20 Ideas for Creating a Boho Living Room in 2021

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Disclaimer: 2021’s answer to boho is taking the pattern-filled, maximalist look we’ve seen for years and turning it upside down (because at this point, what do we have to lose?). Indeed, the pandemic has caused a radical shift in the way we perceive, well, everything—and as COVID-19 continues to fester like a zit that won’t go away, we’ve begun to appreciate the simple pleasures of everyday life. As a result, we’re redefining design styles that have been around for decades to be more functional, comfortable and individualistic.

Enter: the ‘new boho’ aesthetic. It’s livable, it’s luxurious and it’s way cozier than anything we’ve seen before. While boho-chic was previously defined by an amalgamation of wild, colorful interiors, this year’s take skews less playful and more boho-luxe. Now, we’re seeing the same free-spirited look in a more relaxed, earthy color palette, with fine artisanal pieces inspired by world travel and adventure. And, like most things in the home, the look starts in the living room. Here, find 20 of the best tips and tricks to create a boho living room that feels fresh, fun and nothing like your tapestry-and-string-light-filled college apartment.

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1. Use warm, earthy tones with pops of color

This year is all about warm, earthy tones that make us feel like cozying up to the fire with a glass of wine (psst: here are the best earthy paint colors of 2021).

2. Rattan furniture, lighting and decor is a *must*

Can you even call a space boho without some rattan? We think not. Shop some of our favorite rattan pieces below (side note: we’re drooling over Anthropologie’s Rattan Room Divider).

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3. Add bouquets of dried florals and pampas to your tables

Pampas grass is here to stay, people. For this look, infuse your bouquet with a few bold colors to make a statement.

4. Create dimension by layering natural textures

Think natural materials like jute, rattan, natural wood, and leather for your staple pieces. Then bring in the chunky knits and boucle accents for supreme softness.

5. Pop some color with fun, patterned pillows

Because this look is essentially incomplete without a few Jungalow throw pillows.

6. Add leather chairs, poufs or ottomans for some edge

Nothing says ‘edgy boho’ like distressed leather (just check out this stunning chair). Pair this with some colorful pillows or a cozy throw blanket and you’re good to go.

7. Drape your seating with plush blankets and sheepskin rugs

Consider this 2-foot-by-3-foot sheepskin rug your new best friend.

8. Bring the outdoors in with some greenery.

Hint: they don’t actually have to be alive…faux plants will do the trick (especially if they’re from Target—they’re so realistic you’ll accidentally water them).

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9. Curate a gallery wall with eclectic artwork and found objects

*This* is where you can let your imagination run wild. Bring in color, diverse subject matters or materials, and mixed metal frames. The more outlandish, the better.

10. Venture to your local flea market for decor

Similarly, you want your decor to be full of unique found objects and accents that reflect your interests. And by ‘local flea market,’ we mean Facebook Marketplace.

11. Save the rug for last

Once you have your furniture, artwork and decor picked out, tie everything together with an oriental rug, choosing one that incorporates some of the colors of the pieces you’ve chosen. This is the key to tying everything together.

12. Empty corners were made for terracotta planters

Terracotta is trending everywhere right now (and these planters are no longer limited to debuting in the summer months).

13. String some globe lights from the ceiling

Everyone loves a set of dreamy string lights. Just make sure you’re using ones with globe bulbs or brass hardware to keep things from getting too dorm-roomish.

14. Bring in the beaded pendants and chandeliers

Looking to take your space to the next level? Hang a beaded pendant for an instant infusion of Moroccan luxury.

15. Elevate your storage space with woven baskets

Nothing screams ‘boho’ like a pair of woven baskets. Plus, where else do you plan on keeping all of those cozy throws?

16. Natural wood furniture and accents

Be sure to select carved wooden furniture with natural finishes (and if your budget allows for a few finely handcrafted pieces, go for it). After all, this look is supposed to say au naturale.

17. Hang some colorful curtains

If you’re still craving a little color and pattern, curtains are a great way to incorporate some personality without the commitment.

18. Invest in a hanging chair

One moment you’re relaxing, and the next, you’re plummeting to the ground. Trust us; you don’t want to cheap out on the hanging chair.

19. Incorporate brass accents throughout

Remember: It’s all about sticking to warm and inviting colors these days. That means it’s time to swap your chrome and silver accents with chic brass metals.

20. Include macramé accents in your hanging decor

Last but not least macramé. Whether you’re featuring some on your wall as a statement piece or including it in your hanging planters—this is a boho staple that never seems to go out of style.

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