How to Make Moon Water

And use it for your benefit

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Sure, you obsessively check your horoscope, but are you tuned into the lunar cycle? The moon affects the ocean’s tides, so why wouldn’t it affect us humans? We’re 60 percent water after all. There are many spiritual traditions that live by the moon, and rituals for capturing the moon’s energy have existed for thousands of years. One of those rituals is creating moon water. Through charging water under the moon, some believe you can cleanse negative energy along a path to spiritual transformation. We’ve created this guide for how to make moon water, the best time to do it, and all the ways you can use it once you have some of your own!

What Is Moon Water?

Moon water isn’t a new fad. The ritual dates back thousands of years, originating with the Ayurvedic medicine practice of bathing in moon water to capture the prana (or energy) of the moon. Now modern witches (and mortals alike) set out ritual bowls under new and full moons to soak up some of that sweet lunar energy for themselves. 

“We use moon water to enhance our creative side and unlock inner truths that may be hidden in the busy rhythm of the modern world,” said clinical herbalist Arielle Hayat when I asked her about the process of making moon water. Hayat described the Ancient Mayan ritual of flower-filled water baths (called asusto baths, or limpias) that were thought to replace a person’s negative emotional patterns with the healing vibrations of flowers and nature. A similar logic can be applied to moon water which captures the intuitive, nurturing and creative energy of the moon. Once you’ve collected your moon water, you can use it for rituals like a moon bath, or incorporate it into your beauty routine.

How Does Moon Water Work?

Moon water works because as an element, water is energetically receptive. Think about how your body connects with water in a pool or in the ocean. Water moves so it can contain what it holds. Think of moon water like a talisman that is capturing the energy disseminating from the cosmos at the moment it was created. Moon water acts as an energetic sponge, holding all of the energy and intention that’s put into the ritual of creating it.

Every batch of moon water is different, and its qualities depend on the sign the Moon is in at the time of creation as well as the moon’s phase. Because the full moon is when the moon is at its brightest and strongest, full moons are the best time for creating moon water—especially if you want quick and potent results.

How to Make Moon Water

Though moon water is spiritually potent, the process for making it is fairly simple. All you really need is a bowl, some water and a few intentions. But you can make things as simple or complex as you like depending on your experience and connection to the moon.

Step 1: Check the lunar calendar

First things first, before you do anything else, you’ll want to check the lunar calendar. You’ll want to note where we currently are in the lunar cycle, and then determine when you want to let your water sit out to be charged by the moon. If you’re new to acknowledging the lunar ebbs and flows, you may want to spend a full cycle noting how you feel and what comes up in your life as the moon waxes and wanes. The first step to getting in touch with the divine is noticing patterns. 

Though you can make moon water at any time of the month, for beginners, it’s best to start with the full moon. Full moons are times of culmination and receiving feedback. Think about it: In ancient times, there were a few days every month when the full moon lit up the sky, allowing for more social activity at night, even on the darkest winter days. Full moons are bursting with energy! The new moon on the other hand, is when the sky is dark and things are just beginning. It’s harder to see what we’re working with. That said, be sure to read your horoscope and check what astrologers are saying about the upcoming full moon before you make your moon water. You want to make sure it’s an essence worth bottling. Just like not every wine is a good vintage, not all full moons give the same energy.

Step 2: Gather your supplies

Once you’ve determined a date for making moon water, it’s time for the fun part! Gathering your supplies. Though all you really need for moon water is a small container (a bottle or bowl), and well, water, you can also add herbs to your mixture or charge crystals at the same time.

You want to match the energy of the moon with any ingredients you’re adding to the potion. For example, if it’s a full moon in Leo, you may want to acquire some solar herbs like St. John’s-wort, chamomile or calendula. Likewise, for the full moon in Virgo, you might want to work with Mercurial herbs like lavender, cinnamon or thyme. 

You could also utilize a lunar herb, like mugwort, to enhance the moon’s energy at all times of the year. “Mugwort supports vivid and lucid dreams, unlocks intuition and opens the third eye,” said Hayat. “Traditionally mugwort was used to balance the menstrual cycle and has always been associated with the feminine energies of the moon,” she continued.

It’s also possible to charge your crystals along with your moon water at the full moon, especially those that reflect the lunar energy and your intentions. I asked Hayat if she had any particular crystal recommendations, and she was enthusiastic about labradorite which, like mugwort, supports your visions and psychic abilities while keeping you safe, protected, and grounded. Sounds dreamy!

Step 3: Set your intentions and charge your moon water

Once you’ve picked a date and gathered your supplies, it’s time to create the moon water. But first, you need to set your intentions. This is a time to relax and put yourself in conversation with the moon. You can meditate on your intentions or speak them out into the universe. You also might want to write down your thoughts in a journal or on a sheet of paper and slip them under your bowl or bottle while the water is charging for extra potency. Herbs and crystals are optional, but you’ll want to add those as part of this intention setting ritual. Light some candles if you’re feeling it too!

