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For everyone dreaming of taking a vacci-cation (aka finally taking a vacation once you've been vaccinated against COVID-19), you're in luck: Away is holding its second-ever sale. The brand's known for rarely ever discounting its luggage, backpacks and bags, but now through March 30th, several styles are up to 30 percent off.

Given Away's obsessive fanbase—and the rarity of this deal—we expect people to take full advantage of the price reductions, so size and color options might become unavailable over time. (You’ve been warned.)

From The Expandable Bigger Carry-On to the (absurdly cute) Minis, keep reading for our top picks.

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1. The Expandable Bigger Carry-On

If vacations often turn into an opportunity to shop (hey, souvenirs help preserve those memories!), this roller bag's got you covered. It expands nearly two full inches, though be warned: Should you really cram it to the max, you may have to check the bag. On the plus side, at least you're not buying a second piece of luggage to haul your new finds.

Buy It ($245; $171)

2. The Backpack

If rollers aren’t your thing, this backpack will surely do the trick. Not only does it have several zipper enclosures, but it also had a waitlist of more than 9,000 people in 2019. NBD.

Buy it ($165; $115)

3. The Bigger Carry-On

A slightly larger version than The Carry-On that will still fit in the overhead bin. Oh, and did we mention it’s a favorite among celebs like Meghan Markle, Florence Pugh and Emily Ratakowski?

Buy it ($245; $171)

4. The Longitude Tote

We thought the perfect tote didn't exist, then we discovered Away's Longitude and Latitude bags. From the discreet design to the smart straps and compartments, they make schlepping your essentials borderline delightful.

Buy it ($195; $136)

5. The Latitude Tote

Think of it as the wider version of The Longitude Tote. (Get it?)

Buy it ($195; $136)

6. The Everywhere Bag

Why is it that whenever you need something in a flash, it's buried at the bottom of your bag? That problem is solved with The Everywhere Bag, which is loaded with compartments to keep everything in its place (from your laptop to your umbrella, which can be housed in the included waterproof sleeve, BTW).

BUY IT ($245 $171)

7. The Insider Packing Cubes

The only thing standing between you and being KonMari-caliber organized for your next trip (read: wrinkle-free clothes, coordinated outfits, no missing socks) is this four-pack of organizing cubes.

Buy it ($45; $31)

8. The Mini

Your jewelry (or toiletries, or stamp collection) has never been more secure.

BUY IT ($45; $31)

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