The Most Instagram-Worthy Mirror of 2021 Has Sparked 3 Different Design Trends

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OK people, we’ve seen it everywhere: the Anthropologie Primrose Floor Mirror. It’s elegant, it’s glamorous and it’s the. Perfect. Statement. Piece. Indeed, the Primrose is the *ultimate* selfie mirror, and it’s become decor-catnip to influencers all over Instagram and TikTok (the hashtag #anthropologiemirror has more than 7.4 million views alone!). It's sparked three separate sub-trends in mirrors that we'll dig into in a sec, but first, we need to break down the hype surrounding the O.G.

This contemporary, Parisian-meets-Gatsby mirror features more than just a vintage-inspired design. First and foremost, the piece screams Art Deco, where its patina-bronzed finish and 7-foot grandiosity personifies the jubilant essence of the roaring twenties. But when you look closer, there’s actually more than one (or two) eras at play here. The frame’s jeweled embellishments represent the maximalism and elegance of the Baroque period, and its sleek, arched shape skews more modern and minimalistic. So what happens when you bring all of these elements together? You get a highly coveted staple piece that’s almost always on backorder.

The Primrose's versatility is what makes it so appealing; it can work with a range of aesthetics. So, which style will you lean into? We've identified three breakout looks that seem to stem from the Primrose. If Anthro's mirror isn't quite for you—or you're looking for other mirrors to complement its look in your home—try leaning into one of these sub-trends.

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1. Art Deco Mirrors

As we mentioned before, the Art Deco movement was all about prosperity and happiness. It arrived after the hardships and struggles of World War I and the Spanish Flu, where people were looking to celebrate the simple comforts of everyday life. Plus, this period was monumental for women as they started to gain more autonomy in their finances, sexuality and personal style (not to mention winning the right to vote). Now, 100 years later, we find ourselves emerging from another boundary-defying period of history, and as a result, there’s a collective urge to celebrate the things we took for granted in 2019.

Enter: Art Deco mirrors. They’ve been around for years, and now they’re popping up all over our feeds. Characterized by glitz, glam, color and texture, these mirrors carry “uniqueness” at the center of each design. However, things have changed a bit since 1920, and the Art Deco mirrors of today can be harder to spot. If you want to bring this look home, go for mirrors with dramatic and geometric shapes, beveled edges and shiny metallic finishes.

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2. Contemporary Arched Mirrors

On the other side of the post-pandemic coin is Japandi-minimalism, the aesthetic that “teaches us to find beauty in imperfection, form deep connections to earth/nature, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life,” according to Shanty Wijaya of Allprace Properties. While it may not include the ‘20s over-the-top celebrations of life (we’re looking at you, Gatsby), there’s a common theme when it comes to what we want to see when we look in the mirror: joy.

For every statement mirror we covet, there’s always a chic minimalist alternative that makes us rethink our entire aesthetic. Sure enough, the Japandi trend is still going hard (and we don’t see that changing anytime soon). And this time, we’re seeing the modern simplicity of the aesthetic manifest in the form of arched mirrors with rounded top edges. Try leaning one of these arched, oversized beauties in your bedroom to make a modern statement, or hang one with a black border on your fireplace mantle for a sleek, contemporary accent.

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3. Mini Baroque Mirrors

If you haven’t already noticed, escapist decor is trending (because that’s what happens when you lock people up with their families), and the Baroque Period was born in Italy after the world was introduced to artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael during the Renaissance period. As Italians immigrated to America, they brought their style, music, art and culture to the states, which eventually made its way into our homes (and we don’t even want to think about an America without pizza). Now, we see baroque motifs re-emerging in design and decor as a nod to the global artistry and culture we missed during COVID-19.

For many, the main draw to the Primrose mirror is the elaborate embellishments carved into the mirror’s frame. The design basically oozes sophistication, and its gilded finish gives it a modern-classic look that makes us want to get on the next plane to Paris. That said, luxury items seem to be getting smaller and smaller, and just like the tiny designer bag trend, our mirrors are following suit. Try hanging a few of these tiny baroque beauties on the wall or using one as a desk mirror.

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