Everything We Know About Kai Bradbury (Denny in ‘Virgin River’)

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Meet Kai Bradbury, one of the newest cast members on Netflix’s Virgin River. You probably recognize him as Doc’s grandson, Denny—while the character is introduced in the third season, he becomes a more vital part of the story line in seasons four and five.

In honor of the holiday episodes premiering on November 30, here’s everything we know about Kai Bradbury (including what else he’s been in).

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1. Who Is Kai Bradbury?

Kai Bradbury was born in Vancouver, Canada, and discovered a passion for acting at an early age. He was raised by immigrant parents—his mom is Japanese, and his dad is Scottish—and they influenced his artistic upbringing.

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2. Does He Play Denny in Virgin River?

That’s correct. The character is introduced in the season three finale, when he shows up on Doc’s doorstep claiming to be his long-lost grandson. His debut season further explores their relationship after Denny decides to stay in town for a little while.

In an interview with PureWow, Bradbury revealed that he originally auditioned for a different character: Parker (Lizzie’s ex-boyfriend). “I auditioned for Markian Tarasiuk’s role as Lizzie’s L.A. boyfriend that we meet in season three,” he told PureWow. “Shortly after that, I got my audition for Denny.”

3. What Happens to Denny in Virgin River Season Four?

In season four, Denny makes a name for himself (and not in a good way). First, he gets caught stealing medicine from the clinic. Then, Lizzie tattles on him for having a prescription that doesn’t belong to him. As it turns out, Denny has good intentions. Because in the finale, he offers a major confession that may explain his mysterious behavior.

“I imagine it’s going to be challenging for other people to digest this information because he’s already kind of had a chance to process it,” Bradbury explained.

4. What Happens to Denny in Virgin River Season Five?

In season five, Denny continues his battle with Huntington's Disease. After apologizing to Lizzie for keeping the diagnosis a secret, the two continue to pursue a romantic relationship.

Their future isn’t certain because Denny is still contemplating the idea of leaving Virgin River. However, his plans are put on hold when Lizzie reveals that she may be pregnant. 

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5. What Else Has Bradbury Starred In?

Bradbury kicked off his on-screen career with small roles in Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle and Lifetime’s Menendez: Blood Brothers. In addition to a guest cameo on Supernatural, he also played Tadao in Altered Carbon and Kimiko in The Boys.

In addition to Virgin River, he also appeared in the Netflix series The Imperfects. After filming five episodes of Motherland: Fort Salem, he went on to snag guest roles in Family Law and Are You Afraid of the Dark? Up next: Virgin River season six.

Moral of the story: You’ll be seeing a lot of Bradbury.

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