Who Is Britt Baron? 8 Things To Know About the ‘Glow’ Star

If you’ve watched GLOW, are obsessed with The Thing About Harry and can’t get enough of Hulu’s Into the Dark, then chances are you’ve come across actress Britt Baron. The rising star has been making waves as the youngest wrestler on GLOW and is now starting to dip her toes into other roles as the hit Netflix series comes to a close. When we chatted about everything from her come up to her go-to beauty tricks, we found out just why the internet is all about Britt Baron. Read on for our Q and A.

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Question 1. Where Are You From?

Answer: “I grew up in Connecticut,” the actress told us.

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Question 2. How Did You Get Your Start?

A: “I started doing community theater and theater in high school and I really enjoyed it. From there, I decided to pursue a BFA, a bachelor of fine arts, at the University of Michigan, but I double majored in communications as well because I was always hyper-aware that in this industry there are no promises whatsoever. I didn’t necessarily think I would pursue acting professionally, but then I kind of fell into it. I met my agent in Michigan. She was an alumni and she encouraged me to come out to Los Angeles. My parents also kind of pushed me. My mom was so supportive and they were like, ‘Go try it while you can. If it doesn’t work out, you can always come back to the East Coast and get a real job at a desk.’ So, yeah, I’m still doing it, but part of me still feels like, ‘OK, will I ever have to go get a real job?’ I don't know. It feels like too good to be true.”

“My first job was in theater at the Carrie Marshall Theater in Burbank. I did a little play there. And then Sandy Logan, who was the casting director, advocated for me to join the union so I’d be able to do co-star parts, which are one or two lines on a TV show. From there, I went to Chicago to do two shows, I lived there for six months and then I came back and did another few small gigs on TV. I was just a day player, but even then I realized it was really competitive…You’re auditioning against like a hundred girls that all have agents and managers. Had I known how competitive it was, I don’t even know if I would’ve moved out to L.A.”

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Question 3. What Was Your First Big Role Role?

A:Grey’s Anatomy. I always said that my dream role was to be on Grey’s Anatomy because I used to watch it. I think as an actor, what I was always drawn to about it was that you get the opportunity to be very funny and comedic and also you get these super dramatic high-stakes scenes. I was very, very excited to get to finally see the set. Everyone was so nice and so professional. The crew is like a machine, it works so well and I was just floored. It was really just like a personal milestone for me to get to play a little part on Grey’s.”

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Question 4. What Was It Like Training For And Working On ‘glow’?

A: “GLOW has become such a big part of who I am. This is my family in a lot of ways. Over the years, we’ve gotten so close as a cast, so it’s a little strange to think that it’s coming to an end…I was very intimidated going into GLOW because I was the youngest and had never spent more than a day on set on any given project. A lot of these girls had been working in the industry longer than I had and when we were shooting the pilot I was shaking. But everyone was kind and now these castmates have become like older sisters. We’ve trained together every season for months and you inherently get so close because you’re literally rolling around with each other in the ring. You trust one another and create a special bond because of that. I’m so happy we know that this season is the last because I think our writers will really do us justice. In terms of storyline, I want to see what finally happens between Justine [her character] and Sam [Marc Maron] and hopefully get some closure for the two of them.”

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Question 5. What Was It Like Working On Your Recent Projects, ‘the Thing About Harry’ And ‘into The Dark’?

A: “The Thing About Harry was such a relief to me coming off of Into the Dark, which is horror. Into the Dark was very fun and very rewarding. It was hard work, it’s hard to be in that mental state all day, where I’m dealing with facing my abusive ex-boyfriend and trying to find my new identity and voice. That was a unique challenge and I loved working with the other actors…It felt like I was back in theater school. You get close quickly. On the other hand, Jake Pirelli is amazing in The Thing About Harry. He, Peter Paige, our director and writer, and I were all living in the same hotel. Jake and I talked about how surprising our chemistry was. It was so natural and seamless. I play his best friend and I didn’t feel like I was acting at points. And Karamo Brown—he was only there for a few days but he was so nice and kind and had no ego whatsoever, even though everyone was kind of fawning all over him.”

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Question 6. What’s Your Go-to Beauty Trick?

A: “I have one of the most amazing makeup artists, Anton Khachaturian. I’m obsessed with him. We have gotten to try out fun, bright colors—things that I never would’ve done on my own that I feel like are some of my favorite looks. We did a blue eyeliner that I just loved. He’s encouraged me to try out bold looks and not just go for the same golden eye shadow. So, that’s probably the best tip I’ve learned.”

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Question 7. Which Co-stars Would You Like To Go On A Road Trip With?

A: “Karamo, obviously, because I feel like I didn’t get to spend enough time with him on set and maybe Betty Gilpin [her GLOW co-star who plays Liberty Bell]. She’s such a powerhouse and she’s been such a great role model for me. Any opportunity to hang out with Betty is great. She doesn’t live in L.A., so after GLOW, I feel like she’ll be off working on other projects and back to New York. It’d be fun to do a little road trip together.”

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Question 8. What’s Your Favorite Tv Show?

A: “My first instinct would be Survivor. That’s just reality. Wait, what am I saying? Friends. I watch it every night before bed. I’m kind of half Monica and half Rachel, because I don’t have my s**t together but I’m competitive.”

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