Zodiac Compatibility: The Best Partner for Each Sign

Sure, you could find love by swiping right, getting fixed up by some mutual friends or even bumping into each other, dropping the manuscript you’re working on and locking eyes while picking up the pages. But our take? True love is written in the stars and zodiac compatibility worth exploring. So whether you’re single and ready to mingle or just harboring curiosities about your current partner (no shame), here’s who your star-crossed lover should really be—according to the zodiac, of course.

The Best Zodiac Sign For Your, Um, Zodiac Sign

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Aquarius (january 20 – February 18): Leo Or Scorpio

You’re enterprising and forever seeking the next adventure—which is why you need a partner who will stand by you, no matter what. Enter: a relentlessly devoted Scorpio who will always support your most zany and harebrained ideas. Your high intellect loves their depth and candor, and your problem-solving skills are perfectly suited for keeping them in check. Another happy match? Leos with their big, warm personalities and confidence that shuns societal “norms” as much as you do. (Traditional white wedding for these two? No, thanks.)

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Pisces (february 19 – March 20): Cancer Or Taurus

Your empathy and emotional openness are your greatest strengths in a relationship—and you do best with a partner who's the same way. Enter: compassionate Cancers, who are thoughtful listeners, considerate sharers and adore your love for romance. Nope, they don’t mind getting into that messy “feelings” convo you tend to gravitate toward. Their highly caring nature is also a great asset, since your sensitivity often leads to misplaced jealousy with less nurturing signs. But don’t overlook a Taurus mate either: Like you, this emotional sign values long-term love above all else. And with their bull-like determination, they’ll push you to do your best work (and be your best self) in a way that no other sign can.

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Aries (march 21 - April 19): Sagittarius Or Libra

Headstrong and spontaneous, Aries gals naturally sync up harmoniously with balanced Libras, who have an especially soothing and supportive way of saying “chill the F out and look before you leap, would ya?” Essentially, their rationality rubs off on your impulsiveness, and your contagious energy keeps them sharp and contented. On the flipside, a Sagittarius partner will actually match your spark-like zeal for life. (Want to quit your jobs and drive across the country in a Winnebago? This fireball will call shottie.) Just remember, somebody has to be the grown-up. So take stock of your goals before throwing caution to the wind.

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Taurus (april 20 – May 20): Virgo Or Cancer

In a methodical Virgo, you’ll find a partner who finds the same things important: Stability, commitment and a rational response to problems. You’ll find it refreshingly easy to have an open, honest relationship with this soulmate. Cancers, who share your reliability and love for rooting into homebody pleasures (think, a night in with Netflix in lieu of a cocktail party), are another natural match. Their soft, caring nature can handle your stubbornness, and your decision-making and tough-when-she-needs-to-be skillset will help them reach their full potential.

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Gemini (may 21 – June 20): Aquarius Or Sagittarius

With your many interests and airy personality, there’s nothing that irks you so much as a stage-five clinger when it comes to relationships. So anyone who belittles the importance of your many friendships and creative pursuits is just not going to work. Which is why Aquarius partners, who value independence as much as you do, make such an ideal mate: You both know that the secret to a healthy relationship lies in time spent apart. But don’t write off Sagittarius mates either: Their lust for life and go-go-go mentality links up downright harmoniously with your own. Life’s a party with you two—just the way you like it.

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Cancer (june 21-july 22): Scorpio Or Capricorn

Like you, loving Cancer, Scorpios wear their hearts on the sleeves. Emotionally and romantically straightforward, there will never be any silent treatments or wondering where you stand with this match. Simply put, you’re destined to be in tune with each other’s wants and needs. Capricorns, on the other hand, with their can-do mind-set, are great at getting you out of your “hermit shell,” while your warmth helps them ease past their ball-busting tendencies. Hey, it just works.

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Leo (july 23 – August 22): Aquarius Or Aries

With their naturally curious disposition and penchant for bestowing loads of affection on loved ones (hi, excessive PDA), Aquarius mates will give you the kind of attention you crave, without you ever having to ask for it. And in return, your bold personality will keep their hungry minds amused and enamored. Another great match? Aries partners, who, with their like-minded confidence and energy, will create the kind of positive, exciting environment that you both crave in life. The key to avoiding a battle of the egos? Supporting each other wholeheartedly in every little thing you do.

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Virgo (august 23 – September 22): Pisces Or Capricorn

The key to a long-term partnership in your view? Holding the same core values and vision for the future. In this regard, fastidious Capricorns, with their success-first mind-set, will be your cheerleader and sounding board as you power through life, crossing off your respective checklists in tandem. But we’d be remiss not to mention the equally fruitful union between Virgos and Pisces lovers: You’re both exceptionally compassionate and glad to put the happiness of your S.O. before your own sometimes. With their dreamy nature, Pisces are also great at getting you to ease up—even just a little bit.

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Libra (september 23 – October 21): Gemini Or Aries

Social graces are the marker of a charming Libra-Gemini union. With your robust toolbox of people skills, you’re both crowd favorites (Gems for their immediate charms, and Libras for their positive, even-keel energy). Equally important, your penchants for socializing with family and friends means there will never be any squabbles when you spend time with others aside from them—you’re very much on the same page there. Surprisingly, Aries mates also make a great match for Libras: Your inherent stability tempers their impulsiveness, and their energy brings out your delightfully fun side. Opposites do attract, you know.

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Scorpio (october 22 – November 21): Aquarius Or Cancer

You feel things (both big and small) very intensely, and you have a tendency to withdraw when things get ugly or overwhelming. Aquarius mates, with their intellect and excellent communication skills, will be just the antidote to encourage you to speak and explore this. In exchange, your passion and depth will captivate and challenge them. Cancers are another natural match. Your sensitive nature and tendency to recoil when slighted will never be an issue here—like you, Cancers are devoted, steadfast and value security in romantic partnerships.

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Sagittarius (november 22 - December 21): Gemini Or Aries

Plain and simple, it’s hard to hungrily explore the world when you’re partnered up with someone less hungry. Which is why an Aries makes such a positive match for you, Zodiac nomad—they’ll be effusively supportive when you make decisions that would throw most couples off the rails (see: quitting your crappy job cold turkey). Geminis also make a great pairing: Their open-mindedness and always-up-for-fun mentality make them a constant companion. Still, they’ll snap you back to reality when your wandering mind goes into hyperdrive. Having the best of both worlds in a mate really works for you.

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Capricorn (december 22 – January 19): Cancer Or Taurus

Unsurprisingly, the ram and the bull of the zodiac are a match made in heaven You’re cut from the same cloth. Practicality and hard work in exchange for a life well lived is a philosophy you both abide by, but the real beauty is in the yin and yang factor you encourage them to set higher standards for themselves, while their sensuality makes you lighten up. Cancers are also a surprisingly ideal match—with their nurturing love, you can find a place of comfort that allows you to be vulnerable—a big relief and source of happiness for the most tightly wound member of the zodiac.

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