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Drop everything you’re doing, because Away is holding its first-ever sale. (Yes, you read that right.) The brand just announced that customers can now purchase luggage, bags and other travel essentials with discounts up to 50 percent.

The sale is currently underway and will continue until Tuesday, September 15. However, since it’s a rare occasion, we expect Away customers to take full advantage of the price reductions, so size and color options might become unavailable over time. (You’ve been warned.)

From The Bigger Carry-On to The Aluminum Edition, keep reading for our top picks.

1. The Carry-On

You can’t go wrong with this classic style, which comes in multiple different colors, including black, navy, asphalt, coast and blush.

Buy it ($225)

2. The Backpack

If rollers aren’t your thing, this backpack will surely do the trick. Not only does it have several zipper enclosures, but it also had a waitlist of more than 9,000 people in 2019. NBD.

Buy it ($195)

3. The Bigger Carry-On

A slightly larger version than The Carry-On. Oh, and did we mention it’s a favorite among celebs like Meghan Markle, Florence Pugh and Emily Ratakowski?

Buy it ($245)

4. The Longitude Tote

Multiple compartments FTW.

Buy it ($245)

5. The Latitude Tote

Think of it as the wider version of The Longitude Tote. (Get it?)

Buy it ($245)

6. The Large

This oversized suitcase is ideal for long-term trips (and heavy packers).

Buy it ($295)

7. The Weekender

Introducing the duffle bag you never knew you needed.

Buy it ($245)

8. The Aluminum Edition

This limited edition color is a must-have for your next vacay. Travel…but make it fashion.

Buy it ($595)

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