J.Lo and Ben Affleck Are Reportedly Hanging Out Again—and This Xennial Has Some *Thoughts*
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They said the early 2000s were back, but I definitely didn't think they meant this. Low-rise jeans? Sure. "Frosted" eye shadow? Even better. But Bennifer?! Please excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

So just in case you don't have a Google alert set, you don't have a Google alert set for literally anytime Jennifer Lopez does so much as a hair flip (Guilty!), here's the 411: Last week, Jenny from the Block and former lover/not-so-great-Batman Ben Affleck were hanging out together in Los Angeles, according to reports from Page Six. (A-Rod, who?!) And now, sources have told People that Bennifer has been spending time together in Montana.

According to said sources, "[Jennifer] spent several days with Ben out of town. They have a strong connection. It's all been quick and intense, but Jennifer is happy." Okay, what what what is happening?!

I was, of course, Team J.Diddy. I signed up wholeheartedly for #JAnthony. And even though I can't tell a baseball bat from a fishing pole, I was on board for A-Lo/J.Rod. But y'all, please don't toy with my emotions by teasing the return of the ultimate: Bennifer.

As any good xennial knows (and probably any millennial, but I refuse to call myself one of those), Lopez and Affleck were a couple in the early 2000s. They started dating in 2002 and even had plans to wed in September of 2003. But the heartbreak I felt at the calling off of the wedding—and the subsequent calling off of the relationship in January 2004—was perhaps only rivaled by the dreaded separation of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (AKA the other Bennifer). It was a devastating breakup for fans of celebrity love stories everywhere.

Fast-forward and Lopez and most-recent-fiance A-Rod have only newly canceled their relationship for good. And it seems the "Let's Get Loud" singer is finding comfort—whether that means friendship or more—in the arms of everyone's favorite Not-Matt-Damon. So what am I (and the rest of my generation) supposed to do with this information?

On the one hand, this is perhaps the most comforting of news. For starters, it takes me back to a simpler, easier time before face masks and political screaming matches at Thanksgiving dinner. A time when my biggest life concerns involved whether Emma Watson would be any better of an actress in the newest Harry Potter installment (spoiler: she was...and she wasn't). And of course, there is that warm fuzzy feeling that happens at the end of a rom-com when the couple that struggled against adversity and ridiculous plot devices finally ends up together. Isn't it smile-inducing that Affleck and Lopez have perhaps found one another at the end of a real-life Jersey Girl?! 

But on the other hand, am I jumping the gun by diving straight into that warm pond of nostalgia after a few "reports" of a Bennifer reunion? I honestly don't know if I can afford to have my emotions toyed with in such a manner. It's entirely possible that the reports are false (I don't think they are) or more likely, this is just a temporary fling where Lopez is finding comfort with a familiar face/jawline. Even if it is romantic in nature, this re-pairing is likely to end in an un-Nora-Ephron-like manner, with "Bennifer Breaks Again" splashing across my screen—though likely with more thought put into the punny headline.

So while I and the rest of the world try to make sense of this news, it seems most logical to temper expectations and set the bar low for future developments. Because if there's anything 2020 (and all of J.Lo's canceled weddings) taught me, it's that we all might be hoping for a Wedding Planner, but we're much more likely to end up with a Gigli.

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