Tell Us Your Zodiac Sign and We'll Show You Your Dream Home

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When good things happen, we say it’s written in the stars. And then, four months after receiving that long-awaited promotion, we wonder, when is the right time to buy a house? And what on earth is the ‘BURL’ investment rule? (hey, more money, more problems). At the end of the day, however, neuroscientist and psychic Maria Afentakis says finding your dream home should also include one unexpected resource: astrology

“When choosing a property—whether it’s a dream home or a more attainable one—personality, sense of self, [zodiac traits are] more important than one would think,” Afentakis tells real estate experts at Martin and Co. “Our signs are governed by ruling planets in the sky, as well as the elements, [and] all of this can [help decipher our] likes, dislikes, dreams and aspirations when choosing the right place to live.” 
Using her expertise, we uncovered the dream home (and location) for every sign—from lavish villas for fire signs and creative escapes for water signs to grounded, tranquil environments for air and earth signs. And, because buying said home may not be within your budget, we found a place for you to stay to experience it—even if only for a weekend.

What Your Home Needs, According to Zodiac

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Auseklis/Getty Images

January 20 – February 18

1. Aquarius: An Eclectic Brooklyn Brownstone

Anyone who knows an Aquarius will likely agree: This sign is a rarity. On one hand, they’re enigmatic and nonconformist by nature (and among the coolest and most open-minded people you’ll ever meet). Yet, on the other, their brains often work on overtime—and between their penchant to challenge the status quo and a desire to be more future-minded, they need a place that can offer respite and self-expression. 

That, coupled with the fact that no two Aquarians are alike, is exactly why Afentakis deems an “eccentric and quirky townhouse” as their dream property. “Aquarians need a space where they can think, develop ideas and create new projects to help humanity,” she explains. Restoring a historic Brooklyn brownstone would not only “excite the Aquarian with an opportunity to express their own unique style (and progressive mindset),” but it would also provide “a space with access to go out for long walks and develop ideas/new that [can help save the world].” 

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Twin Farms

February 19 – March 20

2. Pisces: A Riverside Cabin in Vermont

As the last sign of the zodiac, the Pisces sign represents the culmination of every other sign’s karmic evolution. They’re emotionally brilliant—where their creativity can literally change the world—and they never need to posture to win admiration (their magic is 100 percent real). “The wise-thinking and artistic Pisces is a water sign, so they love to be close to nature,” explains Afentakis. 

That said, while Pisces might be known for being space cadets, they’re also incredibly perceptive and their daydreams are usually strokes of genius. “A [riverside escape in Vermont] would provide a balance between nature and creativity, offering Pisces peace of mind [since their capacity for empathy is so large].” She also mentions how a property with “great transport” and “on-site amenities” (AKA the freedom to pick and choose when/how they want to venture out into the world) would be ideal, since it can be difficult for them to assert their own. “This sign would enjoy a [calming oasis] that allows them to spend time indoors/outdoors while still being close to the city [when they need connection],” she explains. 

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photoquest7/Getty Images

March 21 – April 19

3. Aries: A Tuscan-Style Vineyard in Sonoma

Known as the superheroes of the zodiac, Aries are known for their bold and ambitious attitudes (along with an insatiable desire to play and celebrate with the people they love most). They’re natural-born leaders who love taking on entrepreneurial endeavors (like starting new businesses or negotiating deals) and feed off of connections that incite new opportunities that keep them engaged. “Aries adore being the center of attention,” Afentakis adds. 

“A lavish, [Tuscan-style vineyard] would provide a talking point [while entertaining friends]—making them feel like a star with its beautiful gardens and spacious rooms.” She also mentions how Aries are ruled by Mars—the planet of war, desire, aggression and competition—and a property with a vineyard would allow them to “make an action plan” and contend with Sonoma’s top winemakers in the county's annual harvest fair.

