5 Home Trends That Will Be Huge This Fall (Plus One Trend That’s Officially Jumped the Shark)

Welcome to “grocery girl” fall.

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Let’s just get one thing out of the way: Newstalgia, a vintage-inspired home trend that marries old with new, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. For the past few years, we’ve watched 70s interiors (think: earthy organic colors and curvy furniture) make a major comeback in design. And historically speaking, we’re right on track. After a pandemic that boasted a nightmarish, Don’t Look Up-mirrored reality, it makes sense why we’d cling to a decade marked by soaring inflation and political upheaval. Yet, as 2024 looms on the horizon, our collective yearning for change and prosperity seems to be leaking into another decade of design: The roaring 20s.

If this summer’s grandpa chic and quiet luxury trends tell us anything, it’s that people are looking to repurpose tokens from the past with sophistication in mind. The look is being referred to as an ‘old money aesthetic,’ which targets 20s art deco and traditional, British Columbian interiors. Think: dark wood furniture, plaid prints, marble accents everywhere and, of course, a slew of unnecessary decorative objects. It’s basically a revival of Tom Buchanan’s East Egg estate (putting shame to Gatsby’s new-money mansion).

So below, find five old money home trends that you’re about to see everywhere this fall.

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1. Grocery-Inspired Decor

This summer’s tomato girl trend—which speaks to someone who “appreciates the slower, finer moments”—has now trickled into “grocery girl” with a focus on fruit- and vegetable-inspired decor. And we’re not talking faux lemons or plastic bananas; luxury brands like Staub and La DoubleJ are taking playful takes on the trend with everything from cherry trinket trays to tomato-shaped cocottes. Not only are the pieces elevated with delicate embellishments and high-end materials (like cast iron or stoneware ceramic), but they also carry an heirloom feel that you’d find at an Upper East Side estate sale.

2. Leather Seating

If you take a look at any of the latest furniture introductions, you’ll notice that they all have one thing in common: Leather. The white bouclé sofas and Scandi-minimalist dining chairs are being replaced with handworn, supple leather seating with cushions that basically beg you to sink in with a good book. That said, finding a good leather sofa (especially one that will hit the old money mark) boils down to the quality of materials. Be sure you’re choosing one that doesn’t carry the unwanted “frat vibe” (or shop one of our picks below).

3. Gingham Patterns

If you’re looking to embrace more of a rustic European feel, gingham is your answer. The checkered pattern is synonymous with English Country kitchens, where unlike plaid (which uses multiple colors and various lines), it creates a uniform “boxes” that are the same size and color. If you’re a maximalist, you can go all out by hanging a few valances from your windows or cabinets—or add some gingham wallpaper to instantly make a statement. Otherwise, if your style skews more minimalist, you can use gingham pillows, tablecloths or napkins for the same effect (without it feeling like pattern overload).

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Soho Home

4. Fringe Trims

One accent that exudes opulence? Tassels and fringes. Not only are they versatile—they can cover an entire lighting fixture or simply grace the edge of a Persian rug—but they’re also easy to customize (just grab a pair of scissors if they’re too long for your liking). For a pared-back look, keep it simple as an accent on cushions or throws. Or, if you’re looking for something that’ll draw visual interest, use them as a feature piece in lighting, curtains or mirrors.

5. Plate Walls

From Gwyneth Paltrow's farmhouse-style kitchen wall to Kris Jenner's dish room, it seems like dressing the walls with decorative plates is all the rage in 2023. “One very fun thing about this trend is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to placement and configurations,” explains designer and DIY-guru Emily Henderson. For this season, we’re seeing vintage, hand-painted platters mixed with more modern introductions (see: the Tema E Variazioni collection from Fornasetti). “It really toes the line between modern and cozy traditional. I think that’s why it’s so visually stimulating. But having those colorful, playful plates (and other dinnerware) really helps to balance the modern lines/elements and makes it a kitchen I desperately want to be in!”

Out: Cottagecore

Sorry cottagecore-lovers, your time is up. ICYMI, the look skyrocketed in 2020 when pastoral-perfect pillows and floral teapots brought us a sense of serenity. Yet, while we loved its Beatrix Potter and The Secret Garden vibe on lockdown, the pastel hues and eclectic knick-nacks are starting to feel tacky instead of quaint. Our two cents? Declutter the shelves for more of an English country kitchen look—and trade those floral stoneware pie dishes for some luxury copper cookware.

5 Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Fall

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