8 Floor Mirrors That Will Make Getting Dressed in the Morning a Breeze

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Mirror, mirror, on the floor, which one will match my home décor? Whether you’re looking for a tall reflective surface you can see your whole outfit in or simply want to zhuzh up your living room, floor mirrors are a fantastic alternative to traditional wall-propped mirrors. Not only do you get to move them around freely to admire your beautiful self in your entirety, due to their light-reflecting properties, floor mirrors also have the capacity to make your room appear much larger than it is. The best ones feature high-quality glass and framing as well as a functional design, and some even have added benefits, such as built-in lighting or clothing hooks.

What Makes a Floor Mirror High-Quality?

Aside from your personal preferences, there are two main factors to consider when buying a floor mirror: the quality of the glass and the frame material. You’ll want to look for a mirror that’s on the thicker side, since it’ll be less prone to shattering or distorting the image due to malleability. A mirror’s reflective effect is created by placing metallic coatings, like silver or aluminium, behind the glass in a process called “silvering,” and the thicker the metals are behind the glass, the better the quality of your mirror will be. They typically come in sizes that range from an eighth-of-an-inch to a quarter-of-an-inch (or six millimeters) for home use, so definitely stick closer to the latter if you’re looking for something more durable.

You’ll also come across numerous frame materials in your search, each of which has different benefits and properties. A few of the most common types are listed below.

  • Aluminum alloy: A light option that’s easy to move around, this material is popular for its high strength-to-weight ratio. It’s also corrosion-resistant.
  • Wood: Wood not only offers rustic charm but can be a more sustainable option than those constructed with man-made synthetic materials. Additionally, it’s rot- and decay-resistant, and its strength can help reduce the effects of any malleability in the glass itself.
  • Rubber: These frames can provide adequate friction to prevent any slipping and sliding, so that your precious mirror stays put and protected. Rubber is also a gentle enough material that it will prevent any scratches to your floor. The material is easy to clean, too, making it a great low-maintenance option for high-traffic areas of your home.

Where to Buy Floor Mirrors

You’ll find floor mirrors at a number of home goods and department stores, including but not limited to: Amazon, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, West Elm and Anthropologie.

Yes, This $10,000 Mirror Is Stalking You—and Here's Why

best floor mirrors mercury row

1. Mercury Row Martinsen Floor Mirror

Best full-length floor mirror

This large full-length mirror comes in nine different finishes that range from sand gray to sapphire to seamlessly fit into any home décor scheme.

WHAT WE LIKE: With a frame that’s made of rust-resistant aluminum alloy and shatter-proof glass, this piece is bound to last for years to come. While it’s sturdy enough at 22 pounds to lean directly against the wall, it also includes a kickstand at the back for added stability. In addition, you have the option of hanging it to the wall via the included wall-mount hooks should you ever need to clear up floor space.

best floor mirrors anthropologie primrose mirror

2. Anthropologie Primrose Mirror

Best vintage-inspired floor mirror

A statement piece through and through, the Primrose is almost always sold out despite its high price tag for a good reason—it’s gorgeous.

WHAT WE LIKE: We’re in love with everything about its opulent aesthetic, which practically screams “roaring twenties,” from the grand jeweled adornments to the functional versatility it allows for standing or hanging thanks to its flat bottom and included D-ring.

Most Sturdy Mirror

3. NeuType Arched Mirror


This one can be leaned against the wall or stood up on its included stand as needed. Made with shatter-proof glass and a rust-resistant frame, it's nice and sturdy to last for a good long while, too.

best floor mirrors pexfix1
Home Depot

4 . Pexfix Gold Floor Mirror

Best arched floor mirror

This aesthetically pleasing floor mirror comes in two different sizes so that you can more easily fit it into the layout of your home.

WHAT WE LIKE: Featuring clean lines and a rounded, arched frame that borrows from a Japandi-minimalist aesthetic, it's built with 5 millimeter-thick glass that will make any room in your home look Instagram-worthy. You can show it off in three different ways: leaning, hanging or standing up via the included U-shaped bracket. It comes in four luxurious finishes, including Burlywood (a soft beige) and an eye-catching gold.

best floor mirrors babble

5. Brayden Studio Babble Floor Mirror

Best floor mirror with lights

Bright LED lights line the perimeter of this floor mirror, making it ideal for primping and prepping for day or night—especially in low natural sunlight.

WHAT WE LIKE: LED lights are considerably more energy-efficient than halogen lighting, so this pick, which features a smart LED light around the edges, may help reduce your electric bill. Thanks to its human body sensor, it will only stay illuminated when you’re standing within 35 inches from it. Using the switch button, you can toggle between three light settings (white, natural or warm) depending on your mood. It’s also lined with durable, anti-corrosive aluminum alloy.

best floor mirrors openuye

6. Openuye Floor Mirror

Best decorative floor mirror

Framed in mirrored glass, this Openuye design will add an extra glam factor to the room.

WHAT WE LIKE: At 70 by 30 inches, this floor mirror will help to adequately jazz up large rooms with high ceilings. It’s coated with an anti-rust treatment to maximize its lifespan, and features explosion-proof glass that won’t spill onto the floor if cracked. At only 52 pounds (which is considerably light for its size and all-glass construction), it’s also fairly easy to move from wall to wall, facilitating quick décor updates around the house.

best floor mirrors naomi home

7. Naomi Home Mosaic Floor Mirror

Best leaning floor mirror

Each of the five available frame colors seen here feature an eye-catching mosaic that’s composed of metallic geometric tiles.

WHAT WE LIKE: At 220 pounds, you can be certain this beauty won’t be budging from its spot against the wall anytime soon—and that’s a good thing, because it would be a shame for all of those ornate mosaics to come crashing down. Even if they did, you could rest easy knowing the mirror itself is made of shatterproof glass, making it a safer option if you’ve got pets or little ones buzzing around. The back is covered with craft paper to prevent dust accumulation, and it measures a generous 65.5 by 31.5 inches, making it both a functional mirror and an art piece.

best floor mirrors raamzo

8. Raamzo Floor Mirror

Best standing floor mirror

The classic espresso veneer of this showstopper lends an air of elegance and mystery to any room.

WHAT WE LIKE: Standing on two sturdy wooden legs, this floor mirror can be easily tilted forward or backward without running the risk of nicking the paint on the wall. Because it’s made from smaller broken down wood particles, it will be free of grains that can make the mirror frame appear uneven or feel jagged to the touch (read: no splinters here!). The manufactured wood further creates a sleek finish.

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