The ‘Virgin River’ Instagram Account Just Shared Never-Before-Seen BTS Photos from Season 3

The Virgin River Instagram account never lets us down. Since season 3 aired back in June, we've been blessed with enough behind-the-scenes content to love the drama-filled episodes even more. While we're counting down to season 4 (and yes, we've done our research on what can happen), it's been a consistent source of never-before-seen photos and videos of the cast. Now, we have a new post that's tempting us to rewatch the show all over again.

The account's latest gallery is a trip down memory lane, showing a series of images that features the main cast. The slides start with a photo of mother-daughter duo Tara and Lilly (Stacey Farber and Lynda Boyd) huddled together at their cabin, followed by shots of Muriel and Lydie (Teryl Rothery and Christina Jastrzembska), Jo Ellen (Gwynyth Walsh) knitting in a comfy chair and Jack and Mel (Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge) chatting with each other. At the end, there's a shot of Vernon (Tim Matheson) with Tara and Lilly, and the series closes with another shot of Jack. 

The caption gives context that the photos are from Lilly and Tara's home, reading, "Hang at the farm ... BTS S3."

If you been watching the show, you know this place is a pivotal spot for the characters, and this collection of photos is proof of that: Fans are already loving the BTS gallery with more than 25,000 likes in less than a day. The comments all provide praise for the show (while also expressing their feelings on a certain character from season 3).

More than loving the post, the internet is already asking for the next season, with one follower saying, "Can't wait for season 4, 5 & 6 & 7."

So come on, Netflix, just tell us a date already (please and thank you)!

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