The 15 Most Comfortable Flip Flops to Keep Your Feet Happy All Summer Long

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Flip flops might be a summer staple, but they aren’t known for being the sturdiest, most supportive sandal around. However, we’re here to put an end to the fashion stereotype. We put on our thinking shopping caps and got to work scrounging up the most comfortable flip flops on the market. (Remember that flimsy pair you wore in your college dorm’s shower? Yeah, these picks are so much better.) We’re talking durable designs that will last for years, styles with arch support and cushioned footbeds, beach-ready, waterproof options and cozy picks featuring added benefits like non-slip tread and shock-absorbing technology. Basically, if you’re hoping to snag some flip flops that will look good and help your feet feel even better, there’s a pair for you on this list. Here are 15 of our favorites.

Meet the Experts:

  • Dr. Anne Sharkey is a podiatrist at North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute in Texas. She specializes in treating foot and ankle conditions, specifically ankle sprains, bunion corrections, heel pain and ankle stabilization.
  • Dr. Neal Blitz is a board-certified surgeon, specifically in bunion repair surgery in New York and California. He has more than 17 years of experience in bunion surgery using his own patented innovations.

How We Chose the Most Comfortable Flip Flops

To find the most comfortable flip flops, you have to go straight to the source—aka the people who wear them day in and day out. We asked a couple of editors about their go-to pairs and looked up countless reviews from popular brands like Havaianas, Birkenstock and Tory Burch. To narrow the search even further, we tapped two podiatrists to give us their expert-approved picks, so you can enjoy the most comfortable fit all season long.

What to Look for in Comfortable Flip Flops

When searching for the most comfortable flip flops, our experts want you to keep these three things in mind:

  • Arch Support: You want flip flops that will last you all day (and for years to come). “Our arches are integral in providing support and stability while walking and wearing shoes for a long period of time. Without proper arch support, our feet can experience fatigue and pain,” says Dr. Sharkey.
  • Flexibility: It might feel silly bending a flip flop in the middle of the shoe aisle, but it can be a great test in finding out how flexible it is. “You want to look for a flip flop that’s semi-rigid, meaning you shouldn’t be able to fold it in half in your hands,” explains Dr. Sharkey. “Avoid excessively flexible and flimsy flip flops, as they lack support and [make you more prone to] trips and falls,” she adds.
  • Materials: If you’re planning on wearing flip flops for a long period of time, you want to be mindful of the materials they’re made with. Dr. Blitz suggests looking for cushioned footbeds and non-slip grips in your choices. He adds, “When the toes have to work to overly grip the flip flop, they can lead to muscle overactivity and strain. This can also lead to muscle imbalances and increase the risk of bunions and hammertoes over time.”

The Most Comfortable Flip Flops At a Glance

most comfortable flip flops editors pick
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Most Popular

1. Havaianas Slim Flip Flop


  • Why We Love It: 21 color options, cushioned footbed
  • Sizes: 6 to 12
  • Promising Review: “They are cute and not plain like other flip flops. The thicker sole is also comfortable and lasts longer." — Mari, Havaianas wearer of 20 years

Havaianas secured its place as *the* quintessential summer flip flop long ago—and for good reason. The textured footbed offers excellent traction (no slipping and sliding found here) and the rubber construction—despite starting off relatively firm—is pliable and molds to your foot over time for a unique, customized fit.

Great Color Selection

2. Jeffrey Campbell Linques Sandals

Jeffrey Campbell

  • Why We Love It: 11 color options, leather and satin material
  • Sizes: 5 to 11
  • Promising Review: “I bought these in bright pink when they first came out and I find them super comfy and stylish.” — Eekay, Anthropologie Reviewer

These sandals are made for your upcoming travels. Whether you’re eyeing them in a neutral tone or an iridescent pink pair, there are plenty of color options to choose from that are both stylish and comfortable. Reviewers call out the unique square toe design, gold buckle decal and, most importantly, the soft padding on the soles.

Budget-Friendly Pick

3. Shade & Shore Ava Sandals

Shade & Shore

  • Why We Love It: three color options, soft insoles, comes in medium width
  • Sizes: 5 to 12
  • Promising Review: “I bought these sandals twice now. They’re basically all I wear in the summer. I have really sensitive skin on my feet and many flip-flops just destroy the top of my foot/create deep cuts. These never do and are so easy to throw on.” — Nicole Briese, Commerce Director at PureWow

Looking for comfortable and affordable flip flops under $15? These Shade & Shore sandals offer a casual flair that’s fit for any look. The thong straps make it easier to slip on and off at the beach, while the soft insole keeps your feet snug for longer walks along the shore. Note: Some reviewers found the straps to be too big and bulky for thin feet.

