‘Virgin River’ Director Says Holiday Episodes Will Address Major Cliffhanger


virgin river holiday episodes
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Listen up, Virgin River fans: Director Gail Harvey is sharing exclusive details about the holiday episodes premiering on November 30.

The director recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly to discuss part two of the show’s fifth season. “I thought it would be really great to do a Christmas episode because that’s really what Virgin River is all about—tradition and family dynamics, good and bad,” she said.

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Harvey specifically requested to direct the two holiday episodes, which will address cliffhangers from the finale. In particular, they will further explore Mel’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) journey to find her biological father.

“It does follow through,” the director said. “We know that there are the postcards, and then it goes from there. It’s definitely part of the two episodes, and it’s actually quite amazing. I’m very proud of the way that it all worked out.”

virgin river holiday episodes netflix
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Harvey also confirmed that the holiday episodes will explore Mel and Jack’s (Martin Henderson) journey to start a family. “It’s a big deal,” she added. “And they’re trying to work it out in my episodes. What will they do and how does she feel and what does she want to do? Any woman can relate to that. Losing a baby is way more common than people think it is.”

She continued, “[There are] some very beautiful things and some storylines are tied up in a very emotional way. There’s Christmas trees, there’s ice skating, there’s lovely Christmas gifts, there’s dinners, and there’s family dysfunction dynamics that we can all relate to at Christmas. And a lot of moving things.”

virgin river holiday episodes director
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We. Can’t. Wait.

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