Charter a Sailboat

If a special occasion (cough, proposal) calls for it.

summer dates flea market
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38. Go to a Flea Market

It’s time to refresh your love nest. Fingers crossed you finally spot that floor length, vintage mirror you’ve been hunting for some time now.

summer dates hike

39. Take a Hike

Nothin’ like physical activity to get those endorphins up. And please, make sure you’re wearing the appropriate gear. Our guide on what to wear hiking here.

summer dates couples massage
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40. Splurge on a Spa Day

Fluffy towels, cucumber water and couples’ massages. Sounds like a date in heaven if you ask us.

summer dates brewery

41. Go Brewery Hopping

Day drinking is classy if you call it a “tasting.”

summer dates outdoor concert
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42. Attend an Outdoor Concert

Riri may not be giving us new music just yet, but plenty of stars (like Taylor Swift!) are back on the road. If you’re not up for the big crowds, you can always check outa low-key local performance.

summer dates farmers market
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43. Stroll a Farmer’s Market

Because fresh fruit is the best fruit and nothing beats the taste of a freshly picked mango or peach. Are we right?

summer date night idea 10

44. Have a BBQ for Two

Nothing like some lightly charred meats to wind down the day. Here are 77 BBQ sides to accompany those yummy ribs.

summer dates minigolf
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45. Go Mini Golfing

Pastel polos optional. Make sure you play for (fun) keeps—loser pays for the next five dates or does the dishes for the month…you get the drill.

summer dates sunset

46. Take a Sunset Stroll

Take a little road trip to the nearest beach town and bask in the amber glory.

summer dates kayaking
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47. Rent Kayaks

Or canoes and explore a local waterway.

summer dates zoo
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48. Visit the Zoo

One is never too old to take pictures of cute baby animals and you can bring your little ones along.

summer dates boil

49. Make a Seafood Boil

Invite your besties over, too. Here’s an easy recipe you can follow.

summer dates ideas cat
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50. Go Skinny-Dipping

The real reason for the season. Scout for a local swimming hole that you and your person can sneak off to.

summer dates rock climbing1
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51. Go Rock Climbing

An easy way for you and your beau to get a full-body workout in. And perhaps an excuse to score some new workout sets. Can’t go rock climbing in your regular gym leggings now, can you?

summer dates karaoke
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52. Host a Karaoke Night

Just for the two of you or for your nearest and dearest. (Feeling shy? Check out our roundup of easy karaoke songs.)

summer dates cooking class
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53. Take a Cooking Class

Stretch those culinary muscles and create a meal you’ve never made before. Here are some of our favorite online cooking classes to get you started. Learning how to make a red wine poached egg with asparagus and mushrooms from the Gordon Ramsay doesn’t sound too shabby, huh?

summer dates baking
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54. Try Baking

A couple that indulges their sweet teeth together, stays together. You can’t go wrong with one (or more) of these fun things to bake. We highly recommend those homemade Milano cookies.

summer dates water balloon
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55. Have a Water Balloon Fight

Make this a family activity by incorporating the kids.

summer dates movie marathon
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56. Plan a Movie Marathon

Streaming services have a slew of summer movies available to watch right now. Take your pick and reminisce about the good ole days. From heart-tugging romantic dramas such as The Notebook to laugh-out-loud comedies such as Dazed and Confused there are almost too many to choose from.

summer dates virtual paint
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57. Take a Virtual Painting Class

Put that long-running argument of who’s the better artist to rest with an in-person or virtual painting class. You can search for a local Sip and Paint or cue up one of Masterclass’s slew of videos on various types of the art form.

summer dates game night
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58. Plan a Game Night

From “Cards Against Humanity” to “Watch Ya Mouth,” there are plenty of party games that you and your betrothed can play by yourselves or with your pals.

summer dates double date
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59. Host a Double Date Dinner

Of course, you love your person, but sometimes you just need the company of other people. Delight your company with one of these ultra-delish easy summer dinner recipes. (And here are some alternatives if you’re gunning for clean and healthy options­­.)

summer dates nursery
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60. Take a Trip to the Nursery

Enjoy endless blooms at your local nursery and maybe walk away with a few for your home. Pick out some seasonal perennials such as peonies, yarrows or mums which revel in the summer heat.

61. Go Roller Skating

If you both own rollerblades, dust ‘em off and head to the boardwalk; otherwise, rent a pair and spend a few hours at an (air conditioned) indoor roller rink. Either way, a roller-skating date is sure to be a ton of fun, and hand-holding is practically guaranteed.

62. Go to an Arcade

Gaming is always a good time, but it’s a lot more romantic when you get off the couch and enjoy the friendly competition at an arcade—namely because the atmosphere is far livelier than your living room and charmingly nostalgic, too. (Dave and Buster’s, anyone?)

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