Millie Bobby Brown’s Net Worth Is Huge, Thanks to Her Role on ‘Stranger Things’

At just 12 years old, Millie Bobby Brown shot to fame thanks to her powerful portrayal of Eleven in the Netflix series, Stranger Things. Now, at 19, she's got multiple producing credits, a skin care line, a Screen Actors Guild Award, two Emmy nominations and an upcoming wedding under her belt.

With such an impressive resume, we get the feeling that Brown is just getting started. But we want to know: How does this all reflect on her total earnings? Here’s everything we know about Millie Bobby Brown’s net worth, which is around $14 million.

1. What Is Millie Bobby Brown’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, as of 2023, the actress is worth an estimated $14 million, thanks to her endorsements, business ventures and, of course, her many movie and TV roles. Which brings us to our next question...

2. How Much Did Brown Make on Stranger Things?

These figures have yet to be confirmed by Netflix, but according to Deadline, the actress made about $30,000 per episode during the first two seasons. Fortunately for Brown, that number more than tripled when she moved on to season three. She was paid more than $200,000 per episode, and in season four, she earned $300,00 per episode. Cha-ching!

3. How Much Did She Earn From Enola Holmes?

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Brown made $6 million for starring in the mystery film, plus an extra $500,000 for producing. For part two, she earned an additional $7.5 million.

4. What About Her Cosmetics and Skin Care Line?

As it turns out, acting isn’t the only thing that Brown is passionate about. At just 15, she launched a Gen-Z beauty brand called Florence by Mills, naming it after her great-grandmother. In a statement, she said, “I feel really fortunate to have been able to realize my dream of creating a beauty and skin-care brand for my generation that represents so many things that are important to me. I have learned so much this past year, and I’m forever grateful for the support I have been provided in order to explore, develop and establish Florence by Mills as a desirable brand.”

Per the official website, the brand is all about “defining beauty on our own terms. No rules. No struggle toward perfection. No boring beauty standards. Just us, playing with how we want to look, feel, and live.” Florence focuses on clean, cruelty-free products that are rich in vitamins, from toners and moisturizers to colorful peel-off masks.

5. And Endorsement Deals?

It’s unclear how much she earned through these partnerships, but Brown has collaborated with brands like Pandora Jewelry, Calvin Klein, Vogue Eyewear and Converse. The actress also joined forces with EA Games in 2018 to introduce the Sims 4 Positivity Challenge—a partnership that undoubtedly earned Brown a hefty paycheck.

6. What About Her Other Projects?

Aside from Stranger Things, Brown also starred in and executive produced the highly-anticipated sequel to Enola Holmes. She's also slated to appear in Netflix's fantasy film, Damsel, along with the twisty thriller, The Girls I've Been, and an adaptation of the graphic novel, The Electric State.

7. What Is Jake Bongiovi’s Net Worth?

According to Hello! magazine, Brown’s fiancé Jake Bongiovi is worth around $700,000. While some of it was likely inherited from his dad, his income stems from his career as an actor and producer.

Millie’s future—and bank account—are looking very bright.

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