26 Easy Houseplants That Are Almost Impossible to Kill

Ah... it’s the end of a long day, and you want nothing more than to plop on your couch and zone out. Before deep-diving into the latest season of You (or whatever you’re bingeing these days), you look around and notice something’s keeping you from being able to truly unwind. Maybe it’s time to breathe new life into the space—literally. Interior designers everywhere rely on houseplants to instantly transform any area into a chic, Zen-like space. So how can you incorporate this decor tip if it seems like you’ve been cursed with the plant-killing tendencies of the world’s worst black thumb? We’ve rounded up 26 easy houseplants that are not only eye-catching but also nearly impossible to kill.

The 17 Best Indoor Hanging Plants to Elevate Your Space

easy houseplants chinese evergreen
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Best Houseplants If You Water Too Often

You understand the concept of watering your flora, but perhaps you tend to overdo it. Fret not, these plants can handle a little extra H2O.

1. Chinese Evergreen

With leaves in varying colors such as mint green, light pink and even a fiery red, you’ll be sure to find a fit that’s right for you.

easy houseplants guiana chestnut
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2. Guiana Chestnut

Also known as the money tree, the Guiana chestnut’s branches can be braided while the plant is young, making for a perfect statement piece.

easy houseplants peace lily
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3. Peace Lily:

Beautiful and functional, the peace lily also serves as a natural air purifier.

easy houseplant yucca
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Best Houseplants If You Can’t Keep Up With Watering

You love the look and feel of greenery everywhere but always fall behind on the watering schedule. Never fear, we’ve got you: These low-maintenance plants can go several weeks without the need to be rewatered, so there’s less panic when you realize you’ve given them a season of drought.

4. Yucca Plant:

If your space is in need of a little tropical influence, look no further than the yucca plant.

easy houseplants begonia
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5. Begonia

This flowering plant might remind you of the sweet springtime, but you’ll love it most in the winter, when it requires even less watering than normal.

easy houseplants pothos
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6. Devil's Ivy/pothos

Raved by many as the easiest houseplant for beginners, consider the pothos your gateway to finally becoming a plant lady (or man).

easy houseplants ficus
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7. Ficus

As if you needed yet another reason to buy a hanging plant, the ficus requires watering only when its soil is noticeably dry.

easy houseplants dragon tree
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Best Houseplants If You Have Little To No Natural Light

Whether your apartment doesn’t get much sunlight (ahem, every abode in NYC), you want to freshen up a dull corner or you’re in search of some low-key office decor, these plants will survive in the darkest of settings.

8. Dragon Tree

Pet owners beware—This exotic-looking houseplant (like some others) is toxic to dogs and cats.

easy houseplants peperomia
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9. Peperomia

Perfect for the office, the peperomia houseplant flourishes under fluorescent lights.

easy houseplants crown of thorns
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10. Crown Of Thorns

It doesn’t get its name for nothing. The crown of thorns is known for its prickly and sticky vines, but those colorful blooms are so worth it.

easy houseplants bromeliad
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Best Houseplants If You Have Tons Of Windows

Yes, some plants thrive on nothing more than a little sunlight. The options below thrive in indirect lighting and not much else, which—lucky for you—you have in abundance.

11. Bromeliad

Consider the Bromeliad the gift that keeps on giving! Keep this houseplant thriving and reap the benefits of its sprouts by repotting them time after time.

easy houseplants shamrock
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12. Shamrock Plant

Keep this shamrock plant within indirect light and be ready to receive fresh blooms (and lucky days) ahead.

easy houseplants asparagus fern
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13. Asparagus Fern

If you tend to change your room setup often, opt for the asparagus fern, as it tends to thrive in both low and very bright light settings.

easy houseplants aloe
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Best Houseplants If Your Ac Makes The Air Really Dry

Flashback to science class when photosynthesis was the coolest word you knew. These plants act as natural air purifiers by replacing toxins in the air with the good stuff you actually want to be breathing.

14. Aloe

It’s air purifying and it soothes burns (like when you accidentally scorch yourself making pasta pie). What more could you ask for?

easy houseplants kimberly queen fern
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15. Kimberly Queen Fern

Electric air purifiers are no match for the Kimberly Queen fern.

easy houseplants red edge dracaena
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16. Red-edged Dracaena

Also known as the dragon tree, the red-edged dracaena is a natural air purifier that grows in little to lots of light.

easy houseplanta spider plant
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17. Spider Plant

A weekly watering schedule is all it takes to keep a spider plant alive and well. Bonus: It can be replanted and given as a gift!

easy houseplants english ivy
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Best Houseplants If You Like Your Home On The Cooler Side

If you’ve always scoffed at the fact that 72°F is considered room temperature, consider these plants your optimal roommate.

18. English Ivy

Hang this one near a windowsill and let it enjoy a cool draft.

easy houseplants rubber tree
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19. Rubber Tree/rubber Plant

Its high-shine leaves will make your houseguests wonder if this plant is even real.

easy houseplants kalanchoe
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20. Kalanchoe

A succulent at heart, this plant can tolerate dry climates and cool temps.

easy houseplant money plant
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21. Chinese Money Plant

Often thought of as a botanical hand-me-down, the best way to acquire one of these plants is probably from a friend, as they’re not easily found in plant nurseries.

easy houseplants snakeplant
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Best Houseplants If You Just Can’t Take Care Of A Living Thing:

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re thinking, Yep, all of the above, there is still hope in the form of a live plant just for you! These vines are capable of surviving anything from infrequent watering to no sunlight—and one of our picks doesn’t even need soil! Talk about indestructible.

22. Snake Plant:

Known to many as the mother-in-law’s tongue, this cutie can go more than a month without water and survive a wide range of temperatures and lighting conditions.

easy houseplants cast iron plant
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23. Cast-iron Plant

Also known as the ballroom plant, it’s capable of surviving low light, poor-quality soil, spotty watering and a wide range of temperatures.

easy houseplants zanzibar
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24. Zz Plant:

If you want to add a tropical vibe to your home, you need a ZZ plant, or Zanzibar gem. It’s capable of tolerating drought, low light and really low humidity.

easy houseplants sweeheart plant
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25. Heartleaf Philodendron:

More commonly referred to as the sweetheart plant, this not-so-little guy does well in various lighting situations (low or high, but prefers indirect), prefers infrequent watering and does well with varying room temperatures. Basically, it’s the most laid-back roommate you’ll ever have.

easy houseplants air plant
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26. Air Plant:

This miracle plant doesn’t even require watering or soil. Simply soak it in water for 15 to 30 minutes once a week and voilà! It’s thriving, and so is your green thumb.