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Snow is great and foliage is swell—but everyone knows that summer is the best time of year. (Hands down. No questions asked.) Here, 50 festive ways to celebrate “the happy season” with your honey.

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summer date night idea 12

Have a picnic dinner. Now you finally have an excuse to break out the picnic basket.
Go to a matinee movie. Ahhh, the sweet relief of central air-conditioning.

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summer date nigh idea 4

Spend a beach day together. Go ahead: Fake a mini honeymoon.
Take a wine tasting class. Bonus points for one that also involves a vineyard tour.
Play hookie. We’re all about a summer staycation on a Tuesday.

summer date night idea 8

Take a road trip. Windows down, tunes up.
Spruce up your outdoor space. Grab a bottle of wine and hang all the twinkly lights.
Try fishing. We know, this is a bit rustic, but a day spent on the water makes for a great bonding experience.

summer date night idea 17

Cook a nice dinner together. And set a fancy table alfresco. And remember: There’s no such thing as too many candles.
Take an oyster shucking class. Or at least eat some.
Go dancing. Get all dressed up and hit the town.

summer date night idea 7

Spend an afternoon at a park. Lounge, read, cuddle each other the dog.
Wake up early and watch the sunrise. Romantic and nostalgic.

summer date night idea 9

Go out for ice cream. And stroll hand in hand like teenagers.
Catch some fireworks. Between summer holidays and local events, there’s bound to be some in your area.
Try an outdoor workout class. Couples cardio is, indeed, a thing.

summer date night idea 15

Go fruit picking. Psst: Blueberries and strawberries are in their prime.
Make sangria. (With those aforementioned berries.)
See Shakespeare in the Park. FYI, a ton of theaters across the country have adopted this summer favorite—hit up Google to discover some local productions.

summer date night idea 16

Take a surfing lesson. Still hot. Even if you wipe out.
Pick a happy hour spot with a view. Who says date night can’t be right after work?
Go bowling. Save this one for an extra scorching day.

summer date night idea 13

Have a culture date. Sunny summer days = less crowds at the museums.
Go to a drive-in movie. Paging 1955.

summer date night idea 5

Attend a state fair. Yeah, funnel cake is mandatory.
Volunteer together. There’s nothing better than a feel-good activity.
Test out a summer recipe. Boozy popsicles? Right this way.

summer date night idea 11

Plan a pool day. Splurge on day passes (or sweet talk your Aunt Mildred.)
Make a bonfire. Nothing says I love you quite like coming home with s’mores fixings.

summer date nigh idea 2w

Take a long bike ride. No real destination needed. It’s all about the ride.
Visit an amusement park. Do it for the cotton candy.
Find a local swimming hole. The harder to find, the better.

summer date night idea 18

Go to a night game. Sports fan or not, you can’t beat a hot dog and beer.
Visit your local botanical garden. Flowers are always a good idea.

man camping lake

Plan an overnight camping trip. Nature, the best place to unplug and reconnect.
Stargaze. Props if you bring along a telescope.

summer date night idea 14

Charter a sailboat. If a special occasion (cough, proposal) calls for it.
Go flea-marketing. It’s time to refresh your love nest.

woman hiking coast

Take a hike. Nothin’ like physical activity to get those endorphins up.
Splurge on a spa day. Fluffy towels, cucumber water and couples’ massages.

summer date nigh idea 3

Go brewery hopping. Day drinking is classy if you call it a “tasting.”
Attend an outdoor concert. There’s no shortage of these during the summer months.
Stroll a farmer’s market. Sample all the things. Twice.

summer date night idea 10

Have a BBQ for two. Dinner dates at home, FTW.
Go mini golfing. Pastel polos, optional.

summer date nigh idea 1

Take a sunset stroll. And then post about it on Instagram.
Rent kayaks. Or canoes and explore a local waterway.
Visit the zoo. One is never too old to take pictures of cute baby animals.

summer date night idea 6

Make a seafood boil. Invite your besties over, too.
Go skinny-dipping. The real reason for the season.

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