What to Do on a Full Moon, According to an Astrologist

Also, why you should beware the lunar eclipse

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In our busy, modern lives, we have become so disconnected from nature. But who needs an Apple Watch when we have the moon? Sure, planning life around a lunar calendar might sound a bit woo woo. But for as long as there’s been civilization, people have been organizing not only spells and rituals, but also agricultural seasons (and even the best time to get a haircut) around the moon’s phases. The easiest way to start working with this lunar schedule? Make plans! Here, we'll explain the questions below to get you ready for the next full moon.

  • What exactly are full moons?
  • What Is Full Moon Energy and how long does it last?
  • What's the astrological significance of a full moon?
  • When are the full moons in 2024?
  • What should you do during a full moon?

What Exactly Are Full Moons?

Every 28 to 30 days (approximately every month), we have a full moon—when the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the zodiac (and the Earth). This means that Earth is located between the sun and the moon, so, from our perspective on Earth, the moon appears completely illuminated by the sun. When we look up at the sky during full moons—if there are clear skies—we see a glowing circular disk in the sky.

What Is Full Moon Energy and How Long Does it Last?

You don’t have to be an astrologer to be able to feel it in the air when there’s a full moon. During this time of the month, the moon rises just as the sun sets, keeping the sky illuminated throughout the night. That’s why so many people report sleep disruptions during this lunar phase; the full moon period is when we’re meant to be most active. There’s an “endless summer” vibe, even if we’re actually in the middle of winter. It’s a time of extremes: Everything feels high stakes and everyone is burning the candle at both ends.
Full moon energy is most potent on the day that the moon reaches peak fullness, but usually begins a day or two before and lingers for up to a week afterwards.

What’s the Astrological Significance of a Full Moon?

Full moons are times of culmination, manifestation and release. When we reach this part of the cycle, the sun and moon are exactly 180 degrees apart in the zodiac. Because the sun and moon are diametrically opposed, the full moon is always in the opposite sign of the current astrological season. So if it's Aquarius season, then the full moon is in Leo; if it’s Gemini season, then the full moon is in Sagittarius; if it’s Cancer season, then the full moon is in Capricorn, and so on.

Full Moon Calendar 2024

Here's when the moon will reach its peak each month in 2024:

  • January 25th - Full Moon in Leo
  • February 24th - Full Moon in Virgo
  • March 25th* - Full Moon in Libra (Lunar Eclipse)
  • April 23rd - Full Moon in Scorpio
  • May 23rd - Full Moon in Sagittarius
  • June 21st - Full Moon in Capricorn
  • July 21st - Full Moon in Capricorn
  • August 19th - Full Moon in Aquarius
  • September 17th* - Full Moon in Pisces (Lunar Eclipse)
  • October 17th - Full Moon in Aries
  • November 15th - Full Moon in Taurus
  • December 15th - Full Moon in Gemini

*Note: These full moons are lunar eclipses. Agreements, activities, partnerships or any protracted event initiated under an eclipse can be unpredictable or tumultuous. Under this influence, it’s best not to plan any generative activities but rather to use this energy for release.

8 Things to Do on a Full Moon

So how can you best take advantage of this full moon energy? Here’s some ideas, both magical and mundane.

1. Throw a Party

Think about it: Before there was electricity, full moons were the time of the month when you could stay out late with no worries, trusting that there would be some light on the subject. Everyone’s energy is always high around a full moon, and it’s the best time of the month to be circulating and socializing. Plan your next party or event around this time and you’ll be guaranteed a good time and a great turnout.

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2. Go on a Date

Full moons are a time of manifestation and release, so what better moment to shoot your shot? While a new or dark moon date might result in sluggishness or a raincheck, a full moon date is guaranteed to be an adventure. Grab tickets for a concert or a game, make plans to go dancing, or go on a hike.

3. Sweat It Out

Again, full moons are meant to be the most active time of the month. So if you’ve been meaning to hit the gym, go for a personal record on your 5K or join your friend for hot vinyasa—go for it! And you don’t have to hit the gym in the middle of the night for this to work, either. Full moon energy isn’t only present for one night; it’s present for the few days leading up to and following the peak, so take advantage of all of it.

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4. Make a Big Announcement

When the moon is lit up, it’s time to put things out into the world. Use the full moon to hard launch your new boyfriend on Instagram, send a company-wide email announcing your impending freelance move or let people know that you’re soon releasing a new artistic project. Because everyone’s energy is high, you can be sure that news will spread and you’ll get plenty of feedback and engagement. 

5. Charge Your Crystals or Make Moon Water

To get into the woo-woo, if you’ve discovered the healing power of crystals, the full moon is a great time to charge them. Just leave your rose quartz or lapis lazuli out overnight in a place where the full moon will hit them. If you want, you can take a moment to meditate or set intentions with the crystals, but the moonlight should do the work on its own. You can also use the full moon to make moon water.

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6. Take a Full Moon Bath

Full moons are a time of culmination but often that peak comes with some intense emotions. Gather your favorite bath salts, light some candles, set up your bluetooth speaker with a chill playlist and enjoy the vibes. You can use your time in the bath to set intentions or relax into a much-needed release.

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7. Release Baggage

We’ve covered all the generative things one should do during a full moon, but this time of the month is also for release. Sometimes we get to the peak part of the cycle and realize that we’re actually dissatisfied with the efforts we’ve put out so far and want to change course or get on a different track. Grab your journal and get all your feelings out about your recent breakup, job loss or family drama. Then you can head to a party or dance floor to complete the catharsis.

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8. Gratitude Journal

A great way to honor the full moon is to get all those big emotions out on the page. Because full moons represent a peak or culmination, starting or updating a gratitude journal can be a beautiful way to identify who and what is supporting you in your current endeavors. If you’re feeling more of an emotional low, this practice can help clear negative energy and get you focused on what you’re thankful for.

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