The One Piece of Relationship Advice For Your Zodiac Sign You Need to Know

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Whether you’re single and dating or married 25 years deep, everyone’s got their relationship issues to work through—even if you think you’re perfect (maybe you are, who knows?). Below, we’ve rounded up the relationship advice for zodiac signs, for a love written in the stars.

Aries: Pick Your Battles
Aries love a healthy tug-of-war with their partners, but not every single disagreement calls for a full-scale duel. If you’re ultimately fighting only for the sake of fighting, you’ll lose either way.

Taurus: Let It Breathe
A romantic Taurus will always let their partner know they love them. But watch out for the balance between sweet gestures and smothering attention. Trust that if you give your partner space to miss you, they will.

Gemini: Nurture Your Own Interests
Geminis can easily lose themselves in constant conversation with their partner. But even the most interesting person in the world runs out of steam eventually. To keep it fresh, take a break to pursue your solo interests. It’ll give you more to talk about...

Cancer: Trust Your Partner
Cancers crave security in all they do, including matters of the heart. But learning to trust that your partner is really there for you (yes, really) will allow you to actually receive their sweet love in a way that nourishes you both. You just have to open your shell, crab.

Leo: Let Them Shine
You’re the CEO of your own life, Leo, but in a relationship, practice playing second fiddle every now and then to your equally wonderful partner. They need to know that you see their shine as much as they see yours.

Virgo: Accept the Flaws
Virgos are known for being hard on themselves, but they are often second-hardest on their partners (only because you care, of course). If you want your partner to know how much you really love them, learn to accept their flaws…at least the little ones.

Libra: Be Yourself
Don’t let your need to be liked override your real desires and needs. If you’re in the mood for pizza, don’t play the “I could do anything for dinner” game. Your partner won’t love you less for asserting yourself—they will love you more.

Scorpio: Lose the Grudges
Your memory is long, Scorpio, and you’ve got terabytes of emotional metadata on who and how anyone has ever crossed you. But in a relationship (one that you intend to continue!), it’s worth it to let go of the little scrapes and scuffles.

Sagittarius: Watch That Tone
Sagittarians are honest to a fault—and that fault, specifically, is that they rarely sugarcoat even their harshest opinions. Being truthful is key to any good partnership, but the medium is the message, and what you say is just as important as how you say it.

Capricorn: Lighten Up
The great thing about Capricorns is that they take commitment seriously—very seriously. But sometimes it’s necessary to ease up on the work part of relationships and enjoy the pure joy of it. Don’t worry—you’re not less of an adult if you let yourself be a fool for love once in a while...

Aquarius: Lower the Know-It-All Volume
As the sign of the genius, Aquarians can be a handful when they think they are right about something. In love, however, you have to be open to your partner’s point of view. After all, if they weren’t a genius, too, would you be with them?

Pisces: Don’t Be a Hero
Pisces can be a tad self-sacrificing for the ones they love. But you may surprise yourself (and certainly your partner!) with pent-up resentment if you give in too often and never put your foot down. Relationships are all about give and take, and sometimes you need to take a little more.

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