Exclusive: ‘Queer Eye’ Star Karamo Brown Says His Upcoming Wedding Will Be BIG

When it comes to wedding planning, Karamo Brown isn’t messing around.

On Queer Eye, the 38-year-old culture expert puts the contestants first. But now that he and his partner, director Ian Jordan, are getting married, he wants all eyes on them.

PureWow sat down with the Queer Eye star and EXTRA Refreshers gum spokesman, and, as hopeless romantics, we just had to ask how wedding planning is going.

Brown, who’s just as perpetually positive and warm in person as he is on screen, perked up even more when asked about his forthcoming 2020 nuptials and confided, “I’m planning a very, very big wedding.”

The Fab Five member proposed to Jordan a year ago in front of friends and family in Los Angeles during a lavish affair (photographed below). But his reason for planning such a fabulous wedding isn’t quite what you’d expect.

karamo brown on one knee proposing to ian jordan

“People forget that LGBTQ people just got our right to marry seven years ago. So, I want to celebrate how far we’ve come in this country. Also, I’m in an interracial relationship. Fifty years ago, he and I wouldn’t have been able to get married even if he was a woman,” Brown pointed out.

He went on to say that he wants his wedding to be a celebration of that. “There are so many milestones we’ve crossed, so now we can celebrate our love and we can celebrate the growth people have had. I want something that’s going to be big where everyone can party, party, party,” Brown shared.

His Palm Springs wedding, which will take place at the illustrious Merv Griffin Estate, will have classic decor, Brown revealed. “I’m more traditional [than trendy]. I think all of us on Queer Eye have a more traditional aesthetic…my wedding will be the same way.”

OK, Karamo, but a tux with a floral bomber jacket could still be considered “traditional,” right?


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