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April 20 – May 20

4. Taurus: A Classic Condo Overlooking Central Park 

If there’s one thing Taureans excel at, it’s stopping to smell the roses. This romantic earth sign—whose comfort zone falls somewhere under a $500 cashmere blanket— prioritizes routine, stability and beauty above all else (and they’ll make sure to schedule weekly movie nights, shopping trips and dinners at that sushi spot they love). According to Afentakis, “Taureans like to relax—preferably in scenic, [upscale] environments—and [are known] to spend a lot of time at home.” As a result, she says, “A beautiful [condo overlooking Central Park] would fulfill their desire for luxury while allowing them to create an oasis of calm within the vibrant city center.” 

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Reid Creek Lodge

May 21 – June 21

5. Gemini: A Mountain Retreat in Jackson Hole

The Gemini sign’s one-word mantra is “quiet” for a reason: Peace and calm don’t come naturally, so it’s something they really have to practice and embrace. While Geminis are adventurous and unruffled by change—always adapting to the situations/groups surrounding them—it can be difficult for them to harness their scatterbrains and hone in on their artistic gifts (often expressed through art, writing and nature). “A mountain [retreat in Wyoming] is ideal for a Gemini who enjoys coming up with new ideas,” Afentakis explains. Not only would the open space offer moments of meditation (like going for long walks or painting scenic landscapes), but it would provide an opportunity for them to try new activities in nature—from horseback riding to canoeing. “[These signs] can also be nervous and indecisive, so choosing a property which they can revamp throughout the years is crucial,” she adds. 

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June 22 – July 22

6. Cancer: A Historic Estate on The Main Line 

While most people have a home, Cancer signs have a nest. Their greatest concern in life is the protection of their loved ones, and often, that translates to creating a safe haven that’ll be there even after they’re gone. Afentakis says, “[This water sign] loves spending time with family, so creating a perfect family home with ample space for luxury is of paramount importance to [the mothers of the zodiac].”Hence, why she says a historic, timeworn estate on Philadelphia’s Mainline would be the best spot for this sign to lay down some roots. “[Preferably], a home with a large garden and dining area [that] Cancers can use to host dinner parties [and create everlasting traditions] for their families and guests,” she adds. 

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July 23 – August 22

7. Leo: A Neoclassical Beach House in the Hamptons

Actors, artists, athletes, politicians and podcast hosts: Leos are the masters of creative self-expression. The solar-ruled sign makes it their goal in life to make others light up—and they don’t just daydream about their next mural or spend weeks planning out color palettes. They grab a brush and start painting. 

That said, if you spend five minutes thumbing through an astrology meme page, you’ll see that this sign is often cast as the raging egomaniac of the zodiac. Per Afentakis, this is because “Leos are passionate and theatrical” and have an “unrelenting desire to see their positive impact on people.” (While showing off their talent, of course). “They need an extravagant [property] that stands out; spacious, luxurious and fit for a king or queen,” she continues. “A sprawling [beach house] in a very prestigious area would be a great place for this fire sign to [make their presence known and flaunt their bold sense of style] while entertaining guests.” Plus, if J.Lo's $10 million mansion in Watermill or Madonna’s Bridgehampton compound (both Leos) are any indication, the Hamptons are prime real estate for anyone who’s looking to host a star-studded soiree. 

dream home astrology 8
Bedford Post Inn

August 23 – September 22

8. Virgo: A Traditional Farmhouse in Bedford

Guided by altruism, practicality and a deep connection to the natural world, Virgos are best known for their attention to detail (and a famously high set of standards). While they might come off as high maintenance, they’re actually very humble; their main goal in life is to help people they care about reach their highest potential. To that end, Afentakis says, “their analytical approach can sometimes mean they overthink. [Virgo’s need a] property that allows them to create a routine.” 

Hence, why she says a farmhouse in Bedford would be a perfect choice: “Situated in a quiet village with lots of character,[an understated farmhouse] would be a great choice for a Virgo who feels the need [for consistency and reliability],” she explains. It’s also worth noting that Virgos value simplicity above all else; you can catch them making medicine from lavender springs or knitting their kid a winter hat—and they love to support local artisans (the store-bought stuff is overrated, anyway).  

dream home astrology 9

September 23 – October 23

9. Libra: A Boho Bungalow in Malibu

Ruled by Venus—the planet of luxurious surroundings, sensual pleasures and pure romance—Libras are known for their strong aesthetic eye. While the air sign is a natural-born gypsy (making them gifted photographers, architects, designers and decor experts), their drive for equality and justice allows them to thrive at the podium and capitalize on their visions (think: wellness and glamour-driven CEOs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian). “Libras are all about balance, diplomacy and aesthetics,” Afentakis summarizes. “They’re also a very social sign, so they require an expansive, welcoming space to host and impress those close to them.” 

