18 Rental Sites like Airbnb You May Not Know (but Definitely Should)

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If the idea of staying in a cozy cabin, luxurious multi-bedroom house or sleek city apartment while on vacation is infinitely more appealing to you than a classic hotel stay, then it’s likely you have Airbnb bookmarked and ready to peruse any time wanderlust hits. But the app isn’t the only option for booking non-traditional accommodations—there are plenty of sites like Airbnb that cater to all types of vacations. Whether you’re visiting a big city or want to go way off the map, here are 18 other places to check out before your next trip for interesting rentals.

Best Rental Sites Like Airbnb at a Glance:

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Best Overall

1. Vrbo

Much like Airbnb, VRBO—which stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner—has a wide range of offerings, from tiny two-person beachside cottages to enormous mansions that can fit the whole family and then some. There are both domestic and international options available, and many homes also allow pets—though there are also plenty of options for those who are allergic, too. Prices range greatly, from less than $100 a night to well over $2,000, and some offer discounts for longer stays or off-peak seasons. One thing to note is unlike Airbnb, VRBO only lists entire residences (there are no individual rooms for rent) guaranteeing you and your travel buddies will have the place all to yourselves.

Best for Quality Control

2. Plum Guide

For those who prefer only the best of the best, Plum Guide is the way to go. Each home listed here has gone through an extensive and meticulous test with more than 150 criteria points examined—from WiFi speed to sociability of the space—all focused on increasing the odds of your having a “perfect” stay. The site also has a very reliable team of experts who can help answer any additional questions or address concerns with a quick phone call. As you might imagine, Plum Guide’s prices are a bit higher than Airbnb and start at about $196 per night. But the homes available, both in the U.S. and the U.K., are truly stunning (design aesthetics is one of the criteria measured in the Plum Test) making them well worth the splurge, in our opinion.

Best for Big City Vacations

3. Sonder

While all the companies on this list have extensive measures in place to ensure hosts and homeowners live up to the expectations of renters, sometimes issues do arise. Sonder seeks to eliminate those worries by combining the fun of staying in an individualized location with the efficiency of a hotel. All the properties listed on the site are owned and operated by Sonder itself, so you never have to deal with a host who forgot to swap the towels or mixed up the key drop-off time. There are currently listings in 30 major cities, including Chicago, San Francisco, London and Rome, and almost all the accommodations are apartments or condos rather than houses, though you can also search solely for places with in-suite laundry, free parking or an adjoining outdoor space, if you want.

Vacasa operates in a similar way to Sonder, with the company managing upkeep and turnover for its 6,000-plus home rentals. However, the homes themselves are still owned by individuals, which helps keep costs a little lower and allows for a great range of destinations. Vacasa has gorgeous houses, condos and apartments available in 22 states, and just like all three of the above sites it only lists full residences, no one-off rooms. Prices are typically higher than Airbnb, but for the ease of not having to deal with hosts (who have their own lives to lead) and the promise that your rental will always be freshly cleaned, stocked and up to snuff, it’s worth doling out a little extra.

Best for Nature Lovers

5. Getaway

Getaway is best for those looking to truly escape their urban dwelling and embrace nature in all its simplicity. And we mean truly escape as none of the tiny cabins have WiFi and, due to their remote locations, might have spotty cell service too, making them ideal for anyone looking to totally disconnect and refresh their mind and spirit. Rather than scrolling through endless listings of all sorts of accommodations, pretty much every Getaway location is the same and all have been pared down to feature just the things you need—like comfy beds with fresh linens, hot showers and kitchens stocked with the essentials. Right now there are Outposts (or cabin locations) near Boston, Washington D.C., NYC, Atlanta, Portland, L.A., Dallas, Houston, Austin, Pittsburg and Charlotte, with a Seattle location planned to open in the near future.

Best for Multi-Stop Trips

6. Outdoorsy

Like Getaway, Outdoorsy is geared toward folks looking for simpler, nature-focused vacations, only this time instead of renting a stationary cabin you can rent an RV, camper van or travel trailer so you’re not limited to just one destination. And like Airbnb, these campers are owned and maintained by individual people (i.e., they’re not part of a boring, identical fleet), so there’s a huge range of styles, sizes and levels of rusticity available to you. The owners can either meet at your doorstep or you can go to them, but either way you’ll get a full walk-through of the details of the vehicle before the key is handed over, so even those who’ve never driven an RV can feel confident hitting the open road. Outdoorsy also offers 24/7 roadside assistance so you won’t have to stress about breaking down or having to replace a tire while you’re on the go.

sites like airbnb: marriott homes and villas. town in cape cod
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Best for a Splurge

7. Marriott Homes & Villas

Much like TurnKey, Marriott Homes & Villas bridges the gap between home owners and renters to make things easier on everyone, with the added bonus that you can earn and redeem Marriott loyalty points here as well. And, as part of the Marriott Bonvoy group, you can also easily book tours and activities in the surrounding area, as well as car rentals, all in one place—in the words of our idol Ina Garten, “how easy is that?” There are tons of domestic and international locations to choose from, with everything from cozy ski chalets to literal castles available to book. And while there are certainly many super-luxe, high-end homes to choose from, there are also plenty of more affordable options, too.

Best for Combining with Car Rentals and Flights

8. Expedia

You’ve probably used Expedia in the past to compare flight prices, book a hotel or plan a car rental, but did you know you can also book non-hotel accommodations there as well? When you search for your location and dates, just go over to the filters on the left and scroll to Property Type. There you can filter down to see only private vacation homes, cottages, townhouses and even house boats. There are often fewer options than with the other sites on this list, but there are some real gems hidden in Expedia’s listings, and if you book more than one element of your vacation together (i.e., a car and rooms) there’s the potential to save major moo-lah with a package deal.

