12 Flowers That Mean Love (& No, We’re Not Just Talking About Roses)

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Flowers are a quick and sure way to brighten a loved one’s day. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, wedding or just because, a big bouquet of colorful blooms will have them instantly enamored. Below, 12 flowers that mean love, that you can plant or buy when you want to take a break from the standard rose bouquet.

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flowers that mean love lilac

1. lilac

If you want to get your bae a set of flowers that reminds them of those honeymoon years when your love was budding and there was nothing but fireworks between you two, get them a bouquet of lilacs. With varieties that come in as early as February, these early bloomers not only represent spring and renewal, but they also represent those first emotions of love.

flowers that mean love sunflower
Stefanie Grewell/Getty Images

2. sunflower

Happiness, longevity, loyalty and adoration are some key pillars that keep any relationship—romantic or otherwise—super strong. And if you want people to know that your home is full of those priceless qualities, a nice vase of sunflowers will represent just that. Plus, that sunny yellow just exhibits unbeatable joy.

flowers that mean love primrose
Ali Majdfar/Getty Images

3. primrose

If Noah Calhoun were to send some flowers to his beloved Ally Hamilton in The Notebook, we bet he’d send an assortment of primroses. These fiery blooms symbolize that kind of undying, all-consuming love that tells your lover you simply can’t live without them. And honestly, who wouldn’t want that?

flowers that mean love camellia
Le Bich/Getty Images

4. camellia

Sweet and fragrant camellias are all about love, affection and admiration. And with over 100 species of this flower, there are so many variations to buy for any and every relationship in your life.

flowers that mean love peony
Almaje/Getty Images

5. peony

Most traditional wedding vows consist of the line, “for richer, for poorer,” and if you want to bring the spirit of good fortune and wealth—so you stay on the richer side of those vows—add some peonies to your wedding-day bouquet. These vivacious blooms represent prosperity, riches, as well as a happy marriage, honor and compassion.

flowers that mean love camellia
Johner Images/Getty Images

6. carnation

For those on the hunt for some apropos blooms to give to their moms, carnations are a great choice. Native to the Mediterranean, these flowers represent devout love, distinction, protection, healing and strength—all things we think of when we think of Mom.

flowers that mean love orchid
Natalie Board / EyeEm/Getty Images

7. orchid

You’ll be happy to know that one of the most popular ornamental plants out there also brings the love and romance vibes. In addition to making your dining table more vibrant, orchids also stand for love, luxury, beauty and strength.

flowers that mean love forget me not
Helin Loik-Tomson/Getty Images

8. forget-me-not

As their name literally suggests, forget-me-nots are the flower to give to someone you hope will keep you in their heart always. Symbolizing true love, respect and fidelity these tiny flowers are also a good option to place on a loved one’s grave.

flowers that mean love bleeding heart
Marcel ter Bekke/Getty Images

9. bleeding Heart

An emblem for unrequited love or a broken heart, buy these flowers in honor of your middle school crush who moved to another state right before the spring dance, and you never heard from again. Or, let the past go and buy them whenever you think of a prospective suitor, since bleeding hearts also symbolize passionate love and romance.

flowers that mean love tulip
Nevena Zlateva/Getty Images

10. tulip

Brighten up someone’s day with these stunning flowers that come in a variety of pastels—from white and cream to yellow, red, pink, purple, violet, orange, salmon and green, just to name a few. Representing perfect, undying and unconditional love, consider getting these for that one lifelong bestie or your darling sibling who’s had your back your whole life.

flowers that mean love jasmine
Carlina Teteris/Getty Images

11. jasmine

Dainty and understated, jasmines tend to beautify their surroundings without being over-the-top. It’s no wonder they’re linked to not just love, but also beauty, sensuality and purity.

flowers that mean love babys breath
JovanaT/Getty Images

12. baby’s Breath

If we were betting people, we’d happily bet that at least three out of the five brides you know had baby’s breath flowers in their wedding bouquet. Why? Because this wildly popular flower is known to epitomize everlasting love. That snow-white hue also stands for innocence, which makes this flower a good choice for baby showers as well.

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