This Is the City with the Highest ROI on Real Estate

city with best roi on real estate

Real estate is an investment that can pay off big—as long as you keep a close watch on the best markets to buy in.

And the prime location to invest in right this minute? Drumroll,'s Arlington, Texas.

According to a recent report from, a personal finance site, the city just west of Dallas—with a population of a little less than 400,000—saw a 10.3 percent increase in home values over a period of just two years.

There's more: With a median home price of $240,000, it's actually an affordable buy. (And in two years, your home could be worth $264,000, which isn't a bad rate of return.)

Did we mention Arlington is home to the Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys and the original Six Flags?

BRB, searching Trulia. 

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