Best for Also Planning Activities

9. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is another great all-round vacation planning option, with tools to help you book a home and plan activities all in one place. You can also hire a Trip Designer through the site to help do the research for you if you’re not the planning type. Unlike the other sites on this list, however, Tripadvisor lists both its own rentals and aggregates listings from other places, like VRBO, to give you even more options. As such, there is a very wide range of prices, with a ton of affordable places mixed in with more luxe accommodations, too. And if you sign up for Tripadvisor Plus you can find even better deals, with exclusive savings on popular properties, museum tickets, dinner reservations and more. And that’s not even counting the automatic 10 percent discount on all Tripadvisor bookings made through Plus.

sites like airbnb bookingcom

Best for Any Type of Lodging


Whether you’re looking for a posh hotel or cool glamping site, has got you covered. The site offers a slew of lodging options—including hostel-style rentals—for whatever vibe you’re going for while on vacay. Like Expedia and Tripadvisor, Booking also allows you to look up flights, nearby activities and car rentals in addition to lodging, so you don’t have to worry about having to go to multiple sites. Available in 43 languages and hosting more than 28 million reported accommodation listings, this site makes sure you have your ideal vacation rental no matter where you are in the world.

sites like airbnb rv share
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Best for a Home on the Road

11. RV Share

If you want to head on an old school road trip that’s sure to bring you and your loved ones closer together, then rent a mobile home courtesy of RV Share. You can book the vehicle for a weekend or an entire month. Those who aren’t able to go to the designated pickup location can also opt to have the RV delivered, which is super convenient. Vehicles come fully decked out with full kitchens, private bathrooms and sleeping areas, of course. The size of the RV is totally up to you—depending on how close you really want to get with your loved ones—with some vehicles housing three guests while others house as many as ten.

For an Immersive Cultural Experience

12. Homestay

Remember what Airbnb used to be? A chance to meet someone in a different city, state, or even country. Friendly, involved hosts. A cultural exchange. Now, it feels like the site is overflowing with beautiful short-term rentals owned by house flippers and investors. Homestay is taking the original concept and running with it in over 170 countries. The platform offers affordable accommodations (average price is $38 per night) and the chance to connect with a local. Oh, and did we mention it's been featured in National Geographic Traveler, Independent and Mail Online?

Largest Selection

13. HomeToGo

House boats? Check. Farm stay? Check. HomeToGo is an amalgamation of results pulled from its partners, which include the likes of TripAdvisor, Vrbo and If you want to see all your options without toggling between a million website tabs, this is the site for you. Simply plug in your dates and destination to see your options across the web. When you find an interesting deal, HomeToGo will take you directly to the partner site. It also operates local apps and websites in 25 countries across the world.

sites like airbnb flipkey
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Best for Travel Inspiration

14. FlipKey

Run by TripAdvisor, FlipKey does worldwide vacation rentals, from Amsterdam and Rome to Telluride, Colorado and the Grand Cayman Islands. The pricing and concept is similar to Airbnb, but where it really shines is its handy trip ideas feature. Choose from themes like a girls’ getaway, weekend trips, city inspiration, fall travel or National Park adventure, and the site will pull up top destinations and accommodations in the locale. The homepage also has a useful summary of trending spots, traveler favorites and hidden gems.

Most Luxurious Vacation Rentals

15. Oliver’s Travels

Oliver’s Travels features the top two percent of holiday homes, specializing in villa rentals. But here, luxury doesn’t equate with stuffy. The British company is happy to accommodate large groups and children and has a whole section of its website dedicated to quirky villas with interesting architecture. Whether you want to vacation in a French chateau, head to the Lake District in England or host a ten-person party in Barbados, Oliver’s Travels will make sure you do it in style. Pricing can be anywhere from $700 to over $34,000 per week, depending on your location and amenities.

Most Extensive European Portfolio

16. Novasol

With over 50,000 villas, apartments and cottages throughout Europe, Novasol is essentially the European version of Airbnb. The Danish site features popular destinations like Greece and France, plus rentals in more off-the-beaten-path locations like Montenegro, Luxembourg and Cypress. Many of the options are homes and villas in countryside locations. When planning, Novasol gives you the option to search by theme, filtering locations by pet friendliness, whether or not the stay is all-inclusive or if you’re specifically searching for island getaways or winter travel.

Best Villas with a Pool

17. Vintage Travel

The UK company Vintage Travel has one MO: finding you the perfect holiday villa with a private pool. Choose from countryside locations across Europe and the Mediterranean, including hilltop villages in Provence, olive-grove laden valleys in Umbria and the turquoise waters of Crete. In addition to finding you the perfect vacation rental, Vintage Travel can also assist with other services, such as rental cars, travel insurance and flights. With recognition from the likes of Condé Nast Traveler and The Telegraph, among others, it’s safe to say a vacation with them is going to go swimmingly.

Best for UK Cottage Rentals

18. Rural Retreats

Get ready to channel your inner Jane Austen protagonist when you book a vacation with Rural Retreats. The company specializes in cottage rentals across the United Kingdom and Ireland—and that includes the locations of some of the author’s most beloved books, from Derbyshire and Kent (Pride and Prejudice) to Surrey (Emma) and Dorset (Persuasion). The platform’s portfolio of over 600 properties allows you to rent charming farmhouses, historical grand country homes, contemporary hideaways and quirky outposts like lightkeepers cottages.

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