My Daughter's a Double Gemini. Should I Be Scared?

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Here’s a straightforward question for you. My daughter’s a double Gemini. Should I be scared? Yours, Double Gemini Mom

Dear DGM (Double Gemini Mom),

OK first of all, congratulations parenting one of the smartest kids ever. I’m serious! For all the flack that Geminis get from both clueless newbies and astrology armchair experts alike, nobody seems to focus on the fact that you have to be super smart to be as cunning, manipulative or two faced as the haters describe the precious sign of the twins. That all said, don’t worry, you’re not raising someone with a “split personality,” you’re raising someone who contains multitudes.

Now I’m not sure whether your daughter is a Gemini with a Gemini ascendant, a Gemini with a Gemini moon, or some other Gemini combination. But any way you cast the chart, she’s in the company of some major luminaries. Celebs who are double Geminis include the multi-hyphenate creative Gene Wilder, the author and physician (talk about Gemini double tasking!) Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as Alois Alzheimer, who, yes, is the doctor who identified Alzheimer’s disease. Lots of smarts with Geminis! There’s also Heidi Klum (who has a few other planets in the sign of the twins making her a quintuple Gemini) whose Gemini-ness is seen not only through her range of talents but also, most recently, through the unhinged hilarity of her worm Halloween costume. What I’m saying here is that Geminis are whip smart, creative and have an excellent sense of humor. They’re always keeping us on our toes!

More than even Gemini adults, Gemini kids are extremely flexible. You’ve probably already caught on that you can leave your daughter with the grandparents or daycare or with a babysitter and get rave reviews about how laid back she is. Back when I did childcare for a living in my early 20s, my absolute favorite kid to look after (who always greeted me with a smile and a hug, rather than hysterical crying for mom) was a little Gemini. Geminis are extremely social and love meeting new people. Now this can be good: easy childcare! Or it can be dangerous: my mom would often say about my Gemini brother, “He’d make friends with the devil.” That said, curiosity keeps Gemini (for the most part) open-minded, and willing to go with the flow.

Now as far as when that flexibility goes awry, Geminis can also come off as flighty or indecisive. Their “two-faced” reputation comes from the fact that because they’re such social and open-minded people, they’re also very willing to change their mind. One day a Gemini might feel very strongly about something (whether that’s a crush, a political movement or a pop culture opinion) and the next day, they might have a completely different take. Some people see this as unreliable or untrustworthy, but who says there’s something wrong with changing your mind? We live in a world where our opinions have become our currency and unfortunately part of our “brand.” It takes courage to pivot, and those who can’t respect that (here’s looking at the Tauruses and Scorpios among us) might end up getting left behind on Gemini’s whirlwind tour through life.

Now at this point, you’re probably thinking I haven’t answered your question, that perhaps I’ve slithered my way out of this in true Gemini fashion (please note: this astrologer is Pisces, which like Gemini, is a mutable sign). But if the question is should I be scared? The answer is no. You should be excited! Raising a Gemini daughter means you will never have a boring day in your life. You’re raising an extremely curious, clever and confident girl. Enjoy the ride!

xo, Jaime

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more musings on the stars.

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