A Jewelry Expert Breaks Down the Deets of Jennifer Lopez’s Stunning Green Engagement Ring

Earlier this weekend, Jennifer Lopez caught our attention when she revealed that she and Ben Affleck are engaged by posting a mysterious video to her social media accounts. “So I have a really exciting and special story to share,” the singer said. “So if you're not part of my inner circle, you have to go to to hear this one. I don't know if you guys know what that is, but it is my inner circle where I share my more personal things and this one's definitely...on the J.Lo.”

The video (which can be viewed here) turned out to be an engagement announcement, and thanks to Lopez's sister, Lynda, fans were treated to a shot of J.Lo's stunning green sparkler. Lynda posted a photo to her Instagram story, where Lopez's impressive diamond is put in full view. “So this happened...” Lynda wrote over the pic.

However, we've been itching to know more details, and luckily, gemologist and founder of The Clear Cut, Olivia Landau, shared all the deets she gleaned from the photos of the ring.

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Lynda Lopez/Instagram

Landau told PureWow, “The new ring appears to to be around a 5-6ct fancy green cushion cut diamond set with white diamond side stones that look like trillions. This is actually a very similar style ring to the first engagement ring that Ben proposed with.”

When Lopez and Affleck first got engaged back in November 2002, Affleck gave the Marry Me star a very similar ring, except the color was in pink. Now, Landau seems to think the color change marks Lopez's growth. “Although both rings feature rare fancy colored diamonds, her new green diamond seems to be more mature and edgy versus her original feminine pink diamond,” she said. “Recently, Jennifer mentioned the color green symbolizing many important moments and lucky moments in her life, so it's fitting!”

And if you're wondering how much it cost (as are we), Landau was able to chime in on that too. According to the jewelry expert, Lopez's former ring, which was designed by Harry Winston, was valued around $2.5M. Landau estimates that in today's market, that same ring would go for closer to $4M+. So, with her new ring being very similar in style, it's safe to assume that it cost around that number.

Wow, quite impressive. Now we'll just be dying to see what wedding gown Lopez pulls out for the big day.

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