Enter: A Mediterranean bungalow in Malibu that speaks to their Santorini-inspired mood board. “[A boho property] with modern and original features is perfectly suited for a Libra who loves a balance of beauty and unique design,” she explains. Not only would this scratch their itch for wanderlust and travel, but “a [property with] a beautifully designed garden [could] provide peace and harmony [without making them feel tied down by their possessions].”

dream home astrology 10

October 24 – November 21

10. Scorpio: A Rustic Aspen Ski Chalet

Perhaps the most misunderstood zodiac sign, Scorpios have a reputation for being mysterious (and beyond intimidating). Since they’re instinctually protective, this sign often comes off as having a certain je ne sais quoi (i.e., a dark, brooding energy that drives potential suitors insane). In reality, Scorpios are ruled by Mars, and after gaining access to their private Instagram, you’ll quickly find that they’re highly social creatures. Relationships are their comfort zone—they value authentic, loyal connections above everything else—and they’ll never pass up an opportunity to throw an intimate soiree or cozy up on the couch with their love. 

Plus, people often overlook the fact that Scorpios have exquisite taste. From recommendations about where to go and what to watch, they channel their extremely active energy into finding trendy places/activities (before they inevitably become mainstream). That’s why a hidden, Aspen ski chalet would fit the bill as this water sign’s dream home. “Not only would it provide a [secluded] space for Scorpios to relax and restore their energy, but a multi-purpose home [would give them plenty to do], while offering [high-end shops, restaurants and ski slopes] for them to explore nearby,” Afentakis explains. 

dream home astrology 11

November 22 – December 21

11. Sagittarius: A Contemporary Oceanfront in Newport Beach 

Sagittarians are known for being a bit…chaotic. Our in-house astrologer Jamie Wright describes this fire sign as “a cross between Oprah and Santa Claus,” where their optimistic outlook—along with a proclivity for deep, intellectual conversations—contributes to a free-spirited persona filled with spontaneity and excitement. 

“Sagittarians can be idealistic in their approach to life [and they’re endlessly] exhibiting a sense of adventure,” says Afentakis. What you may not know, however, is that Sagittarians are whip-smart when it comes to building their financial portfolio.  As a result, a beachfront home in Newport Beach, CA would be the perfect option for a sign that’s looking to maintain their freedom and “fulfill their quest for adventure.” The location offers maximum ROI, and according to a recent report from, it’s expected to grow by 14 percent in the next five years. More importantly, however, the area is ripe with tourists, which would allow a Sagittarius to list the property as a short-term rental while they jet-set around the world (and cash in on their investment). 

dream home astrology 12
Viceroy Hotel Chicago

December 22 – January 19

12. Capricorn: A Modern Chicago Penthouse

Finally, something to satisfy the managers, CEOs and leaders of the zodiac. AKA our capricorns. While they might be known for their practical, patient and grounded nature, there’s more to this sign than the uptight business type cliché. Capricorns’ hidden talents stem from their symbol, the sea goat, which climbs and climbs (even under freezing, inclement conditions) to achieve the highest heights of rarefied winners. They’re among the most ambitious signs in the zodiac—and attest professionalism and consistency as their key to success—but they’re not satisfied unless their achievements are earned and respected. 

So, it’s only fitting that Afentakis would label a “modern-style apartment in a superb location” as the ideal home for business-minded Capricorns. First, because a “[well-maintained space] with plenty of room to work would fulfill Capricorns’ love of responsibility.” More importantly, however, the central Chicago location would offer plenty of new business opportunities while giving this “practical, disciplined” sign a reliable commute. 

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