The Most Overlooked Trait of Each Zodiac Sign, According to An Astrologer

We all know the classics: Aries have their temper, Geminis are two-faced, Virgos are neat-freaks, Scorpios will rule us all—you get it. But if you dig a little deeper, you can find hidden qualities in each of the signs, buried beneath the clichés. Take a peek as we've rounded up the number one overlooked characteristic of each.

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Aries: Romantic

It’s not all alpha energy and type A leadership with Aries. As the zodiac’s babies, the rams have a natural lightness and playfulness, which they love to being to their romantic relationships. When they bring that motivation and drive to showering the one they love with affection, it can be intoxicating.

Taurus: Carefree

Tauruses have a reputation for being intense and stubborn. But that strength emanates from their stable sense of self, which affords them the luxury of being carefree. At their core, Taurus knows who they are, which means they know better than to sweat the small stuff.

Gemini: Principled

The classic twin trait is being two-faced—or at least, too scattered to commit to one opinion. While it’s true that Geminis are curious and love to explore all sides of any issue, they really absorb what they learn and can be among the most principled and integrity-driven in all the cosmos.

Cancer: Mercenary

The crab is just a little softie, right? Not so fast… While Cancers are known for their tender hearts and nurturing abilities, they are also all about security—and they will ruthlessly pursue it. Since they crave stability in all facets of life (money, home, partnership, career, friendships), they will do what it takes to ensure that their inner sanctum is a fortress.

Leo: Chill

While it's true that Leos live and breathe for attention, it's also true that they are so naturally skilled at attracting it that they rarely find themselves in hot pursuit. Think about how sleepy lions are—that's the surprisingly chill Leo who knows they can command a room and doesn't need to beg for it.

Virgo: Dramatic

Virgos are the zodiac’s pragmatists, so one might assume they have no time for drama. Oh, except that they totally do, especially when it comes to complaining about the various minutiae that irks their delicate sensibilities. Virgos are detail-oriented and verbally quick, so they know better than most how to make a big deal about something small.

Libra: Aggressive

Peaceful Libras are known for their superior diplomatic abilities. But because they try to balance everyone else’s needs and agendas, it can be easy for them to lose control of their own tempers. People pleasing may be plan A, but popping off is plan B.

Scorpio: Curious

As the most mysterious sign, Scorpios are used to taking questions, not asking them. But though they rarely let it show, scorpions are equally intrigued by the world around them, and are the best researchers in the zodiac (seriously, if they want to know something about you, no privacy setting will deter them). Just because they don't have the energy to investigate everything (no one does!), doesn't mean they aren't wondering.

Sagittarius: Dreamy

Sagittariuses tell it like it is, and they often get in trouble for it. However, that doesn't mean they are immune from indulging their own romantic or dreamy narratives, even if they aren't 100 percent realistic. The centaur is the zodiac's optimist, so their glasses are often the rosiest of all.

Capricorn: Funny

The archetype of a Capricorn is that of a CEO: serious, professional and ultimately looking out for the growth of the company. That doesn't usually leave a lot of room for silliness. But Capricorns actually have the driest wit, and their analytical minds are best positioned to point out the absurdities in life. This is one sign you want at a roast.

Aquarius: Loyal

Aquariuses are unpredictable creatures, so it can be hard to know where you stand. But when an Aquarius loves you, they can be surprisingly ride-or-die. The water bearer is fixed in their unusual ways, and if you're one of people they care about, you won't ever leave their heart.

Pisces: Analytical

Much is said about dreamy Pisces and their hugely sensitive nature. These brilliant empaths have earned a reputation for being mushy, but actually they are among the sharpest minds in the zodiac. Pisces see things and pick up on energy others miss, and they can make sense of seemingly incongruous elements intuitively. Where we see chaos, they see an elegant and logical tapestry.

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