All of J.Lo’s Romances, Ranked from the Worst Astrological Match to Best

I can recall the moment I learned about the surprise Bennifer reunion like it was yesterday: There I was, sitting on the couch when a Google alert brought me back to the early 2000s. Frosted lip gloss was all the rage…somewhere my Napster was taking 23 hours to download a Nelly hit…and Jen and Ben were an official item. It’s not that I have anything against J.Lo’s previous ex, Alex Rodriguez. Instead, I’ve always been rooting for Lopez to find love and settle down with someone special, no matter who that person may be.

But is it purely coincidence that these two newlyweds found their way back to each other after all these years? I turned to astrology expert Michelle Fedrizzi, who’s the founder and owner of Auric, a wellness boutique that helps people achieve spiritual enlightenment. Not only did she offer exclusive insight about J.Lo and Affleck (who are both Leos), but she also analyzed all of the singer’s past relationships and ranked them from worst astrological match to the best.

The Most Incompatible Zodiac Signs That Should Never, Ever, Date, According to an Astrologer

jennifer lopez chris judd
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Worst: Cris Judd (Leo)

Judd is a successful choreographer and backup dancer, who’s widely known as Lopez’s second husband. He met J.Lo in 2001 on the set of her music video for “Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” and they immediately hit it off—so much so that they tied the knot shortly after.

“Cris brings out her inner fire through his Sun and Rising in Leo and Moon in Virgo,” Fedrizzi told PureWow. “The two of them help each other to level up in a time when life feels dull or even when either party feels stuck.”

The pair called it quits in 2003, however, which (according to Fedrizzi) was a good move because their chemistry was more lust than love. “His Moon is in Virgo and his Venus in Cancer, so he could be really analytical and nit picking in the relationship,” she explained. “When his needs are not fulfilled, he could become really resentful or even shut down and not communicate in the ways J.Lo needs.”

jennifer lopez ojani noa
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Bad: Ojani Noa (Gemini)

You might recognize J.Lo’s first husband, who met the singer while working at a restaurant. The couple married in 1997 and divorced less than one year later. Fedrizzi admitted that Noa was a decent match for Lopez…during that time of her life.

“He is the sweet love that brings out her young innocent side as he helps her to explore her identity with his Sun in Gemini,” she said. “He teaches her how to open her heart but—most of all—to stay grounded in the true Jenny from the block.”

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t have lasting qualities. “His Gemini nature makes him go back and forth with what he wants and where he’s going, which makes it difficult for him to truly lead J.Lo,” Fedrizzi added.

jennifer lopez alex rodriguez
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Meh: Alex Rodriguez (Leo)

Rodriguez proposed to J.Lo back in 2019, but they called off the engagement before exchanging vows. Despite our disappointment, Fedrizzi explained that A-Rod played a significant role in Lopez’s love story, since he taught her what to look for in a future partner.

“These two have a lot of fun together but also balance each other out quite well in adulthood,” Fedrizzi added. “Alex teaches J.Lo to slow down and to tap more into her feminine and to let a man take the lead, as he softens her with her watery Moon in Pisces and Mercury in Cancer. He brings out her inner emotions, whereas she brings out his inner flame!”

Fedrizzi explained that A-Rod’s neediness was the downfall in their relationship, adding, “Alex has a Pisces moon and Mercury in Cancer, which means he is really emotional and will go where the waters take him. He needs a lot of emotional reassurance and to be nurtured and coddled. And with J.Lo’s busy schedule, she cannot give that to him—so he oftentimes will search elsewhere to fulfill those emotional needs.”

jennifer lopez sean combs
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Better: Sean Combs (Scorpio)

Sean Combs (AKA Puff Daddy, Diddy, etc.) had a brief fling with Lopez, but it was a memorable one. They originally met in 1999 when they worked together on the “If You Had My Love” music video. As Fedrizzi points out, Combs and Lopez were compatible when it came to work, but not necessarily long-term romance. However, their creative symbiosis is what sets Combs apart from other partners.

“These two are meant to be creative individuals together and be each other’s muse to create music and art together,” she explained. “Both parties have their Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Taurus, so they build strong foundations in the arts, money and music.”

jennifer lopez marc anthony
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Great: Marc Anthony (Virgo)

Marc Anthony is J.Lo’s third husband and the father of her two children: 14-year-old twins Emme and Max. Out of her pre-Affleck marriages, Marc Anthony was the best fit for J.Lo, says Fedrizzi. Not only do they have the same love language, but they also balance each other out in multiple aspects of life.

“These two can humble each other when it comes to love, and they both express love through acts of service and communication,” Fedrizzi said. “Marc has his Venus in Libra, and J.Lo has her Venus in Gemini, so the two of them teach each other about balance and duality in love and in life.”

jennifer lopez ben affleck
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Best: Ben Affleck (Leo)

And finally, the most compatible of J.Lo’s partners: Ben Affleck. The pair originally dated back in the early 2000s and even planned to wed in September 2003. Unfortunately, they called off the wedding (followed by their relationship) before going their separate ways.

After rekindling their romance, Lopez and Affleck tied the knot earlier this year in an intimate wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. Fedrizzi revealed that their astrological compatibility is one of a kind, and the strongest of all Jen’s pairings.

“Ben and J.Lo can speak to each other’s souls in a way that no one else can, but they also mirror each other (good and bad),” she told PureWow. “These two both have their Moon in Scorpio and Mercury in Leo, so their relationship around emotions and communication can be extremely deep and fulfilling.”


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