All the Details on Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding Band

Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck officially tied the knot in a small ceremony that took place in Las Vegas. The news broke after TMZ obtained court records stating that the couple had applied for a marriage license, and then J.Lo confirmed the news in her On the JLo newsletter.

Of course, we're still freaking out over the fact that Bennifer are officially betrothed, but we're also curious to know details about Lopez's wedding band. Here's what we know.

1. What Does J.lo's Wedding Ring Look Like?

We turned to Jenny Luker—the president of Platinum Guild International USA, a company that specializes in jewelry for weddings and special occasions—to help us get a better sense of the Hustlers star's ring (which can be seen above in a post from Lopez). After analyzing the photo, Luker said, “Jennifer's wedding ring is a classic and timeless style! It looks like a wide, domed platinum band.”

2. What Does The Ring Symbolize?

According to Luker, this material choice was no mistake. “Jennifer's ring is a beautiful symbol of her love and commitment to Ben,” she said. “Because platinum is precious, rare and lasts a lifetime.”

It makes sense that Affleck put a lot of thought into the design of the band, given that he gave Lopez a meaningful engagement ring. At the time, Affleck chose a green diamond because Lopez had indicated in the past that the color represented many important and lucky moments in her life.

3. How Much Did It Cost?

Luker estimated that the wedding band cost around $1000, given usual retail value for this type of band. However, that price could fluctuate depending on the designer of the ring.

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