The Most Compatible Celebrity Couples, Based on Their Zodiac Sign

We’d do anything to be a fly on the wall in the homes of our favorite celebrity couples, so we can see what really goes down behind closed doors. That’s why we turned to Michelle Fedrizzi, the founder and owner of Auric (a wellness boutique aiming to help people achieve spiritual enlightenment), for a list of four of the most astrologically compatible celebrity couples.

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most compatible couples kate middleton prince william
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Compatible: Kate Middleton (Capricorn) + Prince William (Cancer)

Kate Middleton and Prince William might be the future of England’s monarchy, but are they astrologically compatible? According to Fedrizzi, the Prince and Princess of Wales are solidly compatible, since they’re neither ill-matched nor off-the-charts. “[Princess Catherine] grounds Prince William with her Sun in Capricorn and his Sun in Cancer,” she says. “The two of them understand each other on a deep intellectual level and emotional level, with both their Moons being in Cancer and Prince William’s Mercury being in Gemini and [the duchess’s] Mercury being in Aquarius.”

Fedrizzi also explains that their intellectual likeness offers stability to the royal family, adding, “They help people to see things different and could be the ones in the family to stretch ideas and even bring balance by being the peacemakers or mediators in the family when things get a bit wild.”

most compatible couples prince harry meghan markle
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Slightly More Compatible: Meghan Markle (Leo) + Prince Harry (Virgo)

Fedrizzi points out that Markle’s caring nature perfectly complements Prince Harry’s emotional side. “Meghan’s Sun is in Leo and Harry’s Sun is in Virgo, which means these two balance each other out in a beautiful way where they both bring light to their beautiful hearts and souls,” she says. “Both have very feminine charts and are here to bring more light and healing in their communities and to make a change, especially Meghan with her Sun in Leo and Mercury in Leo.”

This mindset likely inspired the royal couple to pick up and move to California to raise their two children: Archie (3) and Lilibet (1). “These two understand the need to bring back heart to the family line with her Venus in Virgo and his in Libra—they bring healing through love,” Fedrizzi tells us.

most compatible couples megan fox machine gun kelly
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Even More Compatible: Megan Fox (Taurus) + Machine Gun Kelly (Taurus)

This one might surprise some fans because these two are both Tauruses. But according to Fedrizzi, the compatibility between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly is so pure, it could last a lifetime. She explains, “Both their Sun and Mercury are in Taurus, which means they love to be in love and also love to have people watch them in love—the more eyes the better, as they want to show people that love is possible and that great things can happen when you find a match!”

Although MGK is focused on his career, he’s a sucker for Fox’s ability to see through his tough exterior. “Megan’s Moon is in Leo and his is in Pisces, which mean she brings out the more playful side of him and also brings him to the limelight, as well, to shine light on his talents and his true beautiful soul,” Fedrizzi adds.

most compatible couples kourtney kardashian travis barker
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Off-the-charts Compatible: Kourtney Kardashian (Aries) + Travis Barker (Scorpio)

Fedrizzi named—drumroll, please—Kourtney Kardashian and Blink-182’s Travis Barker as the most astrologically compatible celebrity couple. Although they haven’t been married for very long, their bond is extremely deep, and it’s all because Kardashian has never been able to relate to someone on the same level as she does with Barker.

“Kourtney’s Sun sign is in Aries, whereas Travis’s Moon sign is in Aries, so these two can become lifelong partners, as she feels understood by Travis in a way that no one else has ever understood her,” Fedrizzi explains. “She feels safe with him because of this and can finally freely be herself.”

She continues, “They can connect deeply and safely with each other as they bring out each other’s hidden parts and explore those parts of themselves through the relationship.”


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