Season three of Virgin River is finally here, and we’re struggling to think about anything other than the popular Netflix series. For example, what’s going to happen to Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge)? Is Jack (Martin Henderson) getting cuter by the day? And finally, who is the actress who plays Connie’s rebellious niece, Lizzie?

Keep scrolling for everything we know about 26-year-old Sarah Dugdale.

sarah dugdale
Courtesy of Netflix

1. Who is Sarah Dugdale?

You probably recognize her from Virgin River, where she plays Lizzie. Dugdale is a Canadian actress who’s bilingual in English and French. Although she’s just beginning her career in the entertainment industry, she’s already accumulating fans with her nuanced acting abilities.

sarah dugdale virgin river
Courtesy of Netflix

2. Does she play Lizzie in 'Virgin River'?

That’s correct. Lizzie was originally introduced in season two, but the character has a much larger role in season three. Not only does Lizzie land a job at the dessert cart, but she also strikes up a romance with Ricky (Grayson Gurnsey).

Virgin River tells the story of Mel Monroe, a woman who moves to the remote area for a fresh start. She quickly realizes that small town living isn't quite as simple as she expected, especially when past secrets begin to haunt her.

sarah dugdale virgin river actress
Courtesy of Netflix

3. What else has Sarah Dugdale starred in?

Dugdale is widely known for playing Lizzie in Netflix’s Virgin River, but that’s not her only claim to fame. In addition to playing Claire on Mystery 101, she’s made several guest star appearances in shows like Supernatural, The Haunting Hour, The Secret Circle, Arrow, Rush and Aftermath.

Oh, and Dugdale is no stranger to the cheesy world of television movies. Her credits include Sugar Babies, Stolen Daughter, Sorority Murder, Woman of the House, The Bad Seed and Death of a Cheerleader. One of her most recent projects is The College Admissions Scandal, where she portrayed Emma Slade.

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