These Swoon-Worthy French Cooking Ranges and Stoves Are All the Rage Right Now

They’re timeless, they’re luxurious and yes, they’re having a moment. Friends, say bonjour to the French cooking range and stove.

Custom-manufactured for hundreds of years by heritage brands (like La Cornue and Lacanche), French ranges are distinguished by their smooth matte finish, jewelry-like heavy hardware and yes, sob-inducing price tags (to reflect the impeccable craftsmanship). Le sigh.

...But that doesn’t mean we can’t drool over them, now does it? As evidenced by our Pinterest scouring efforts below, these beauties downright make a kitchen—no matter the style (or decade).

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Hunter green cabinets, hyper-edited shelving, antique runner and black and brass cooking range? We mean, holy friggin swoon.


While yes, domino-toned kitchens are trending hard this year, a black range (and quintessential subway tile) will never go out of style.

french cooking range trend 1
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The pewter hardware pairs perfectly with that pale blue finish.


The only thing better than a French stove is a French blue French stove. (Preferably tied in with statement tile.)


A creamy, matte white range adds a pleasing pop of polish to a raw, textural space.


The classic look of this electric range anchors the various competing design elements (See: boldly colored cabinets, whimsical wall decor and loud backsplash).


Note to self: Glammed out ranges pair shockingly well with minimalist cabinets and an all-white palette. Haute hygge? Totally.

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