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Can’t Travel? Here’s How to Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Retreat

OK, so our summer vacation plans got cancelled. *Collective ugh* But what good is it lamenting the fact that you’re not Instagramming your way through that epic winery tour of New Zealand? Instead, refocus your wanderlust toward updating your current location to feel like a getaway of its own.

We’ve partnered with Caldrea to show you how imbuing your home with a staycation vibe can be as simple as adding a specific scent. We all know that fragrance has the power to transport—it just takes the right breeze and you’re back on the beaches of Antigua, right? Take a look at the list below, find the destination you’ve been dreaming about (maybe, the one you had to postpone) and discover the signature scent, plus a few other products, that might just bring you there. Oh, and you don’t even have to request the time off.

Dreaming of Summer in the Alps?

Try Lavender Cedar Leaf

Lavender Cedar Leaf1 Cyril Gosselin/Getty Images 

Few things compare to France in full bloom. From Provence to the trails around Chamonix and the French Alps, the scenery can only be described as jaw-dropping. The easiest way to evoke this same experience in your own home? Look to Caldrea's Lavender Cedar Leaf, a scent that can most aptly be described as “wading into an alpine lavender field, awash in rich purple.” Then, prioritize other products that also give off the same aura.

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Dreaming of the South of France?

Try Basil Blue Sage

Basil Blue Sage sjoeman/Getty Images 

From the cliffs to the coast. France’s southern region is know worldwide for being refined yet relaxed. If this is true of your staycation criteria, look to these home products for the perfect bathroom update. Hint: Store your Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Hand Soap and Hand Lotion in the chic vanity box.

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Dreaming of Rafting the Ayung River?

Try Ginger Pomelo

Ginger Palmelo Michele Falzone/Getty Images 

Vibrant. Lively. Unexpected. A few words we would use to describe the feeling of arriving at a floating pagoda in Bali. Caldrea’s glowing citrus scent, emboldened by ginger, matches those adjectives well. We recommend using it as a dish soap in your kitchen for a delightful escape while doing everyday chores.

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Dreaming of a Spritz on the Amalfi Coast?

Try Sea Salt Neroli

Sea Salt 1 DavidCallan/Getty Images 

The lemon groves of Italy are as quintessential as the cocktails, and if anything can transport you back there, it’s the combination of lemon and neroli. Place one of the candles in a ceramic dish, mix yourself a spritz and dive into coffee table book of the country’s most stunning hotels.

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Dreaming of the Dunes on Cape Cod?

Try Rosewater Driftwood

Rosewater Driftwood Image Source/Getty Images 

“A sun-washed scent of the perfect summer memory.” That’s how Caldrea describes the Rosewater Driftwood fragrance and we can’t help equate that to an idyllic summer beach house. If you can’t get there this summer, invite some coastal décor into your space.

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Dreaming of the Cenotes in Tulum?

Try Pear Blossom Agave

Pear Blossom jopstock/Getty Images 

Picture this: You find yourself on the Yucatán Peninsula, under the blazing sun with no shade in sight. You look, then look again until you come across the seemingly bottomless, turquoise pool that lies below the limestone surface. A cenote! You dive in and let refreshment wash over you. Who doesn’t want that feeling to wash over them in their own home? Invite it into your space with Caldrea’s Pear Blossom Agave candle and room spray.

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Dreaming of Hot Miami Nights?

Try Tangelo Palm Frond

caldrea tangelo palm Angelo Cavalli/Getty Images 

Can’t you feel the beat just by looking at this photo? If dancing until 5 a.m. is your kind of staycation, invest in a good quality speaker, give your room an energizing spritz of Caldrea’s Tangelo Palm Frond and work it, girl.

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Dreaming of Chasing the Northern Lights?

Try Gilded Balsam Birch

Gilded Balsam Birch Tassaphon Vongkittipong/Getty Images 

Ah, hygge. Not only reserved for the winter months, you know! Think of your favorite warm weather moments—picnics, bike rides, outdoor concerts, farmers markets and balmy nights on the porch with a glass of wine. Hygge is the feeling you get when you are comfortable, happy and completely content in the moment. Use the captivating Gilded Balsam Birch scent to set the tone for your summertime hygge moments.

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Dreaming of Being Close to Home?

Try Sweet Pea

caldrea sweet pea gollykim/Getty Images 

Cozy and comforting, Caldrea’s Sweet Pea fragrance reminds us of being with family. While it may not transport you, it sure does remind you why home is often the best destination of them all, and it’ll help you focus on turning your space into a respite.

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