7 Interior Design Trends That Will Be Huge This Fall, According to a Home Editor

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The verdict is in: ’70s-style interiors are back, baby. And historically speaking, we’re right on track. After two years of living in a nightmarish, Don’t Look Up-mirrored reality, it makes sense why we’d cling to a decade where you could flip between The Brady Bunch and the Watergate trials on your Admiral TV set. Plus, if this summer’s coastal grandmother and Barbiecore trends tell us anything, it’s that people are looking to repurpose tokens from the past with comfort and color in mind. (And that we probably should’ve stopped at Dianne Keaton’s French marble kitchen.) So, where shall our preoccupation with nostalgia lead us next? Answer: luxuriously cozy cabins with a vintage-inspired twist.

Indeed, as we head into fall, (*insert obligatory PSL-latte reference*) it seems as if the ’70s theme is getting a cozy, organic modern upgrade. Think: Boogie Nights meets The Shining—without the proverbial ax-in-the-door (although Halloween is right around the corner). Everything is earthy, vibrant and nostalgic—from dark wood furnishings to checkered decor that screams ~groovy, baby~ in an Austin Powers voice. So below, find seven trends that are poised to rule 2022’s fall home aesthetic.

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Lulu and Georgia

1. Bold ’70s Colors

“From boho to disco, ’70s interiors are having a moment. The trend is all about incorporating earthy tones like hunter green, mustard yellow and blues, with materials like rattan and bamboo—in fact, searches for rattan have shot up by 77 percent on Pinterest,” says Nick Drewe, trend expert at And if you’ve been following 2022’s shift towards green, this should come as no surprise. “Green has been topping the design trend charts over the past several years, and we particularly love this muted sage variation [that’s popping up everywhere for fall],” writes Anastasia Casey, founder and CEO of IDCO Studio. “Whether it’s for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities or entire walls, sage is a color shade we can always get behind.”

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House of Hackney

2. Fringed Accents

If there’s one ’70s decor trend that we’re drooling over, it’s the revival of fringes. “The attraction with fringes and tassels started even before the fashionable stage outfits of Elvis Presley, had a prevalent presence in the ’70s, and conquered the last decades to become the epitome of Rock’n’Roll,” explains Anastasia Benko, photographer, artist and interior stylist. So, how do you bring this Elvis-inspired trend into your home? “You can start with small changes, by adding fringe material to your rugs and carpets,” explains Drewe. Maria Jones, designer and blogger behind the, backs this up, saying: “You don’t have to go overboard [to] incorporate fringing into your decor. Keep it simple for a pared-back elegant look and work with accessories such as cushions to pull off this trend.” She also adds: “Combining fringing with functional pieces, such as mirrors, not only adds a decorative touch, but creates a feature out of them too.”

3. Kitchen Plate Walls

Another old-but-new trend that celebs are loving this season? Plate walls. From Gwyneth Paltrow's farmhouse-style kitchen wall to Kris Jenner's dish room, it seems like dressing the walls with decorative plates is all the rage in 2022. “One very fun thing about this trend is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to placement and configurations,” explains designer and DIY-guru Emily Henderson. For this season, we’re seeing vintage, hand-painted platters mixed with more modern introductions (see: the Tema E Variazioni collection from Fornasetti). “It really toes the line between modern and cozy traditional. I think that’s why it’s so visually stimulating. But having those colorful, playful plates (and other dinnerware) really helps to balance the modern lines/elements and makes it a kitchen I desperately want to be in!”

Get the Look (John Derian): Blue Butterfly Plate ($100); Flat Squash Platter ($555); Black Stork Soup Plate ($160); Peacock Plate ($158); Pink Flower Plate ($96)

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Pottery Barn

4. Plush Pumpkins And Rattan Gourds

“Without a doubt, the most ubiquitous trend I’m seeing this year is the use of organic materials. This coincides with general decor trends but is particularly well suited to the fall season. From rattan pumpkins and woven vases to wood chip gourds and driftwood bits, organics are everywhere and define the character of the season,” writes designer Lory Bernstein of “The assortment of pumpkin decor available this year includes a broad array of options—from woven rattan and corn husks to weathered stone and wood. They also include wooly knits, plaids and other patterns.”

Get the Look (Pottery Barn): Cozy Pumpkin Pillows (from $30); Handwoven Rattan Pumpkins (from $40)

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Lulu and Georgia

5. Checkerboard Patterns

Yet another trend that we’ve been seeing everywhere in 2022? Checkerboard patterns. From timeless checkered accessories to elegant black and white floors (see: Gwyneth Paltrow's insane entryway), the look oozes sophistication while offering a pop of pattern. So, for fall, you can expect to see the look taking a more muted approach. “A checkered pattern adds a touch of whimsy and is a great way to break up the look of an otherwise neutral room. However, this is the kind of pattern that requires restraint and vision—you don’t want to feel like you’re at the circus, so tread carefully,” writes Lourdes Avila Uribe for Camille Styles. Think: sage green checkered ceramic mugs and vases next to tone-on-tone checkered bedding and plush patterned area rugs that are straight out of golden hour in a Brooklyn loft.

Get the Look: Checkerboard Wallpaper by Sarah Sherman Samuel ($178); Cassey Sconce in Natural ($648); Ripple Accent Chair by Sarah Sherman Samuel ($998)

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Lulu and Georgia

6. Dark Wood Furniture

“Blonde wood has been a designer favorite for the past four or five years. The trend coincided with the rise of modern Scandinavian-inspired, white-on-white interiors that are still popular today. However, this year, we’re predicting a noticeable shift towards darker wood tones paired with moody paint colors for a more dramatic look,” says Casey. Indeed, if you take a look at any of the latest furniture introductions, you’ll notice that white lacquer tables and Scandi-wood cabinets are being replaced with rich, dark wood finishes (which, FWIW, is about the coziest you can get for fall). Designer Liz Lovery also backs this up in a TikTok, saying: “Dark brown is popping up everywhere in design—I’m seeing it used on walls and in furniture—and I’m also seeing a resurgence of dark woods used in cabinetry and accent pieces.”

Get the Look (Lulu and Georgia): Leio Round Coffee Table ($1,098); Shaka Accent Chair ($998); Regina Andrew Accordion Table Lamp ($563)

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7. Vintage Vessels

Finally, let’s address those vintage vessels you’ve been seeing all over your feed. “The beauty of vintage vessels is the unique patterns, colors, and texture that have been imprinted on them over time. Each one is different and one of a kind. This variance adds character and intrigue, giving warmth and visual interest which for me is incredibly important,” Sacha Strebe, editorial director at eyeswoon, writes in a Camille Styles article. She also references designers like Nate Berkus, Jeremiah Brent, Athena Calderone, Jake Arnold, and more recently Erick Garcia, who have showcased vintage ceramic and antique vessels all over their fall-inspired vignettes. “You have to be excited by the hunt and prepared to go down the rabbit hole using a mix of keyword search phrases and seeing what comes up,” she explains. “I typically like to search for vintage vessels that are based in the U.S., so I don’t have to pay for expensive shipping costs, but the range of options is much smaller.”

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