Mark Our Words, This Will Be The #1 Home Trend Of 2022

In 2019, you were obsessed with all things modern farmhouse; it would take just one episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper to send you pinning open-concept kitchens, shiplap shelves and luxe gold finishes. But, since March 2020 (and subsequent WFH and homeschooling mandates), your “home” has become more of a multipurpose hub for school, work and play. Now, your family’s new reality and need for functionality (or simply maintaining your sanity) have dictated your home’s design. Yet, as lockdowns and social distancing become less prevalent, you’ve found yourself wondering: What do I want my post-Covid home to look like?

Nowadays, the modern farmhouse vibe feels outdated and impersonal. After all, you’ve spent so much time re-evaluating your life—and re-considering what you want from life—that a generic, commonplace design just doesn’t cut it. Sure, you still crave elegant finishes and high-end appliances. But the rustic decor and matchy-matchy furniture of the look feel monotonous (and quite frankly, boring).

While you may not have a blueprint, you know two things: 1.) you want your home to be updated and beautiful, and 2.) you want to feel you in it. And most importantly, you want a post-pandemic space that’s positive and filled with happy memories, mementos and personal reminders of what’s really important.

So, how do you bring this look to fruition? Luckily, there’s a new trend on the horizon—and we predict it’ll be everywhere in 2022. The answer: Newstalgia.

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Photo by Adrian Gaut

What Is Newstalgia?

Not to be confused with cottagecore (the beloved grandma chic decor trend that feels equal parts folksy and quaint), Newstalgia is all about freshening up retro furnishings and decor with contemporary accents and new technologies. The idea is that it's something new that harkens back to your past, giving you the warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia with the comforts of modern-day tech. The term's attributed to Seattle DJ Sean De Tore, and it's just as applicable to home decor as it is to fashion and music.

In the design world, think of Newstalgia as an aesthetic that takes retro revival and modernizes it with luxurious finishes and top-of-the-line tech (see: sunset projection lamps), so it feels current and evocative. Still can’t picture it? Here’s a visual: A mint green Smeg kettle rests upon luxe marble countertops, a thrifted gallery wall hangs adjacent to the La Cornue cooking range and a set of cane Cesca chairs surround a blonde wooden table.

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Design by April Tomlin Interiors

The look is driven by a desire for every item in your home to have character and reveal a bit about you and your interests. “We are looking for upcycled, antique or used furniture which has a story to tell,” says Ben White, design and trade expert at Swyft Home. “Investing in meaningless furniture and accessories is a thing of the past.” He also mentions that “minimalism will prevail as key to our interior design in 2022” and that “working from home means the notion of decluttering is now more important than ever.”

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Kelsey Leigh Design Co.

Basically, if the sets of Clueless and Home Alone had a baby with Ex Machina, we’d call it Newstalgia. And to that end, White says that pop culture will play a major role in this look: “shows like Halston, Glow and Pose, for example, there are nostalgic elements of the interior design of the ‘70s and ‘80s that will start to make a comeback next year.” Furthermore, he predicts these comebacks will manifest in the form of statement pieces: “Think of velvet armchairs that are plush, comfy with rounded edges—items that feed the soul,” White says.

Curious about getting the look in your own home? Here are four easy ways to make it happen.

How to get the look

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Mark Lavender Interiors

1. Go Green In The Kitchen

ICYMI, green is trending hard in the home for 2022. So, it should come as no surprise that we’re seeing the color make a comeback in the kitchen. “I think white kitchens have reached their peak, and people are looking at colors and interesting stains to replace them,” says Mark Lavender Interiors, Principal Designer at M. Lavender Interiors. “Green marble is poised to be a top trend.” Expect to see more colorful tile as well, and to keep things feeling fresh, pair it with sleek appliances that streamline your life (like using voice commands to set timers or preheat the oven).

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Shanon Eddings

2. Use Retro Shapes With New Finishes

The number one trick to nailing this look is updating old shapes and silhouettes with new colors, fabrics and finishes. Want to repurpose that old, baroque mirror collecting dust in your parents’ basement? Fabulous. Just be sure to refinish the frame with brass, gold or patina paint, so it looks current. What’s old can—and should—be made new again, but the fabrics and finishes should always take their cues from the current decade (to prevent your home from looking like a shrine instead of a vintage masterpiece).

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Design by Lauren Liess

3. Pair Antique Staples With New Accessories

Designer Joshua Smith says, “The mid-century modern craze we’ve seen over the last few years will be tempered by the addition of more refined antiques cleverly thrown into the design mix.” In the picture above, for example, a set of mixed black antique dining chairs were elevated by luxe lighting and natural finishes. The final look falls somewhere between ‘90s shabby chic and luxe farmhouse. “It doesn’t hurt that the use of repurposed antiques is an environmentally conscious design choice either,” Smith adds.

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Design by Mel Bean Interiors

4. Incorporate Items With ‘soul’

“I believe interiors with all new furniture and decor is on its way out, and people [will want] to bring in more antique items,” says designer Mel Bean. “I think we will see a mix of new furnishings with collected items that have more soul.” Think your grandfather’s 1920s grand piano, your great aunt’s colored wine glasses or your great grandmother’s oak-wood armoire. Couple this with some current decor trends (i.e., organic modern or japandi), and you’re on the way to perfecting an old-meets-new space.

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