Most Durable

4. Rainbow Wide Strap Thong


  • Why We Love It: 12 color options, adjustable buckle, contoured footbed
  • Sizes: 4 to 11.5
  • Promising Review: “I’m a Rainbows gal for life. I’ve been wearing them since middle school (obviously not the same pair—but I will say they are surprisingly long lasting) and love them because they are simple but chic and have a surprising amount of support in the footbed.” — Abby Hepworth, Fashion Editor at PureWow

If you’re searching for flip flops that will last for years, this pair featuring an extra-wide strap from Rainbow is your best bet. It’s constructed with a leather upper and nylon thread that practically guarantees long-lasting wear. Reviewers, like our very own fashion editor, rave about the wider strap and its durability. “The wider strap doesn’t dig into my feet or rub, so there’s essentially no break in period. They stay in great condition for so long, and I say this as someone who is in no way precious with her footwear,” adds Hepworth.

Softest Footbed

5. Sanuk Yoga Joy Sandals


  • Why We Love It: 20 color options, contains yoga mat material, webbed toe strap
  • Sizes: 5 to 11
  • Promising Review: “My Sanuks are my go-to summer flip flops. I've been wearing the brand since high school and they're perfect for my narrow, bony feet.” — Olivia Kappler, Commerce Editor at PureWow

Let’s cut to the chase: You want shoes that max out on the comfort factor and these flip flops from Sanuk are here to deliver. The footbeds are crafted from the same spongey material as yoga mats (aka memory foam and polyester), so each step you take is met with padded, bouncy support. Oh, and the pair is also anti-chafe, washer-friendly and vegan.

Stylish Platforms

6. Rocket Dog Crush Flip Flop

Rocket Dog

  • Why We Love It: 30 percent off with coupon code, three-inch heel
  • Sizes: 6 to 11
  • Promising Review: “I love a comfy platform flip flop (because, um, I need extra height as a shortie!), and this pair is the way to go. The footbed is so smooth and it contours to your feet the more you wear them, which make them even comfier. And they look so cool and retro. I love them!” — Destinee Scott, Assistant Editor of Sales and Deals at PureWow

Y2K and ‘90s-inspired fashion continues to trend and the return of the platform flip flop is no exception. If you want to step into the trend (without twisting an ankle, of course) this pair of wedged sandals is here to save the day. The woven straps prevent the material from biting into the skin and the cushioned footbed offers padding and support for your feet.

Minimalistic Style

7. TKEES Lily Faux Leather Flip Flop


  • Why We Love It: cushioned leather sole, matte finish
  • Sizes: 5 to 10
  • Promising Review: "I love the minimalist, chic style of these flip flops and the lightly cushioned footbed gives just the right amount of padding for added comfort." — Natalie LaBarbera, Assistant Commerce Editor

Searching for a simple yet stylish flip flop? These babies by TKEES should be on your radar. Crafted with matte faux leather and one distinct neutral shade that complement any outfit, they also have a cushioned footbed that make them more comfortable to walk in.

Great for Pool Days

8. Crocs Crocband Flip Flops


  • Why We Love It: 17 color options, foam sole, quick to dry
  • Sizes: 6 to 15
  • Promising Review: “These flip flops are so comfortable. [They’re] true to fit and are sturdy. I wear them on walks, the beach and around the house. [They] look decent enough to even run minor errands.” — Jay, Amazon Reviewer

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, you have to admit that Crocs makes some comfortable shoes, and its flip flops are no exception. The Crocs Crocband flip flop is versatile, easy to clean, waterproof and, most importantly, cozy. It’s equipped with a massage-pod footbed and stellar cushioning for your heels. Reviewers claim that they’re durable and easily withstand the test of time.

Great for Wide Feet

9. Naot Tahoe Sandals


  • Why We Love It: three print options, 1.25-inch heel, cork/latex footbed
  • Sizes: 5 to 11
  • Promising Review: “These are awesome and so very comfortable! My last pair lasted 18 years and I wore them every day in the summer!” — Naot Reviewer

For those of us with wider feet, finding a solid summer sandal that fits correctly can be…tricky. That said, it isn’t totally impossible. These Naot pairs were built specifically for medium- to wide-footed people. With a cork and latex footbed, and an EVA sole that molds to your foot’s shape, the Tahoe sandal is also commended by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting good foot health.

Designer Pick

10. Tory Burch Miller Sandals

Tory Burch

  • Why We Love It: five color options, soft memory foam, universal fit
  • Sizes: 4 to 13
  • Promising Review: “These are super comfortable and very stylish. You can dress them down with a pair of shorts and T-shirt or [wear them] with a beautiful sun dress or skirt. I recommend them for many occasions.” — Tarsha, Tory Burch Reviewer

Hoping to get your hands on a pair that have a more elegant and refined feel? Well, we recommend investing in this chic option from Tory Burch. These fan-favorite sandals combine fashion and function, featuring a cushioned insole and soft, full grain leather that can hold up well with daily wear and tear.


