With its cobalt-domed churches, dripping bougainvillea blooms and dizzying views of the Mediterranean, Santorini will charm the pants off even the most discerning traveler. If, for some reason, this absurdly photogenic Greek island isn’t at the top of your bucket list, we’re betting it will be after peeping these 19 jaw-dropping Instagrams.  

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We’d be OK with taking this walk every morning to pick up some fresh fruit for breakfast.  

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Especially since when you pan to the left, this bonkers hillside comes into view.  

The winding sidewalks in the cliffside town of Oia appear to be floating on water.

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And if you need help scaling said cliff, chances are there’s an adorable donkey nearby to assist.

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Literally every doorway you pass peeps through to endless blue sea.

And every stairway offers the photo opp of a lifetime. 

Don’t mind us as we immortalize this blossomed-out tree with an epic 'gram.

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And casually recline against this ancient church by the sea.

Speaking of churches, this island has the quaintest on the planet.

Is Santorini’s majestic red beach considered a wonder of the world? (Nope, but it certainly should be.)

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Our love for Santorini (like this ridiculous pool) is infinite. 

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This one will do too. (Hi there, breathtaking cliffs of Thirasia.) 

Hell, every sea-view Santorini hotel is straight out of a fever dream. 

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When it comes to local dishes, always opt for the octopus (and lemon-and-rosemary hummus if you can help it, mmmm).

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But when you’re dining out in this setting, it’s hard for the food to disappoint.

In fact, we’d find it hard to resist jumping into the turquoise waters of Amoudi Bay, should we be lucky enough to lunch there.

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Santorini sunsets are pretty stinkin' epic.

But watching the sun rise over the Caldera might be even more remarkable.

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But no matter what time of day, and what time of year, these iconic vistas are incentive enough to book yourself a ticket to Santorini, like, yesterday.

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