Once the vibes are right and your intentions are set, you just need to leave your bowl or bottle of water out under the moonlight overnight. Place the bowl outside or leave it by the window to soak up the moon’s light overnight. In the morning, you can collect the water and if it isn’t already, place it into a container where it can be stored for later use.

Benefits of Moon Water

So, now that you’ve made some moon water of your own, you’re probably wondering what it can really do for you. Here are some of the benefits of moon water:

Manifestation Magic: Think of moon water like a VIP pass for manifestation. Even if you’re not super “woo,” the truth is that things come to us when we’re willing to put a thought out into the universe. Moon water makes those intentions even more potent.

Energetic Cleansing: Moon water is like a refreshing full body shower for your whole vibe. Just the act of setting out the bowl and setting your intentions will clear away some of that energetic dust. Moon water especially has a real knack for clearing away negative energy. Just watch out because this benefit can be as emotional as it is clarifying!

Spiritual Connection: Making moon water can help you feel more grounded and connected to both the cosmos and the earth. Who cares if it’s “real” or not? Sometimes the ritual is all you need.

Enhanced Creativity: If you’re in need of a creativity boost, moon water will stoke your artistic fire. The act of making it is generative in itself and will enhance your creative spirit.

How To Use Moon Water

So at this point you’re probably wondering how to use this moon water in your daily life. Hayat likes to use it as part of a ritual bath. She suggests rather than a simple soak that you should dunk your head completely under the water to fully immerse yourself in the lunar energy. “Salts are always welcome in the bath too, as well as something with earth energy to absorb and transmute negative frequencies in your aura,” she says.

Beyond moon baths, you can incorporate moon water into your life through other rituals. You can drink the water or simply let it sit on your altar. Incorporating moon water into your daily beauty routine is also an option so grab a spritz bottle. Who needs rose water when you have moon water? 

Rituals, like moon water, don’t have to be complicated, they just have to be consistent. Moon water is a tool for cleansing and grounding, meant to get us more in touch with our natural rhythms. You might find that the real medicine is getting in touch with the lunar cycle itself. When in doubt, keep it simple.

How Each Zodiac Sign Uses Moon Water

You’re always bringing the heat, and moon water for you is best used as a tool to cool down and connect with your softer emotions. You can create moon water under a Cancer moon to match your cardinal energy or under a Pisces moon to tap into your more intuitive side.

Born in the sign of her exaltation, you’re actually the moon’s favorite! You might find that the process of making moon water is more healing for you than the water itself. Spend extra time curating herbs and essences to add to the water to create an elixir as special as you.

Because you’re so cerebral, you’re going to want to lean into the more grounded parts of making moon water. Make your moon water while the moon is in Taurus to really capture some sensual energy that will help you relax and think less.

As someone born in the moon’s own sign, you’re already keenly aware of what it’s like to live a life of constant fluctuation. Keeping that in mind, moon water is likely extra potent for you so instead of just having fun with it, use it to clarify your intentions and set goals.

Being someone who is ruled by the sun, you should use moon water to cool down and connect with your emotions. Use moon water created under a Cancer moon for emotional depth or a Taurus moon for grounded clarity.

As a child of Mercury, you’re extremely cerebral and tend to overthink. You might find the ritual of creating moon water especially soothing, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make things complicated or perfect the steps. Lavender in your moon water helps calm your busy mind.

Use moon water for enhancing your beauty routines or for manifesting love. Moon water that’s created when the moon is waxing in Taurus, Libra or Pisces will be especially potent to add into your skin care routine. Just put the moon water in a spray bottle and you’re good to go!

Getting in touch with your lunar side is very beneficial for you as you tend to be more emotionally guarded. You can use moon water created while the moon is in Taurus to channel the earthy energy of your opposite sign. Just tread carefully as moon water could bring out some unfamiliar and heavy emotions for you.

As someone who runs fast and loose, you should use moon water to help you cool down and chill out. Life is about both the flow and the ebb. Use moon water created while the moon is in Pisces to capture another side of your expansive nature.

Use moon water created while the moon was in your opposite sign Cancer to channel the gentle, nurturing energy that you’re often lacking (especially when it comes to caring for yourself). As someone who’s super goal oriented, you might want to use moon water less to manifest and to get in touch with your creative and intuitive sides.

You’re everybody’s favorite weirdo who theoretically should be super into something like making moon water, but your analytical mind doesn’t see the point of something so mundane. Your ruling planet Saturn is too focused on the big picture while moon water is more about the everyday. You can use moon water to get in touch with your daily ebbs and flows. Try a batch that was used while the moon was in Cancer for best results.

As the most intuitive sign of the zodiac, you don’t need us to convince you that moon water works. That being said, you might want to use this magical substance to channel your more practical side. Use moon water created while the moon was in Virgo or Taurus to find more grounding and purpose, or while the moon was in Leo to increase your motivation.



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