11. OOFOS OOriginal Sandals


  • Why We Love It: four color options, odor-resistant, waterproof
  • Sizes: 5 to 16
  • Promising Review: “OOFOS have patented technology that removes 37 percent of shock from the joints, while also providing great arch support. They are great for anyone experiencing foot pain and fatigue with traditionally flat and flexible flip flops.” — Dr. Anne Sharkey

If you’re dealing with aches and pains due to the lack of arch support in your summer shoes, Dr. Sharkey recommends this padded pair from OOFOS. Backed by the American Podiatric Medical Association, these sandals aim to alleviate any stress on your feet, lower back and knees. It's designed with footbed cushioning and a soft toe post that allows you to walk all day in them. According to the brand, it’s designed for recovery as the material aims to soothe and rejuvenate your feet after an intense workout.

Great for Arch Support

12. Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals


  • Why We Love It: 12 color options, adjustable buckle, contoured footbed
  • Sizes: 4 to 11.5
  • Promising Review: “These are great for high arches! These were a little tough the first two days of wear but after that they fit so comfortably and adapt to your foot. I love them; they are soft and [I] mainly wear them around the house during summer days and when out on errands or shopping.” — Zappos Reviewer

Over the years, Birkenstocks has obtained its street cred for delivering sandals that are not only comfortable and cool, but also keep your feet healthy. Best known for their iconic cork footbed, each pair of Birks is equipped with a deep heel cup, unparalleled arch support and a high toe bar for better grip. Translation: These look good, feel good and are good for your feet.

Longest Lasting Pair

13. Reefs Ginger Sandals


  • Why We Love It: two color options, soft straps, sustainable material
  • Sizes: 4 to 12
  • Promising Review: “I [just] bought my second pair of this style. My first pair lasted me eight years. They are durable, comfortable, simple and stylish. I would highly recommend these.” — Jen, Reef Reviewer

If you’re wearing your flip flops all summer long, they’ll likely need to be tossed by the end of season—unless you’re wearing these puppies. Thanks to their padded soles and durable materials, these sandals are a great wear-around-the-pool shoe that provides arch support for years to come. Shoppers say a pair can last for up to eight years depending on how often you wear ‘em.

Great Ergonomic Design

14. Fitflop Iquishion Ergonomic Flip Flop


  • Why We Love It: ten color options, air-form cushioning, waterproof
  • Sizes: 5 to 11
  • Promising Review: “Very comfortable! I wore them the entire day and had zero issues like I normally would with a thong-style flip flop. They provide great support and [are] true to size.” — Dwren, FitFlop Reviewer

The list of reasons why these flip flops should be added to your collection is lengthy, but we’ll try and keep things brief. They’re bio-mechanically engineered to give your soles all-day support. They’re crafted with a micro-bubble foam footbed that provides shock absorption, lightweight and flexible comfort, built-in arch support and equipped with a slip-resistant tread for added stability. TL;DR: You’re going to be able to wear these from the dog park to the store to home and then back again, with your feet feeling cozy throughout it all.

Suitable for Long Walks

15. Vionic Tide II Flip Flop


  • Why We Love It: five color options, air-form cushioning, waterproof
  • Sizes: 5 to 12
  • Promising Review: “These sandals are amazing. There's no breaking these in as they're comfortable right off the bat. Great for those with medium to high arches.” — Sea2023gal, DSW Reviewer

You might be thinking that flip flops are not a decent walking shoe, but this pair from Vionic is here to prove you wrong. Firm yet cushiony, it’s crafted with a medium-density EVA midsole that aids in minimizing impact shock as you take your daily stroll. (FYI: The pair is also knee and ankle-friendly.) Beyond that, they’re proven to alleviate heel pain, while also cradling and offering plenty of support for your arches and have received a Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association—yup, they’re that good.

How Often Should You Wear Flip Flops?

Although flip flops are a great addition to have in your summer wardrobe and are easier to slip in (and out of) than most other shoes, the podiatrists we interviewed want you to be mindful of how often you wear them. “If worn for a long time, the smaller muscles in the feet can start to feel fatigue, and cause arch and heel pain due to the low amount of support,” says Dr. Sharkey. When you do wear them, they both suggest choosing flip flops with arch support, wider (or deeper) heels for added stability and a cushioned footbed like memory foam.

To combat any aches or pains you feel at the end of the day, Dr. Sharkey recommends applying a lotion or balm suitable for the feet to relieve any tension. Dr. Blitz also suggests giving yourself some deep foot massages or doing a few stretching exercises to ease any muscle tension.

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