The 12 Houses of Astrology, Explained

If you’ve ever looked up your birth chart, you’ve likely been met with the image of a zodiac wheel divided into the 12 astrological houses, each representing different topics in your life.

Let’s take a look at what the 12 houses of astrology are and what each of them actually means.


The first house is about how you articulate who you are.

House of  Identity


The second house ultimately is about worth, both in your bank account and in your self-esteem.

House of  Income


The third house is familiar. It's where you run errands, flirt with your barista and keep busy.

House of


This is the house of home, family, ancestry and privacy. Here you find your roots.

House of  Home


If you have strong fifth house placements (like the sun, moon or your ascendant ruler), you probably prioritize pleasure over everything else.

House of  Pleasure


Maintenance is key. It’s the place where you clock in and clock out, forever participating in the daily grind.

House of  Maintenance 


The seventh house is where we find love and face challenges together.

House of  Relatioships


Ultimately, the eighth house is about all kinds of power dynamics and asks the question, “What’s worth going into debt?”

House of  Debt


The ninth house is not just about your beliefs, but how those beliefs shape the world around you.

House of  Travel


The tenth house is all about your career, public image and reputation—where and with whom you shine.

House of  Career


The eleventh house is where you find all the people who support you in your public life. It’s where your visions can be realized.

House of  Friends


This is the place of self-undoing. The lesson of the twelfth house is that you can’t control everything and sometimes what’s best is to let go, surrender & retreat.

House of  Unconscious 

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