We’ve already done our research on multiple Virgin River stars, including Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel), Martin Henderson (Jack), Ben Hollingsworth (Brady) and Tim Matheson (Doc)…but what about Zibby Allen (who plays Jack’s sister, Brie)?

In honor of the season three premiere, here’s everything we know about Virgin River star Zibby Allen.

zibby allen virgin river
Courtesy of Netflix

1. Who is Zibby Allen?

She’s an actor, musician, writer and producer who goes by “Zibby,” which is short for Elizabeth. Although she’s originally from Northern Ireland, she grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. Allen and her husband, Adam, currently split their time between Los Angeles, Vancouver and Edinburgh, Scotland.

2. Does she play Brie in 'Virgin River'?

Absolutely. The character was first introduced in season two, and she’s definitely one to watch in the new episodes. Not only is she spending more time in Virgin River, but she’s also hiding something from her brother…and it could mean trouble.

Virgin River follows a nurse practitioner named Mel Monroe, who moves to the remote town for a fresh start. Season three picks up right where we left off in the previous installment, with Jack recovering from his gunshot wound.

zibby allen
Courtesy of Netflix

3. What else has Zibby Allen starred in?

Allen has made several cameos in well-known shows like Without a Trace, Bedheads, $#*! My Dad Says, The Twilight Zone, For the People, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Bates Motel, but she’s widely recognized for playing Nurse Zibby in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Winter Maddox (AKA Madam Goo Goo) in Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm. Her most recent TV credits include 30 Second Somebodies, Gabby Duran & The Unsittables, Nancy Drew and The Good Doctor.

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